Nobody understands our wrath. Nobody really understands anything about us. Not even the flames of fire in our eyes. Which nobody knows that our eyes could easily kill them. They don't even know what we are. So, how are they going to understand us? They call us vampires. They even call us demons. We're not either vampires or demons. We're just angels. Dark angels of the night that is.

There are two dark angles a Male and a female. Their names are Flare and Ninja. They once knew each other
and promised that they would meet back in the hometown where they were born after five hundred years cause they
knew they would live forever. Ninja has the Power to
burn you straight to ashes and to hit you with a fireball that is two times your head and to see perfectly in the night and teleport and to use telepathic power. Flare has the power to shoot fire from her eyes. She can even change the color of her eyes and she changes the color and length of their hair. They are both twenty one-years-old as our story begins. As two great adventures where two unliked people will show their true power to the world!