This story isn't really much. Its an assignment I wrote for my writers group Writercise and I thought that since it did well and got good reviews with the list that I could post it here and see what everyone here thinks. By the by the assignment was to write a story that some point describes a room or a house. Ten points to the people who find that part in this story. Thanks for reading and enjoy.

November 27th, 1997, 9:27 P.M

"I tell you, the New Age Outlaws are going to beat Road Warriors and take the tag team titles tonight," said Jessie.

Tyler looked at Jessie as though he thought his friend was crazy. "You're joking."

Jessie, sitting on a couch in front of the TV, shook his head. "No way. Road Dogg's great on the mike. Bad Ass Billy Gunn reminds me of Shawn Michaels, plus they're slowly building great heat, and they have cool names."

Tyler shook his head. "Yea, but they aren't going to beat Road Warriors."

"I think they will. I mean, come on, Road Warrior's been around for like fifteen years, and the WWF needs to get behind all their young talent."

"Still, there's no way these guys are going to beat the Road Warriors."

Six Minutes and forty five seconds later.

"I don't fucking believe it," said Tyler.

"I told you who was going to win, said Jessie with a smug grin on his face. He was thirteen, two years older than his friend and had watched wrestling since he was three. Jessie was able to spot a title change a mile away.

"That has to be the biggest fucking fluke since The Rock won the Intercontinental Title."

"Tyler! Watch your mouth!" The boys jumped as a loud voice from another room startled them.

"Sorry Mom," said Tyler quietly.

At that moment the door opened, and a man in his twenties walked in. He went into the kitchen and sat in a large booth across from Tyler's mom, a woman Jessie considered large and frightening. The booth, barely recognizable amidst the piles of paper, food, and change, was similar to ones found in restaurants.

Tyler turned around in his chair and leaned over the counter. "Hey mom, Jessie and I are going to the store to spend the money you gave us for doing the laundry?"

"Fine. Come here before you go."

Tyler got off the chair and walked over to where his mom and the man in his twenties sat.

The man smiled at Tyler. "Hey, Tyler."

"Hey, Tom," said Tyler, still watching his Mother rummaging through her purse. She pulled out a ten-dollar bill and handed it to Tyler.

"I want you to pick up the pizza I ordered a half hour ago. I also want the change back."

Tyler nodded. "Okay Mom. Come on, Jessie, let's go." Jessie said nothing and followed Tyler out the door.

"Should we rent a movie?" asked Jessie as they walked into the convenience store that also doubled as a pathetic video store, and was unfortunately the best video store in town.

"I dunno. Are you staying the night?"

Jessie nodded. "Sure. My mom said it was okay. There's nothing to watch at your house except Bloodsport V and Bryan's porno movie, and I'm not watching either."

"Fine, rent a movie, but I'm spending my money on a bag of chips and a bottle of Orbitz."

"I can't believe you still drink that shit."

"Shut up, they kick ass," replied Tyler, grabbing a bottle. "Hey, they marked them down to two for a dollar!"

Jessie rolled his eyes. "I wonder why." He noticed the movie Clerks on the shelf and grabbed it. "All right. Clerks is in!"

"And you question MY buying choices?"


"You're fucking weird," was all Tyler said as he put a bag of Doritos and two bottles of Orbitz on the counter.

"Hey, you wanna take a few extra bottles of Orbitz home?" asked the clerk behind the counter.

"How much?"


"Okay!" Tyler headed back to the cooler and pulled out six more and put them on the counter. "Why are you giving them away?"

"Well, because until now we didn't think we could find anyone stupid enough to take the rest of this shit home."

Tyler fell silent as Jessie walked to the counter. Tyler noticed he was ready to say something and interrupted him. "Shut up." Jessie just shook his head and laughed as he paid for his movie and Dr. Pepper.

The two boys walked down main street towards the trailer park where Tyler lived. Tyler carried the pizza for his mother. "Your insane Bret Hart never submitted," said Jessie, referring to the infamous match from Survivor Series '97 from a month ago.

"Yea, he did. They rang the bell."

Jessie shook his head at Tyler's reasoning. "You are just a simple creature." Jessie took a drink of and turned to his friend. "I was wondering about something. In fact, I've been wondering this for a long time."

"No, I'm not gay, you sick bastard."

Jessie glared at his friend, "Sure you're not. Anyway, I was wondering why does your mom always have money when she hasn't been to work at the fish plant in six months."

"She's a drug dealer."

"Yea, right. No, really, what does she do?"

"She sells drugs."

'How long has she been doing this?"

"Like ten years. Your Dad stops by all the time."

"Fuck you. He does not."

"I'm serious. He was at my house yesterday."

"So all those people who come over are coming to-"

"Buy drugs, yeah."

"Why do you live in that shitty trailer then?"

Tyler shrugged "I don't know. Here we are, back at the shitty trailer."

Jessie looked up at the trailer that was really four pieces of wood glued together with a piece of tinfoil on top. It was horribly run down, with a doghouse in front that actually looked better then the trailer. Tyler opened the huge wooden gate and made his way in, nearly being trampled by his two rotwelliers. The boys slowly walked up the steps, moving through the huge piles of firewood and went into the trailer. Jessie was hit with the smell of dogs that filled the small trailer.

"About time you two got back," snapped his mother, sitting in the booth across from another man in his late forties. She yanked the pizza away from Tyler and opened it. "Go get some plates."

Tyler nodded and walked over to the sink where a huge pile of dirty dishes sat. Jessie looked up at the three rotting cupboards to the right of the sink and saw old food and a couple cups. "Why don't you put some of this stuff in the cupboard?" he asked.

Tyler shrugged. "Come on, grab a plate and wash it."

Jessie managed to nod and picked up a plate, thick with grease. He slowly put it into the slimy water and washed using his hand since Tyler had the only cloth in the house. The two dishes were finally clean, as clean as they could be under the circumstances. Tyler and Jessie walked over to Tyler's mom to get a slice of pizza.

"I'll never understand why you like movies like this," said Tyler eating his second slice of pizza.

"Clerks is one of the greatest movies ever made, snapped Jessie who had been pretty quiet for most of the night. "Besides, I refuse to have my cinematic choices picked at by the guy who thinks Joe's Apartment and Leprechaun 2 are the greatest movies ever made."

Tyler, knowing that Jessie's comment gave him no room for argument, merely glared and finished the pizza.

"What time is it?" asked Jessie, yawning.

" 3:30 am." Replied Tyler,

"I'm going to sleep man. Night."

"Yeah, me too."

"Aren't you going to sleep in your room?" asked Jessie, leaning back on the half- broken couch that smelled like beer.

Tyler shook his head. "Brian's sleeping in there, remember?"

Jessie nodded. "Why do you guys have that fat fuck around anyway."

"No idea," said Tyler, throwing his legs over the chair where he was sitting, and pulling a blanket up to his head. "Night"

"Night." Jessie closed his eyes then opened them again. "Hey, you were kidding about my dad, right?"

"Yeah, sure Jessie, go to sleep." Tyler turned the TV off and closed his eyes, quickly falling asleep. Jessie stared at the ceiling, hearing only the TV coming from Tyler's mom's room that was across from the kitchen with only a bizarre shelf/wall separating them. He shook his head to clear his thoughts and leaning his head on the armrest of the couch, he went to sleep.