Stupid TV! A new show is starting about vampyres. Of course, as usual, the stupid humans have got everything wrong. Here I am sitting in broad daylight do I look like I'm shriveling up into a little pile of dust. I don't think so. Last night I had garlic bread when I was on my date. When I look in the mirror I have a reflection and I'm not the evil bloodsucking monster they portray our kind to me. No, I'm a pretty decent bloodsucking monster. I'm not going to lie to you I love blood, but who wouldn't if when humans tasted it, it tasted like it tastes for me. Oh now I just confused myself but you get the picture.

Of course I don't want to kill but it's impossible not too. It's either kill and live or don't and die. Two choices the decision is easy to make. It's too easy now to kill though. A couple hundred years ago at least there was more of a thrill. I had to be careful because I didn't want anyone to think I was a witch. A witch, me, ha! Can you imagine me being a witch? I'm sorry but witches are stupid and most of them are ugly anyway. Of course you wouldn't think so being human and all but when you are around perfect people all the time everyone else looks really ugly.

You want to know when I was born? I was born in 1435, I think or somewhere around there. You see I was an orphan living on the streets so I don't know exactly. My parents died when I was about six and so I had to fend for myself. At sixteen I was starving and wretched looking. I had no food, no money, and no place to go. I became a whore. It's not something I'm proud of but I had nothing else I could do. I had to eat and the only way to eat was to have money. It was the second most horrible experience I have been through. I finally made some money to feed myself and to buy a semi-decent used dress. I need a little more so I could by shoes I had been saving and I would make enough that night to by those shoes. It was cold out and I should have been trying to find somewhere safe to hide but I didn't. No one was out there pretty much except me and a few other girls. Finally a handsome man showed up. He looked at us all and finally he stopped by me. He said nothing but beckoned me to come with him.

He took me to a rich house and brought me inside its warmth. I rushed to the fire to excited about being warm to think of anything else. He brought me food and water. The whole time he never spoke. I thanked him a thousand times over but still he said nothing. Finally he asked me one simple question, "Would you give up everything to live like this for all eternity?" I thought about it for a second and replied, "Yes of course!"

How foolish I was then. I was uneducated, hungry, and poor. He then took me in his arms I was used to this but I fell asleep. He drank my blood when I awoke I felt sweet liquid running down my throat I swallowed it without a thought. Then the pain began. It was so horrible that you couldn't imagine it. Every breath I took hurt. If I moved a single muscle I would shake with pain. I screamed and screamed. I was lifted up, but I couldn't see anything I was blinded with pain, I was taken to a dark room. It felt empty and it was pitch black finally I blacked out.

When I awoke I was a vampyre, beautiful and deadly. He taught me how to hunt and I lived with him. I never found out why he took me in. A vampyre hunter killed him five years later. Yes they do exist. They are nasty people. We are part of nature and killing us is like poaching the Bangle Tiger.

Why am I telling you this? I don't know I just haven't really talked to anyone for a long time. You don't believe me of course, I can see it in your eyes. You'll find out soon though. You'll believe me, you'll know the pain and know how I feel.

What do I mean? I'm lonely, you see. I need a handsome man like you to live with me. Now, I need you to sleep it'll all be over in a second.