A/N: It's so spooky how many ideas I come up with on the subject of death. Here's a good example. As always, READ 'n REVIEW

Die a Clean Death

I called you that day.
The line was dead.
Should've taken
That as a warning.
But I didn't.
You were fine all that week.
Never knew that there was someone watching you.
The police called my house.
Asked me lots of questions.
Then I found out what had happened.
Over the time I pondered over your clean death.
It was all too simple and easy.
So clean, how you died.
But it was very painful.
The smoke, the flames, the burnt up bodies.
I loved how death was mysterious.
But after what had happened to you,
My fondness over death became
Lost in a swirl of emptiness.

A/N: What? Too angsty? Flames accepted to those who hate the subject of death. BUT I did sorta warn you about this being a death poem. Also, did it make any sense at all? Notice how the poem curves like smoke. Neat, huh? Now, REVIEW!