I hate you

You're nothing

You are because

Of me.

Your personality

Means nothing to anyone

Without your hatred

Without our fights.

You should feel alone

You are alone.

Everyone loves me

Because I hate you

I'm right

You're wrong.

You flaunt it

But I know the truth

You need me

I'm your life

I flow through

your veins

you use me

to satisfy your urge

to feel alive

everyone likes you now

because you hate me

but now I'm annie

and you can't touch me

you can't touch us

and she hates you too

but she's different than me.

She hates you in a different way

She writes those stories mommy

Those aren't me

Those aren't who I am

Those are Annie's

Those are Del's.

Who's Del?

I guess she's someone too

They just keep coming

I can't stop them

Make them stop

Devlyn came without warning.

And rachel and eve

Who are they, mom?

Why won't you help me?

Can't you see?

They're here to take my hate

Away from me.

But I need it.

I need it to feel alive.

What are those cuts

On my wrists?



I didn't do it

Annie did it

Because she needs to feel alive.

She can't hate anymore

If she hates, people will think things

People will talk about her

People say that she's a witch

Or a lesbian

Seventh graders.

Damnit. They're idiots

What do they know about hate?

Annie knows me.

Annie sees who I am.

And now we write stories together

And in the end we die

Or they die

Doesn't matter as long as there's blood.

As long as someone gets something in the end

But life isn't fair

That's why annie's sent to places

She doesn't want to be

Let her out

Let her out

I'm suffocating in here.

Give me a gun

Give me a knife

Give me a goddamn broken mirror

Before I kill someone

Must channel the energy

I can't kill people,

So I kill myself

But I can't

I can't.

Why can't I just die?

I must be a god

We're all gods now

Annie and del, and dev and eve.

We're immortal.

Lets write about it.

Write it down before it gets out

Before someone steals it

Before our hate is forgotten

Kill them. Kill them all

I'm a bubble ready to pop

Don't make me pop.

But what's that?we're moving away

Thank god

Thank god. Thank god.

A new beginning.

I'm going to get my ears piereced

Wear lots of makeup

Be the annie that dana saw me as

Not as I see myself.

Ugly. Fat. Annoying.

That little dorky girl without friends

don't I have friends, mom?

You said it was a new beginning.

You said it was okay

It must be annie

Kill her.


Annie's gone, annie's gone.

Where's my hate?

What's this?

You mean, you like me?

You're popular.

Why do you like me?

I'm a nobody from Colorado.

But...I'm cool?

I don't understand.

Okay. I'll go out with you.

I love you.

I'm smiling.

I smile a lot now.


I go to a school

Where kids are just like me

They love me

And I love them.

What's this, dad?

We're moving back?

But I have friends

I'm cool.

I'm with the crowd now.

I can't go back

Those people hate me

Like I hated them

Home again.

A new school.

New people.

I hate them

They hate me.

In a friendly sort of way.

So, I go back.

Look, it's sarah.

Look it's adam and Kat.

Where have you all been?

Where have I been?

Why are things different now?

I don't hate.

Oh look, it's that girl

The one I hate.

She needs me to live.

But what?

I don't care.

I'm better than her.

I'm cool, and she's alone.

But wait, it's like a movie.

This shouldn't be happening.

I'm suppose to go back to things as they were

Where's Annie?

Where's Dana?

What's that mom?

You want to put me in therapy?

I'm the happiest I've ever been

And I'm going to therapy?

You're a little late there.

I could have died.

I did for a while.

Lots of pills.

But I'm happy.

I don't need pills.

Shots. Pain. Pills.

Why are you doing this to me?

I'm happy. I'm always happy now.

But what is happiness

When you can't really tell anymore

Paste on a smile.

Because if you don't

They'll give you a shot.

Hello, who are you?

Jerry? What a nice name.

Will you be my friend?

What are you doing on the ceiling jerry?

Why are you angry?

Because I'm angry?

I am angry.

I don't hate them.

I'm just angry

Because I can't feel anymore.

There's a dog living in the attic

I can hear him barking

The house is alive

It moves. It turns things on

There's a noise in the basement

I'm not scared.

Why should I be scared

I have no emotions

I smile.

I smile

It's what the normal kids do.

Why aren't you smiling?

Smile for the camera

But theirs is no camera

Yes there is

In the mirror

Can't you hear it clicking?

Why are you in my closet, jerry?

Want to go see the shrink with me?

We'll throw things in her office

And we'll have a good time.

Life is all about having a good time

If I do that, I'll find happiness.

But, what are those cuts on my wrists?

They're not a cry for help.

They're just something stupid I do


They're not even that deep


What's that jerry?

Why are you so angry all the time.

I'm not why are you?

What's that noise coming from my closet?

And under my bed.

I hope it's the goblin king

Coming to make me his bride.

I would marry him

Even if he were mean to people

So long as he loved me

I have no sentiment

Throw everything out

Paint your room white.

Draw pictures and hide them.

Rip them up.

What's wrong with you?

You can't do anything right.

Why do you sleep so much?

Why do you stay up late?

I need time

I need time to feel alive

I make the most out of every night

It could be my last

It could be my first

Time plays tricks on you

What happened to Sunday?

What? What day did you say it was?

Was I at school yesterday?

Was I at work?

Why are the numbers jumping around on the page.

See that 2 there? Why is it a five?

That's not the right answer sarah.

Wait. I'm the one who's wrong

But the nubmers are jumping


They're playing basketball.

I'm not a druggy

I'm not that kind of girl.

Who are you?

Are you a real person or a fake person?

Good or bad witch?

Which is the witch?

Hi Brian.

If I act happy around you

Will you like me?

You will?

You want me to be your girlfriend?

But this isn't love.

I hate you.

But I can't say no.

No. no. no. no. yes.

Why don't you talk to me anymore?

I don't care. I don't need you

I'm not whole anyway.

Why did I think you would make me

I hate men.

I wanted a relationship so deep

It couldn't tear us away

But normal people don't want that

They want a late night fling.

And I want to see the worlds largest ball of twine.

Hey, we all have our goals.

But why do I need these pills?

You want my blood?

You can't have it

I made it

It's mine.

But where are you taking me?

To get better? But I am getting better

You said the pills would help

I'm happy, see?

I'm smiling, and laughing.

But why can't I stop?

Why won't these drugs work on me?

Send her home. We broke her. send her home.

It's not nice to break people

At least that's what the little men living

Under my bed say

Don't break people, daddy

It's not nice, stop it.


What did you do?

Why is there a palm tree in my room?

The dog in the attic wants to come out

Oh god

He's dying

Help him help him

What did you say?

I can't hear you over the noise

What noise?

The noise in my head

Let people think you're deaf.

But there's a static sound

I can't get rid of it.

And the dots

There are so many little dots

There's so much air between them and I

Wow. Look at this.

If I wave my hand in the air, like this

Hey'll do it back.

How can they do that?

Through all that air?

It must be hard to see.

There's so much air

I hate it.

Make it stop, make it stop.

Even when I sleep

It goes on and on.

It's like morphine.

How do I know what morphine's like?

I don't know. I don't remember

The air is doing something bad to me.

It's hurting me

I can't breathe

Stop it stop it.

There's just so much space to fill

And I'm just so small

When will it stop?