It's one o' clock

And I can't sleep

I'm not allowed to make a peep

Dad's asleepin the next room

And if he wakes

I'll see my doom

A muffled cry

I stubbed my toe!

I bite my lipand quickly go

In my room

But not safe yet

Pull off my clothes

And ten I'm set

I grab my notebook

So I can write

I will not sleep

Without a fight

But how this story

Turns from fair

I left my cat out

On the stair

She begins to meow

A woeful tune

And she's not planning

On shutting up soon

By the glow

Of my t.v.

With her I begin

To beg and plead

But as soon as she

Is in my room

Her meowing takes

A different tune

She attacks a towel

Upon my floor

And bites a hanger

On my door

She trys to slay

My writing tool

But changes her mind

When she spies my shoe


She runs about

I chase her down

Throughout the house

As soon as I

Have got her caught

I bump my knee

And release the snot


I can take no more

I surrender and

Open the door

She runs into

The living room

Where she knocks

Over a broom

In the end

I've had enough

It He wakes up

Well that's just tough

As I ascend

The stairs to bed

I hear the door

Open ahead

My mom steps out

She frowns and says

"damnit Julie,

Go to bed!"