I greet you, with all do respect. You are my first visitor after his death. I am Genesis Tentai Butsutigaku, but please, call me Gene. I have been here, in this dank, lightless room for about a year, I think. It's hard to count the days in solitude and darkness. I guess you are wondering what that sound is. The screams you only notice for a little while. They fade away after a day or two without sleep. Oh, and that smell? They told us that it was mildew, but it resembles rotting corpses, doesn't it? Hmh, how did I end up here? Locked away? I will tell you, only if you promise to stay for a while. It's not every day I get to see the light you know.
I used to be a pretty girl, long, black hair, cerulean eyes, dimples in the right places, and a fairly good shaped body. I had a "voice of a thousand angels blessing the universe" as Evan described it. I loved to sing. I think I was pretty good at it too.
I had just broken up with my steady, Chris, and was having a personal concert for Evan, my new object of affection. I was wearing a long, opal colored dress, accented with the arrangement of opal holding my hair in a lose bun. I was confident with Evan by my side, playing a beautiful piece on the piano, and I singing along with it. The starry night could be seen through the magnificent sky light above us.
You see, ha, Chris had always been the rather jealous type, and by nature he despised Evan. So, as we were performing, not a care in the world, only love on our mind, a body smashed through the skylight, landing perfectly on his graceful feet, and leaving a curtain of shreds of glass upon me. Before either of us could realize what was happening, Evan shot Chris, square in between the eyes. I fainted at the sight, and in my unconscious state, the jealous ex fixed every piece of evidence to make it appear that I in fact killed Evan.
And ever since, those seven years ago, I have been locked in this cell. I think they have forgotten about me though, seeing as I am never called out for my weekly exercise anymore. Thank an angel though, our automated dispenser sends food to every cell, whether occupied or not. I am the lucky one though, locked away, ha ha ha ha, Chris had to live with the, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, guilt, and them, those not forgotten here, they... The screams you know? They are shrieks of pain from either brutal beatings or fierce electrical jolts. Maybe I was too strong for them, maybe I have broken the system.
Wait! No! Don't leave me here! I don't want to be alone! I'm sorry! Please! I didn't, (sob), realize it was you (sob). I still (sob) love you (sob), Chris, (sob), just come back!
A large iron door closes on Gene's cell, and she once again is locked away from the world, into the darkness. The warm feeling of death mills around in her room. A creaking and release of pressure is heard as her large door is swung open. "Ghenesiss, come with me. NOW!" The hoarse voice spoke no more.
They led me into a bright, fluorescent lighted room. A chair was sitting in the middle of the room, and I was gestured to sit in it by a small, handsome man with emotionless eyes. My hair, now brittle and grayed, fell in my face. The gentle hand of the man brushed it out of my face, not looking anymore at me. I sighed, waiting for the end...or the beginning. A large, obviously brutally beaten female guard stood protectively at the door. The man shed a tear, then a chuckle, and spun around tightly. The tinkling of tools could be heard. My mind, for the first time since my imprisonment, raced. Why was I hear? What was happening? Why did he cry? I was instructed to close my eyes, and not to open them again by the guard. I did as I was told, almost as if their slave. I felt a prick in my right forearm, before a numbness became my body. I opened my eyes again, lazily, and saw another person, a doctor, reaching for a small trowel. It never occurred to me she was about to gouge out my eyes. I think I was supposed to be dead. Maybe I was. Maybe I wasn't. Maybe. No more maybes for this spirit. Farewell and good wishes.