Faceless voices pierced the silence of my dreams. The dreams gave new insight to my forgotten past. I had clearer images of the people who I thought important. I had a few names. And I knew for certain what my master had been to me. I was not a happy vampire.

He didn’t help me. He loved me too much. Obsession was far too general of a term to describe it and I dreaded my next encounter with him.

I hated the knowledge of what the vampire named Niam had done to me with his betrayal. I screamed in my dreams when it was replayed for me.

I had had a better look at the brother my Master had created before he had changed me. This brother, he was of little importance.

Ranant. That was my master’s name, but I quickly decided that he was a creature that did not deserve a name.

“We are the most beautiful of God’s fallen angels,â€