"I loved you now I hate you, you mean nothing to me anymore.
I loved you now I hate you, you mean nothing, nothing!"
Elizabeth sang. The band stopped and the applause was thunderous, but Elizabeth wasn't paying attention to the applause she was looking out into the audience. She did this every show. She looked for the face the one that belonged to her love. She didn't expect to see him, he was never there. She ended every concert with that song incase he was listening. She didn't really hate him and she never knew if she ever really loved him either. The band cleaned up and loaded the interments into the van. Elizabeth stood in he dressing room wondering if it was better to cry or to scream. This was the fourth time they had played in this town. Each time at a different club, each time she looked for him, but she never found him. The band wanted to play more shows everywhere else. They never understood why she had to play in this small town all the time. They weren't from here; none of them had even visited here before their first show here.

Elizabeth sighed and went outside to wait for the manager so they could get their money. She started to remember when they had first met. He was so handsome, she was so young. It was at her second concert. It was also the day she fell in love with music. Elizabeth had been resting after being in the heat of the mosh pit. She was trying to make herself look somewhat organized in vain. Her hair was falling down, her makeup was sweated off, and her face was bright red. She was fanning her face and noticed a fight starting. Elizabeth stood up on the bench where she had been sitting. The fight sucked so she turned around to say something to Amy. That's when she noticed Tyler. He was looking at her, obviously checking her out. She smiled at him. Elizabeth doesn't know who said, "Hi" first but it was love at first sight. It had nothing to do with beauty. She was sweating and disheveled and he was in the same state. When she saw him she knew that this was her soul mate.

They spent the next six hours of the concert kissing, talking, and just looking in each other's eyes. He sang along with all the love songs, dedicating each of them to her and she told him about her life. They shared secrets and desires. They planned a life together. When it was time to leave they had to pry themselves apart. Tyler promised to call her and he told her he would do anything for her. It didn't matter that he was nineteen and she was only sixteen. Age didn't matter when it came to love. She went home floating on a cloud of happiness.

The next day came and went without his phone call. Weeks and then months passed before she realized he wasn't going to call. She couldn't understand and continually made excuses for him. Finally she turned eighteen and the band and her started performing at the clubs. She looked for him at every performance. She watched for his band on the Television, just in case he made it big. Elizabeth shook her head and got out of the dream. She took the money from the manager. When she got outside the band all stopped talking and smiled at her. She was the only girl in the band and they all had asked her out at sometime, but she always said, "no". They tried arguing, then pleading but she still waited for Tyler.

Their next performance was in a club in their hometown of Fresno. Elizabeth felt something inside of her turn, as she got ready. She smiled as she put on her leather boots. She always got a little nervous before a gig. She looked in the mirror. She fixed a pin in her, now, vampire red hair. She looked at her blue eyes critically. They were not a pretty color blue in her opinion. She put the last touches of makeup on and smoothed down her dress. She was dressed in all black. Her dress fit her body nicely, it was her favorite. Black was her favorite color she felt deadly and exotic while wearing it. She smiled once at herself and left to go on stage.

"My love has disappeared, He has left me forever.
My Heart is crumbled into pieces, never to beat again.
Look what you've done, I am lost.
I loved you now I hate you, you mean nothing to me anymore.
I loved you now I hate you, you mean nothing, nothing!"
Elizabeth brushed away a tear and didn't even bother looking into the audience she knew he wasn't there. She bowed to the audience and thanked them mechanically for coming. The crowed cheered once more and Elizabeth turned to walk off the stage when she heard someone calling her name. She stopped and turned. They weren't calling, "Elizabeth", which is her stage name they were calling her real name. She turned to look. A guy was struggling to climb onto the stage, as the guard tried to keep him back. It took a second for her to realize who he was.

"Tyler!" she yelled and ran up to him. The guard was still trying to take him away. She jumped off the stage and fell into Tyler's arms. They started laughing and crying. They held on to each other tightly never wanting to let go. Tyler had grown older but he was just as handsome as before. He whispered how much he had missed her. He told her that his wallet was stolen before he had a chance to call her. He had done everything he could to find her but he gave up after awhile. He had been visiting a friend when he had told Tyler of a cool band that was playing and there she was. The band started clapping and cheering. She had told them about Tyler and they were happy for her.

Elizabeth smiled at them and then kissed Tyler. Now she was going to have to change the song because she didn't hate him anymore.

The way "Elizabeth" met "Tyler" is a true story. The rest is just how I hope I will meet him again. Both names are nicknames for my true love and me. I am still looking for him; I really don't know why he never called me.