bThe Adventures of The Haiku Police/b
Daniel was an ordinary boy, with an ordinary life, and ordinary talents. He could sing, speak in front of an audience, play the harmonica with his nose, train wild animals, belch the ABC's, pilot a fighter jet, and draw pictures that came to life. There was still something strange about Daniel, but no one could pinpoint what. Then, one day, something happened at lunch. Daniel had recieved nearly a TON of apples in his lunch. He and his friends, Mike, Darien, Bob, and John (aka: Moose), were wondering just how many apples there were. Just then, strange sounds started coming from Daniel's mouth, ", t...two, help me..., th...three, four..." His friends started, too. "Five..., six..., seven..., eight." Yes! They could count! There were eight apples. They tried their miraculous power on something else. They were going to see how many they were. Once more, Daniel started, pointing at himself, "One, Mike-two, three-Darien, four and five for Bob and Moose. That's five!" They all shouted at once, but soon settled down because everyone else in the cafeteria was staring at them as if they had just spoken Yiddish. Their next class was English, and they were studying Haikus, a type of Japanese poetry. Before, writing Haikus was not hard. It had to have a lot of syllables and some lines. It wasn't until they found the teacher's guide, written by someone who could count, that they realized that there were more restrictions. No one else noticed because no one else could count. It turns out that there were supposed to be three lines with 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 syllables, respectively, making a total of (the power of addition!) 17. Everyone had been doing it wrong. Something had to be done!