The Adventures of the HKP (continued)

"So, where should we start?" Danile asked.
"Well," said Moose, "we should get, like, a group name."
"OR, we could get people to correct first," Daniel corrected.
"I think a name is better."
"But if we have no one to correct, what good is a name?"
"How are we going to correct anyone without it?"
"Do it later!"

Then a super power battle ensued between the two. It was Danile who came out vitorious because he had stumped Moose when he counted to 26 1/8. They were going to find people to correct first, but where?

"We could go to England, they never speak correctly."
"Or we could use the internet," Daniel said smugly, acting like that one know-it-all in every group that everyone hates.
"Hey! Aren't there web sites where FANS of shows and games and poetry can write FICTION about them?" Bob questioned.
"Hey! How about !" said Mike triumphantly, because he hadn't said anything in a while.
"Good idea!" Daniel said as he got online. He was angry that he didn't think of it first.

Just as they thought, there were many people to correct on . There were sonnets with 17 1/2 lines, limericks that didn't rhyme, and Shakespeare's works in Iambic Tetrameter. But the worst section of all was Haiku. They (the Haiku) had anywhere from 1 to 217.3333333333333 (etc.) syllables. Some even had Iambic Pentameter. This was where they HAD to police. Hey! A name! The Haiku Police. They would review all Haiku on and make it perfect! And so, the HKP was formed, and now they review all.