The Wrath of Nickodeemus

Chapter One

Timothea James had lived her whole life of fifteen years with her aunt and uncle. Both her aunt and her uncle hated change. That's why they didn't like Timothea. Their son Timothy rated higher on their list. They tried hard to lead a normal life. That was hard with a child like Timothea living under your roof. Strange things happened to and around her. For one thing Timothea had purple eyes. Purple eyes were not normal. Blue, brown, and even green(at certain shades) was normal. Timothea's aunt, whose name is Jane, would make Timothea ware dark glasses whenever she went out, which wasn't too often. Timothea also had strange hair. She had very noticeable red highlight in her hair. They were noticeable because she had light blond hair. Blondes did not have natural red highlights. Aunt Jane would try to cover them up with dye.

Timothea James had lived her whole life of fifteen years with her aunt and uncle. But on November 21, her fifteenth birthday, they shipped her off to America from England to go to some school. They told her it was her drasted father's idea to send her there when she was fifteen. It was called Patience School of Magic.

"Abnormals go there," Aunt Jane said. "My sister spent her drasted life there. I got kicked out because I was normal."

"You're already too abnormal to go there. I know you won't get kicked out," Uncle Tom said, pushing her out of the car. "The plane leaves at 1:49 and 17 seconds. Drasted people."

"Hope I never see you again!" Timothy sneered out of the window as the car sped away leaving Timothea to find her plane and her way around the airport.

Chapter Two

Timothea sat down in the waiting lounge. She took off her sunglasses and her wig. The dye had never taken to the highlights so Aunt Jane made Timothea ware a blond wig. Timothea had also lopped off all her hair so it was very short. This made Aunt Jane extremely mad. Girls were to have long hair, not short hair like a boy. However, Timothea liked it short and had cut her wig short only to have found the next day it was a new wig with long hair. She gave up after this.

"Cheerio," she muttered as she threw away her sunglasses and that horrid wig. She turned on her heals and went up to the ticket desk and handed the flight attendant her ticket.

"Have a nice flight," the lady said like a robot and handed Timothea her ticket.

The outside of the plane looked normal. The inside sure didn't. First of all the first class section was as big as what the coach section should have been. This would have drove Aunt Jane nuts. Also instead of gray or blue seats, they were dark purple leather and the carpet was bright blue with a ever-changing pattern.

"Honey, let me see your ticket," said a flight attendant.

Timothea was busy looking at the changing patterns. She had never seen this type of carpet before. Maybe she could get some of this stuff in America.

"Honey, are you in first or second class?"

Timothea slowly looked up at the woman. She had an American accent and looked American. She had blond hair and blue eyes that clashed badly with the pea green suit she had on.

"Um, second class, ma'am," Timothea said and made her way passed the lady into the back of the plane.

"Wait a minute. Are you Timothea Flann?" the strange lady asked. "You look like the way she should look about now."

"No," Timothea said.

The lady shrugged.

Timothea shrugged and headed back to her seat. No sooner had she sat down, a girl in a long patch work skirt waltzed in. She had on a little black shirt and black granny boots. Her raven hair came down to the middle of her back and it shone brightly every time she walked under a light. The girl stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Timothea. Timothea looked around. No one else was in the plane back where she was. Timothea began to wonder if she really did look so strange like Aunt Jane thought. As Timothea looked back at the girl the girl's mouth fell open.

"Am I in your seat, miss?" Timothea asked, looking at the ticket still in her hand. "Are you okay?"

"You're English? I thought you were living in Sweden?" the girl asked. She had a American accent.

Timothea didn't get it. She looked the girl over. She would be what Timothy would call a witch. Except she didn't have the dark makeup that went along with being a witch. However, how all these Americans she had met thought they knew her was beyond her. She didn't like this.

"I bet you don't know who you are," the girl said, taking a seat across from her.

"I know who I am! I don't know why you blasted Americans think you know who I am," Timothea snapped.

"Oh, honey, we do," the girl said, flapping her hand in the air. "I know you're a Flann. And I know that there is only one left. And I know her name's Timothea. Timothea grew up not knowing who she really was, you see," the girl rattled on. "I'm Aislinn Carrissa Glendon. You're Timothea Flann."

"And how do you know I'm this Timothea Flann person?" Timothea asked, trying to not to sound too shocked.

"Your hair," Aislinn said, pointing to her hair. "The Flann's were world know for having red streaks though their hair. And I know Timothea's the last Flann."

Timothea was confused. Aunt Jane always told her she was the only one left like her. But she really never let Timothea ask questions. Questions were bad. This girl seemed to know everything about this Timothea Flann person. Maybe she was this Timothea Flann person. This was her chance to ask all the questions she wanted.

"If you're so brilliant, then, answer this. How did my parents die?" Timothea asked. She had always wondered how they had died. Aunt Jane would always tell her that she was too young to be troubled with knowing. It troubled Timothea not to know.

"The name's too horrible to say, but he did your parents in," Aislinn whispered.

"Did them in? What did he exactly do?" Timothea asked.

"Oh, please. It's too gory and horrible to say," Aislinn replied.

"So he just did them in? Why?"

"Nobody knows," Aislinn said and abruptly stood up and left.

The whole flight to the U.S. Timothea wondered about what Aislinn had said. When the plane landed they were not at an airport. They were on top of some tall building. A man in a bright purple suit was waiting with a sing that said, "Timothea James."

"Are you Lady Timothea Fla- I mean James?" the man asked.

"I'm not a Lady by title. Just Timothea," she replied.

"In our world you are a Lady," the man said and took her hand.

All of a sudden they were transported to a room with purple and maroon wall hangings. The man who had brought her here vanished, leaving Timothea alone in the big room. Or so she thought.

"So you're the last living Flann," a voice said.

Timothea turned to see a very tall man in dark colored robes. He had short white hair and a long beard. On his long nose sat a pair of square glasses.

"You may be wondering why everyone knows you. You're royalty in our world. Your father and mother hid you well. Among the Assimilated. Very smart. However, you are here now. Now, do you know anything about the Realm?" the man asked, pulling down a map.

Timothea shook her head. She had no clue what the Realm was. She didn't even know what was going on in the room.

"Well, a long time ago a man named Pastor Kendrick found a book called How to Assimilate People. He found it cleaning out his desk one day. Someone had given it to him as a joke. He used it to assimilate his town, state, and then the world. You see, the writer of the book did not realize that his method would work.

"Kendrick went about his way without knowing about Patience is a Virtue. He Do you know what that is?" the man asked her.

Once again she shook her head.

"It's an old form a magic that everyone has but few can use. However, a couple of kids found out how to and to help them they used these."

The man walked over to one of the wall hangings and pulled it out a bit. From behind it he pulled out a black box. He opened it up. Inside were more boxes with names engraved on them.

"Now, these people: Regina, Katie, Lynnette, Nick, Derek, and Tim had possession of these. Derek knew how to use them all. Pick on of them."

Timothea pulled out the one marked "Regina."

"Ah, good choice. Regina was one of the more powerful ones. And a relative," the man said.

Timothea opened the box. There were three rings. One was a silver diamond ring, another was a skinny silver ring, and the last one was silver Celtic braid ring. There was also a gold chain necklace with a purple stone in there too.

"When Kendrick started to create the Assimilated, Derek, Tim, and Katie found out about the magic. They taught the others and they and a brainchild created the Realm. It's a parallel universe we live in. They took people there who were not Assimilated. Soon Kendrick found them. Derek, Katie, Tim, Regina, Lynnette, and Nick escaped. It took them years to find another Realm because they lost their brainchild. But it still stands," the man said, pointing to the map. It showed Earth and then a porthole leading to another thing that looked like a floating town in space. Timothea was quiet as she let all this sink in. None of it made much sense.

"Any questions?"

"Regina's a relative, any others?"

"You're going to miss the port hole. It only opens on November 21," the man said quickly.

"Well, what's your name?"

"Nickodeemus. Great grandson on the one and only Nick. Now off with you. Take this box. Good. Now put on the Celtic ring and point your hand skyward," Nickodeemus said.

Timothea pointed skyward.

Chapter Three

Timothea stood in the middle of a street. There was houses lining the street as far as the eye could see. Each house was different and had a mail box with different names printed on them.

"Welcome, Lady Timothea. I see from your books you will be studying history," said a lady who seemed to appear out of nowhere. She was dressed in long robes like Nickodeemus.

Timothea looked at the ground. There was a book titled The History of the Realm at her feet. She looked back up at the lady that had spoken to her. She noticed the lady had a long pointed nose and long blond hair. She, however, did not have glasses and she wasn't too tall.

"I'm Sahara Winters. I'm the keeper at the Bailey house. The rest of the students will be out soon and the streets will be hard to navigate. Follow me," she said and started walking. After awhile she said, "Bailey is an original house. It's a good name too. She was a good person. Oops. It's a very good house," Sahara said. She sounded like she had been programmed to say that and the programmer had made a mistake.

"Would you be able to tell" Timothea started.

"It's all in your book, Timothea. Nickodeemus has his ways. Your room is on the third floor. Your room mate's name is Derekshell," Sahara said, disappearing.

"Now why would the way to the water closet be in that blasted book? That's all I was going to ask her," Timothea grumbled as she climbed up the stairs and up to the door. "This Derek guy is sure strange."

Looking around the room, Timothea saw that one side of the room was totally pink and purple. The other side was totally white. Everything was white. But only on one side of the room.

"I'm not strange," said a female voice from the closet. "I just got stuck with a guy's named turned into a girl's name. Its pronounced Derekshell. Like in the name Derek and the word shell. I go by Shelly."

The girl got out of the closet. She had a long nose and light brown hair that curled and waved as it fell down her back. She was skinny and pretty tall. Taller than Timothea. But then Timothea was pretty short. Only 5'3. Shelly must be at least 5'9 or so. So far all the people she had met here were taller than she was.

"Well most people know who I am. Or they think so. But they get the last name wrong. It's James. Timothea James," Timothea said, introducing herself like James Bond did. She had seen some real old decrypted films of him from the past world. She had always wanted to introduce herself like he did. However, Aunt Jane never let her say anything to any one in fear of then finding out she was not normal.

"You can't be a James. I'm the last living James. If you're Timothea, you're a Flann," Shelly announced.

"That's one thing I'm sure of. My last name is James. I have never heard the name Flann till I came here."

Timothea and Shelly stood staring at each other.

"There's more to this than we know," Timothea said.

Chapter Four

Timothea sat in front of a computer. She wasn't to be there because it was after hours. However, during Learning Lab, she had stumbled on something. She hadn't had time to look at it because one of the teachers came over and began asking her what she was doing. She wasn't supposed to be snooping around the computer system. Now she could, however. She couldn't wait to see what she had found. She thought maybe it would explain somethings. It was an old file that was in code. Timothea had to decode it before she could read it.

The Crews History

By Louis Bakque

Many of us really don't know much about them. It all happened a generation ago. Their story may be lost.

Derek and Tim Hallett were brothers. Neither of them knew about Patience until Pastor Kendrick took over the Old World. Somehow, Derek knew that two other people, Regina Bailey and Katie Ledto had this too. With the help of a brainchild, Derek and Katie constructed the Realm. They all moved there with all the people they could. They lived in peace till they found a "tag" in a girl's head. Everyone had a "tag" except Tim, Derek, Regina, Katie, Lynnette Rivionis, and Nick Cappers. They all watched their world crumble. Sadly.

To make a long story short, they all lived in 1965 where the Bakque's, Giselle and John joined them. They stayed there until they when back, battled Kendrick, lost Nick, and found another Realm where we live today.

Timothea rushed home to show this to Shelly.

"What does this have to do with any thing?" Shelly asked.

Timothea shrugged. "Do you have your history book?"

"Yes," Shelly said, walking over to the closet. She pulled out a book. It looked to be about 100 years old. It was beaten up and dusty. Shelly blew on the book and said, "I forgot I had this."

"I can see."

"I've had it my whole life."

"And how long has that been?" Timothea asked. Shelly looked to be about her age but she seemed to talk like she would be older.

"Oh, my whole life. I've been here since I've been born. My parents were killed by the Assimilated. I was placed here while you were placed else where. I know that I'm related to Derek and Tim is Derek's little brother. That's how I got my name, Derekshell."

"Uh? You lost me?"

"The Crew left no records. They made up the kingdom."

Timothea shook her head. Shelly talked like she was programmed to say all that in advance. Timothea left Shelly in the room talking and went back to the computer lab. She sorted through old, coded files till she decoded one marked "Journal." She clicked it open.

Today Tim got married. It sure took him a while. But that's understandable. He has had to run the Realm. Poor Derek got himself killed.

Another one read:

I thought it would take Derek forever to propose. But, he did. But, then with Giselle forever always trying to kill him doesn't help, too much. Lynnette finally set a date for the wedding. Derek said it was too far away. Derek is getting married at the end of the month. Lynnette set it for next year sometime. Derek said that was too far away. And for once Giselle agreed. She married John two days after they got engaged. I could never do that.

Still another one read:

The most horrible thing happened. My poor Derek was killed. And Giselle didn't do it. She never meant to really kill him. It was a joke. But that evil, vile, wicked, malevolent, immoral, iniquitous Pastor Kendrick killed him. Poor Luke will never know him.

The last file read:

Regina and I decided to change ourselves. Our real last names are going to be added onto. She's going to add James. I'm going to add Flann. Giselle and John are going to go by Bakque. Katie and Thomas picked out Methodist. Nick picked Deemus. We saved out world but not my dear brother Derek.

Timothea printed out everything and made her way back to Bailey. She would show everything to Shelly in the morning. Unless she was still up talking to herself where Timothea had left her.

Chapter Five

Shelly read over the files before she said anything. She kept looking at Timothea with this look.

"This tells us who we might be related to?" Shelly asked. Timothea shrugged.

They hid the papers and headed downstairs to eat. Then they were off the Learning Lab. Learning Lab was like school. But it wasn't like the school that Timothea was use too. Each person here sat in front of a computer and worked on programs that were suppose to teach them things. This bore Timothea after awhile, so she hacked into the secret system and looked in to finding more files. She found one marked "Things That Were Not To Be." She clicked it open.

The Fall

By Louie Bakque

There are many things that weren't meant to be. One is the nobility of the Realm. Today King James Flann and Duke Derek James were both killed by the Assimilated. Just like his great-great grandfather, Duke Derek had trouble staying alive. Both the Lady and the Queen were also killed. Reports are that Princess Timothea and the Duke's children may be dead. So to fill their place is Nickodeemus, or Nick Deemus IV. This is a very sad day. May God help us.

Timothea quickly found Shelly and showed her what she had found.

"Who are the Assimilated?" Timothea asked. All the people here used that term, but Timothea had never heard it used in the way they where using it.

"The people who live on Earth," Shelly replied.

"Girls, please refrain from conversation or you will never get your rings. Without the rings you will never be able to do magic," the teacher said. Once again, Timothea felt like someone had put the words into the teacher's mouth to say.

Timothea went back to her seat. She clicked around till she found a file marked "Timothea." She clicked it open. Timothea couldn't believe it. This showed her family all the way back to Tim Hallett. She had hit the jackpot. She read it and almost jumped for joy.

For Princess Timothea Flann of the ancestry of Tim Hallett Flann and Lynnette Rivionis Flann, Derek Hallett Flann and Jennifer Tellon Flann, Tim James Flann and Derekachella Hallett Flann, and the daughter of his majesty King James Derek Flann and her majesty Queen Sara James Flann.

Dearest Timothea,

You will not know this, but as your mother I had no choice but to change your last name to James. Among the Assimilated it is a common last name. That should explain some. Aunt Jane is really not your aunt. She knows nothing of who your father and I really are. She's Assimilated, so I programmed her to think she knew. I know none of this is making much sense, but I' m in a hurry. If you are reading this, my plan had failed and Nickodeemus had found you. GET OUT QUICKLY! Find Shelly and Derek VI and leave! NOW!

Love, Mom.

Timothea stopped. This couldn't be right. There was no Derek VI here. She didn't know of anyone of that name. Come to think of it she had never known of anyone by the name of Derek. There had to be more information out there on all of this. Why would her mother even write her a letter that she wasn't suppose to read until her mother's plan had failed? Maybe her mother knew that the plan would someday fail and Timothea would find this typed file letter. She clicked around some more and found a file marked "Derek VI." She opened it.

For Lord Derek James VI of the ancestry of Derek Hallett and Regina Bailey Hallett James, Luke Hallett James and Heather Methodist James, Derek Rivionis James IV and Lindsay Hill James, and the son of Duke Derek Rivionis James V and Duchess Quinn Rivionis James.

My dear Derek,

I have no choice but to give you up. If you are reading this, get your sister and princess Timothea and get out of here. Don't let Nickodeemus find any of you. If he does you will not like what will happen.

Love, Mother

Timothea didn't know what to think. What could be wrong with Nickodeemus? He had seemed nice enough when she had met him for the first time. Both her mother and Derek VI's mother thought there was something wrong with him. They didn't think too highly of him. What had he done?

Chapter Six

Timothea sat at her desk with all her stuff she had found. Shelly was fast asleep on the other side of the room. Timothea had told her about the Nickodeemus thing, but Shelly said that Nickodeemus could do nothing wrong. Timothea didn't bother to tell her about Derek VI. Timothea was beginning to think that Shelly was some sort of robot that was sent to follow her around. Lately Timothea couldn't go anywhere without Shelly finding her. Timothea felt that Shelly didn't need to know about Derek VI.

Timothea had been in the Realm for a month. She hadn't learned any magic. She had spent the whole time on the computer looking for information. Information was hard to come by. It was all very well coded and hidden in the computer system. One day she decoded a file marked "Why N.D. is bad." She wondered who N.D. was. She figured it must be Nickodeemus. She clicked it open.

The Ruler's Family

By Louie Bakque

Soon our computer systems and brains will be swiped of all memory of our dear world. You lucky reader have the luck of finding this and can know the truth.

Nickodeemus (Nick Deemus IV) of the ancestry of Nick Cappers Deemus I and Jacqueline DeCannon Deemus, Nick Cappers Deemus II and Darcie Angles Deemus and Nick Cappers Deemus the III and Melissa Janis Cappers was kicked out of our world a long time ago. He's back.

Nick Cappers Deemus I was obsessed with war. Before King Derek Hallett was killed, Nick was dismissed on an account of being inane. This trait caused the Deemus clan great pain. Each Nick Cappers was obsessed with war. Nick Cappers Deemus IV thought he could get away with it if he changed his name to Nickodeemus. However, King James and Duke Derek didn't like this idea. (See Hate.) I strongly believe it was Nickodeemus and Pastor Kendrick (who some how still lives even though both Hallett boys and Regina are long gone, and he was an old man when he started the Assimilated) killed King James Flann and Duke Derek James. The Assimilated killed Queen Sara James Flann and Duchess Quinn Rivionis James. Nickodeemus has assimilated Derekshell, but Lord Derek and Princess Timothea are believed to be out there somewhere.

Timothea reread this a number of times to make sure she didn't miss anything. Then she thought she should try to find "Hate." It now made sense why Shelly wouldn't believe her when she said Nickodeemus was bad. She found what she was looking for two days later.

Hate Between Two

By Giselle Rivionis Bakque

Regina Bailey Hallett James had never really liked Nick Cappers Deemus. It all started in 8th grade when they had to work together to bake a pizza. Nick thought he knew everything and Regina did know all. They clashed badly and Regina hated him and Nick disliked Regina. And I don't blame her. This hate went on, even when Kendrick enters their lives.

After Derek Hallett had Nick dismissed, Nick joined Pastor Kendrick and the Assimilated. People still believe that it was Nick, not Kendrick, who killed Derek, Nick really wanted to kill Regina but Derek got in the way and was killed. After this anyone with the last name Deemus was not allowed in the Realm. The Realm was even moved.

The Deemus clan had stayed loyal to Pastor Kendrick, till Nickodeemus claimed to have seen the light. He some how found the Realm and asked to be let back in. Soon after rejection, war broke out and the Royals were killed.

I know that I like Mitch Hopper. I know how I feel. And I know he likes me, hee, hee.

Timothea couldn't get the last part to decode. But she had the real information that she needed. The Realm was Assimilated. She was the only one who was not Assimilated. That's why her mother wanted her to get out of here.

"I know why everyone doesn't use magic. They are programmed to think they know magic. That's why Shelly sounds like she has words put into her mouth. I've gotta find that Derek dude."

"No. I have found you first."

Chapter Seven

Timothea's first thought was that Nickodeemus had found her. She wheeled around in her chair. Standing behind her was a dark figure. He stepped into the light he looked like the pictures of King Derek Hallett she had found. Well excepted this guy had blond hair that curled in some places. Also he wasn't too tall. Shelly was taller than this guy was. This guy was only slightly taller than Timothea.

"Derek?" Timothea asked timidly.

"Where have you been? Didn't you know not to leave Earth? Oh, yes you were only a baby, but didn't you know not to get on the plane? Has Nickodeemus waved us hands in your face yet?"

"No! I haven't a clue what so ever is going on here. All I know is what I've read. Who do you think you are that you can talk to me like that?" Timothea snapped back.

"Well, aren't you a little princess. I'm Derek. Now are you happy. You spent too much time in merry old England, huh?" Derek asked, and grabbed Timothea's hand. Before Timothea could snatch it away they were floating above the Realm. "Since I've found you I think its high time that you take your place as Queen and we take back what is ours."

"Well, smart aleck, there is only two of us and billions of them!" Timothea yelled at him in his face. It had been along time since she could talk to someone in the face.

"There's a resistance living in 1965. Now that I've found you, we can fight. We can't fight without our Queen," Derek informed her and walked over to a door that was floating in mid air. It was marked 1965. Timothea found this a little strange, but a lot of things had been odd and out of place since she had left England.

"Queen? Me?" Timothea asked.

"Yes. You've been a queen since you were six months old. But not the Queen of England," Derek told her, and walked into 1965. Timothea followed.

Chapter Eight

Timothea stood on a grassy hill in the English countryside. She hadn't been home to England in over a year. She had been in 1965, helping Derek plan for the coming war. Derek was determined to get he Realm back and get the Assimilated out. Timothea had had little time to look around and enjoy herself in a long time. Now on the hill alone she could. She remembered the last time she had been on a hill like this. Aunt Jane, Uncle Tom, and Timothy would take vacations to the hills. The hill Timothea was standing on was where her father and Duke Derek had been killed and also Derek Hallett. Many others had been killed on the hill. Derek VI called it The Hill of Death.

"So are you having a moment?" asked a funny looking bird that landed on Timothea's knee when she sat down.

"What are you?" Timothea asked. She had never seen a bird like this one. Let alone one that could talk.

"I'm a modified Giggle Bird. Whipped out by Kendrick, or so he thought. Tim Flann had been a Giggle Bird and kept us alive," the little white bird said.

"And you are here because?"

"Hee, hee, hee, hee. To spy. I'm so small I can go and do anything in the spying thing," the bird giggled. And with that the Giggle Bird took off into the sky. He was giggling of course as he flew away. That's what Giggle Birds do. They giggle instead of chirp.

Timothea stood up and brushed herself off. She walked down the hill and headed for the castle where the Rebellion was located. They had just come here today and took it over and proclaimed war on the Nickodeemus and the Realm. Word around was that Pastor Kendrick was shocked. Kendrick thought all the Royals were dead and there was no living person who was not Assimilated.

The Giggle Bird returned from his mission, he told them all that Pastor Kendrick had proclaimed war on Nickodeemus too. Kendrick's reasons: breach of contract.

"What might the contract be?" Timothea asked the little bird.

"What do I look like, hee, hee, hee, a book? Ha! Me a book!"

Timothea rolled her eyes. She walked over to the computer and began clicking around. The Assimilated who had been there had left the computer. From the Assimilated's computer system she hacked into Pastor Kendrick's system. She found a file marked "The Pact." She opened it and read it.

I, Nickodeemus, pledge my family's loyalty to you, Pastor Kendrick. Just like my father's before me, I give you full control of the Realm. I will act as leader. I will tell you if and when one of the Royals returns. If I fail, my people and I will suffer.

X Nickodeemus

X Pastor Kendrick

"Yo! Derek! Come look at this! This is why Pastor Kendrick proclaimed was on Nickodeemus!" Timothea yelled. Her voice echoed around the room them thought the halls of the castle. Derek was bound to hear her. He did and came running in and read what Timothea had found.

"I knew those Cappers were bad blood. I bet it was the first Nick that killed my great-great-great grandfather," Derek mumbled when he was finished reading.

"You know what?" Timothea asked slowly. "Maybe we can make a pack with Kendrick."

"What? Are you Assimilated?" Derek asked, turning her chair around so she could face him.


"Then why do you want to work with the enemy?"

"Because, then we'd have the help of the Assimilated. Kendrick is mad at Nickodeemus and proclaimed war on Nickodeemus, not us. He just might help us. He wants to get Nick as much as we do," Timothea explained, as Derek looked her in the eye.

When he had made sure she wasn't Assimilated he said, "Do you think they'd help us?"

Timothea nodded. Derek raised a brow. Timothea nodded again.

Chapter Nine

Pastor Kendrick sat in a chair facing Timothea and Derek. He sat there looking at them for the longest time. Timothea wondered what was going through his head. Was he planning to Assimilate them or just kill them off? Timothea began to squirm. She hoped the plan would work. However, Kendrick hadn't said anything since Derek had told him why they had come to see him. He just sat there looking at them.

"You risked your lives to ask my help?" he finally asks.

"Yes, sir," Derek said.

"Duh," Timothea said, and Derek sent her a look. Pastor Kendrick looked amused.

"You're a lot like Tim. However, I don't think he talked to adults like that," Kendrick said. "But, back to why you came. The Deemus clan needs to be taught a lesson. But when the war is fought and over what are we going to do?"

"Live side by side in peace," Derek said before Timothea could open her mouth.

"Oh, what a noble dream, dear Derek. A noble dream that may never be," Kendrick said.

"But, sir, it would be a first in the history of the world. We will live in the Realm and you will live on Earth with the Assimilated," Derek explained.

"But, what will we do with the Assimilated living in the Realm?" Kendrick asked.

Derek took a deep breath. They had known this question would be asked. Timothea knew what would be done with the Assimilated living in the Realm. They would be handed over to Kendrick. They would become part of Kendrick's Assimilated, controlled by Kendrick instead of Nickodeemus. No one knew how to un-assimilated people. The last person who knew how to do this was Tim. Tim was long gone, as was the need to un-assimilate people. Until now. But no one knew. So the Assimilated living in the Realm would have to either be killed or turned over to Pastor Kendrick. Derek and Timothea had decided they would just turn over the people to Kendrick.

"So, how would you get the people to leave? And what about Derekshell?" Pastor Kendrick asked.

"Shelly has been dead since she was seven months old, sir. She died when Nickodeemus found her and made her part of the Assimilated," Derek replied.

"And you would just program the Assimilated living in the Realm to think they always lived on Earth. Just erase all knowledge of the Realm, just like Nickodeemus erased all knowledge of the Royals and the old Realm," Timothea explained.

Kendrick was silent for awhile. He sat in his big chair and looked at them.

"So, do you agree?" Derek asked after awhile.

Kendrick turned his chair around to face the big window behind him.

"Tim, Derek, and Regina killed me, or so they thought. Regina came from a good family. The Bailey's were very active in my church. I never liked Tim. He giggled too much and never listened and was always running around like a mad man. Derek was okay. That was until he caused Regina some great pain. She forgave him, but I didn't. I started assimilating people to get Derek. I would create a powerful people to get that Derek. He had lusted in church and must pay! But Tim and never Regina. Derek roped them and the youth of the world into fighting against me. Soon I forgot why I had started out. I just wanted to kill Derek, Tim, but never Regina or the rest of them. He roped them in to trying to kill me. They did this twice. No, make that three. Tim gave me a heart attack. Then Regina had the Assimilated kill me. Finally they all shot me with their rings. Each time I lived. But Derek still had to pay. I had to find their new Realm. So I poisoned Nick Cappers mind and he helped me. With him causing trouble I was able to start a war and kill Derek. I killed him, not Nick Cappers. However, this caused Regina more pain then when he lusted. Then, Nick joined me and all his family wanted to get back at the Flann's and James's for kicking them out," Kendrick said, then stopped. He suddenly turned around and faced them. "I'm over three hundred years old. Machines keep me alive. I've lived through a lot. And to see you two in front of me is beyond words. I see now that I need to change my ways. I feel so terrible for what I did to Regina. To make it up I will sign this deal with you. I know she hated Nick Cappers and now I know it was for good reasons."

Timothea stood in shock. Derek pulled out the deal and it was signed. Pastor Kendrick turned back around and they left. The course of history was changed that day.

Chapter Ten

The war went on for a year. Nickodeemus and his people fell. Most of the war was fought on the grassy hill in England where the other wars between the Assimilated and the Realm had been fought. After the wars end, Nickodeemus was assimilated and the Assimilated living in the Realm were reprogrammed and transported to Earth. Kendrick was true to his world. The Realm and the Assimilated lived side by side in peace. They even traded goods with each other.

Timothea Flann was 17 years old when she took the thorn and became Queen Timothea Hallett Flann. Derek was 25 when he took his place as Duke Derek Rivionis James VI. They restored order and slowly life in the Realm went back to what it was when the original Royals had run of the place. They both lived happily ever after, or so it was written