When the World Fell to Pastor Kendrick

Chapter One

Regina looked around the room. In the last 24 hours a lot had happened. At first the day had been normal. Till she went to church. She had met Katie and Jason at the door. Instead of going to Sunday school and service, Katie said they needed to go downstairs to fellowship hall. The three of them headed down. The whole congregation was down there walking around like zombies saying, "La, la, la, la," to the tune of Mary had a Little Lamb.

"Join in, but don't look at Pastor Kendrick. Actually, don't go near him," Katie warned, then disappeared into the crowd.

Jason vanished, so Regina joined in. She felt extremely stupid walking around like a zombie. She did this for what felt like forever till Katie came up and dragged her out of the room.

"We've lost Jason. He's been assimilated. We gotta find Derek," Katie said, dragging Regina down the hall.

Regina was a little confused. She asked Katie what might be going on. Katie said that Pastor Kendrick has assimilated almost all the adults and children under eleven. Only the youth group wasn't assimilated, but some had fallen. The only kind of assimilation' that Regina knew of was in Star Trek. Katie said that it was sort of like that. It still didn't make any sense to Regina as they beat on the Hallett's door. Mr. Hallett opened the door saying, "La, la, la, la." Katie and Regina brushed passed him and walked into the house. As they passed the living room Regina saw Pastor Kendrick doing these strange hand movement in front of Mrs. Hallett's face.

"What's he doing?" Regina asked.

"Quiet! He's assimilating her," Katie hissed, pulling Regina up the stairs. "We gotta leave now."

Regina was about to ask, "Then why are we going upstairs?" but Katie swung open a door. On the bed sat Derek saying, "La, la, la, la." However, he didn't have the glazed over look in his eyes that the zombies had. His eyes darted around the room with a worried look in them. They kept looking at Tim, his brother, who was sitting in front of him crying and waving his arms like a mad man.

"Kendrick half assimilated him," he cried over and over.

Katie pushed him over a little, and they both began to wave their arms in front of Derek's face. Soon there was a bright light that knocked them all over. When Regina sat up a little, Tim was hugging Derek, while Derek tried to push him off.

"Tim stop," Katie said. "Derek, we need to leave. Jason, Brandon, and both Lynnettes are assimilated. I think we should leave for the Realm now."

"Brandon?! Brandon was assimilated?!" Derek yelled, pushing Tim off of him. "I agree. But how are we going to get the computer system working without Brandon?"

"We'll worry about that later," Katie said, walking over to the window. She opened it. Tim by now had picked himself up off the floor. Regina was still on the floor. Derek walked over and helped her up. He led her over to the window. He then proceed to jump out the open window.

"AHHHHHHH! Why did he do that?!" Regina screamed.

"Patience is a virtue," Katie said. Tim nodded.


Instead of giving her an answer they pushed her out the window. However, instead of falling two floors down to the ground, she was free- falling down a black hole. She looked up to see Tim and Katie falling after her.

"What is this?!" Regina yelled.

"Have Derek tell you," Tim said, and turned his head to Katie. "Katie, why do I have to be paired up with her? Couldn't I have gotten stuck with Lynnette? We could have unassimilated her. Derek would have been happy to have"

"Tim, what's done is done. Your mate is your mate," Katie said.

"Huh?" Regina asked.

"Have Derek yell you," they replied and pushed her head hard down the hole. She must have knocked herself out because now she was lying in a bed in a room that looked like hers. Yet, it couldn't be her room because it had a large bay window. Her room didn't have bay window. But, with the way things were going today there was no telling what might happen. Plus, she had always wanted a bay window. She rolled over and looked in the open closet. All the clothes she could ever want were in it.

Strange, she thought, sitting up.

"REGINA! Regina! Are you up?" yelled a voice from outside that sounded like Derek's.

Regina wondered over to the window. She was now sure that this room wasn't hers. It wasn't messy enough to be hers. She could actually walk over to the window and not fall over any boxes, trip over any hangers, scatter piles of paper, or step in any piles of cloths. She made her way over to the open window and looked out. The sun was shinning and it lit up the gigantic houses that lined the street. Each house was different and had mail boxes with gold printed names on them. Regina looked down to see Derek standing in the front yard.

"What?" she asked.

"Would you mind coming down here?" Derek asked.

Regina didn't so she came down. She met Derek. Tim and Katie soon joined them.

"We need to head back and get more people. Last night we picked up Giselle and her mate," Katie reported.

"Mate?" Regina asked. "What is this mate business?"

"Well" Derek trailed off.

Katie rolled her eyes and said, "Your mate is the person you will recreate with. We came up with this plan when we built the Realm. Human kind will have to go on and we didn't want any fighting. Also it is easier. No dating."

"No love," Regina said.

"Everyone had a mate. I got Derek. You got Tim and Giselle has that Justin character," Katie explained.

"It all sucks if you ask me," Tim mumbled.

"Mates?" Regina asked again. Katie looked quickly around. Derek stared at the ground looking sad.

"Whatever, but then Tim made the mistake of telling her John might be assimilated," Katie snorted.

"He might be!" Tim cried in defense.

Katie rolled her eyes and went on, "Now she's huddled in a ball crying. Regina, go drag her into the Bak house. Tim and I are going to go back and retrieve more people. Most of the youth have been assimilated. We might be able to unassimilated them, but it's iffy."

Derek nodded. Katie and Tim raised their hands, jumped, and were gone. Just like that. They were gone. Regina didn't understand this a bit.

"How did they do that?" Regina wanted to know.

Derek turned his head and said, "Patience is a virtue, Regina."

Regina gave him a confused evil look, but he just smiled his little smile of his. He pushed her over into the street. He guided her over to Giselle, who was huddled in a ball sobbing away. Standing near by, looking confused, was Justin Balzindone. He was a dude from school that lived near Giselle. He was still in his pajamas.

"It's you!" Justin cried, pointing at Derek. "You're smart! You tell me what I'm doing here!"

Derek gave him a look of revulsion and began to mumble. He dragged Giselle over to the Bak house. She kicked and screamed the whole way, blaming Derek for all her misfortune. Giselle didn't like Derek too well. Justin followed him asking his stupid question the whole way. He asked it over and over like a broken record. Regina was surprised Derek didn't turn and blow up in Justin's face. Regina watched them from the street. She figured Derek would come back sometime. She had stood there for quiet some time when people began to fall out of the sky. Some she knew some she didn't.

Chapter Two

Everything had settled down. Tim and Katie had basically grabbed anyone who was not assimilated. They had grabbed too many people, so some of the youth had to give up their houses. The Realm had been built to hold the youth group. But with all the extra people the Hallett boys and Katie gave up their houses and moved in with Regina. As it turned out, John had not really been assimilated. He, his sister Claire, Justin, and Giselle lived together in the Bak house. After all the houses were filled, there was only one person without a house. It was Nick Cappers. But he was smart enough to build his own little shack at the edge of the Realm.

Life in the Realm was easy. There was no school. Instead they went to Learning Lab for three hours a day. They signed up in blocks so they could all go. The Learning Lab was a building with a bunch of computers linked up to the Realm's main computer system. Each person learned' by plying on programs. It was like a total sub for a teacher.

"Regina! Regina Bailey! Get down here! We're going to miss our slot! Again!" Tim yelled from downstairs. "I'm leaving! NOW!"

Regina ran down stairs, but Tim was already out the door. She grabbed her coat and ran out the door. Tim wasn't too far ahead. She began to run to catch up the Tim. She had almost caught up with TimBOOM! Regina fell to the ground. A hand was offered to her. She took it and looked to see whom she had run into. She saw John standing there with a smile on his face.

"Late to Lab again?" he asked.

"How'd you guess?" Regina asked, slapping her forehead. She looked for Tim. No Tim. She looked around for Giselle. "Where's Giselle?"

"She started acting assimilated again. I think it might be one of her jokes," John said, walking away.

"Why don't you take her Andy?" Regina asked, catching up with him.

"'Cause Andy's a crackpot doctor."

"Naw. He's not a crackpot."

John rolled his eyes and let Regina into the Learning Lab. They had assigned computers so they wouldn't fight. Tim was seated at her assigned computer.

"Move it, Tim," Regina said, walking up behind him.

"No way. You're late. You get to use my computer," Tim replied.

"I don't wanna use yours. Yours always brakes or gets viruses," Regina complained, sitting down at Tim's computer. John just laughed at her and walked over to his computer.

"That's why I want to use your computer. I want to spend my time learning, not rebuilding," Tim said.

"Tim? Want's to learn? Can this be so?" Regina teased, starting up the computer. All of a sudden the sound of death music sounded, the screen whet white, and a skull head appeared on the screen. "Shoot."

Tim laughed at her and she went about trying to get ride of the virus that had made its way into the computer. Suddenly the skull vanished on its own and a picture of Pastor Kendrick that began to talk replaced it.

"I've found you Tim Hallett! I know where you all are! I'll get you and that brother of yours. But don't worry I'll get your brother first. I will!" the picture yelled over and over till Regina figured out how to get it to shut up. She then loaded it onto a disk. When she turned her chair around, Tim was standing behind her. He was as white as a ghost. He then totally freaked out. He fell to the floor and began muttering more non-sense than usual.

"There's something wrong with Tim," John said, walking up. "I think it's worse than usual."

"I think I'll drag him down to see Andy. Give this to Katie," Regina said, handing John the disk. She then grabbed Tim's arms.

"Which one?" John asked, taking the disk.

"That's a stupid question," Regina grumbled, dragging Tim to the door. "Katie Cronieson is part of the Assimilated."

"So Katie Ledto?"

Regina didn't honor that question with an answer. She dragged Tim down to the building set aside for a hospital. Andy Brain was the doctor. He was only 18, but he had been assimilated. Before he was unassimilated, he had a bunch of medical knowledge downloaded into his brain. This was why he was the doctor.

"I think we'll put him into the Brain Machine," Andy said after Regina had told him what was wrong with Tim. This was all after Tim had stopped screaming long enough for Regina to be heard. Andy thought a moment after he had announced he was going to put Tim into that machine before he added, "It'll tell us what's the brain's doing."

Regina didn't want to hear the details, so she vacated and walked down the ward. She spotted Lynnette Reaya lying in a bed saying, "La, do, do, la, pa." Lynnette had been assimilated. Derek and Regina had been given the job of un-assimilating her. She was then sent to live with Andy and Lynnette Rivionis, Danielle Ansesssers, and Annette Dexterous. Living with them could make anyone nuts.

"Regina! Regina! Tim's not going to Lab! If you want to walk with me, come now! Regina!" Derek yelled from downstairs.

"I'm coming Derek Hallett!" Regina yelled, and dashed downstairs. Derek had already left so Regina ran out the door to catch up with him. He was waiting on the front lawn for her. Together they walked to Learning Lab. Once there, Katie called Regina over to her computer. Derek wasn't allowed to come.

"Since he was assimilated, he could have a major relapse like Tim," Katie explained.

"But Tim was never assimilated," Regina pointed out.

"But Tim is Tim," Katie replied. "Pastor Kendrick has found our computer system but I think we might be safe. He might not find the Realm."

"Nope," John said, walking up to them. "I took Giselle to see Andy and when he put her in that brain thingy he found a chip that was traced to Pastor Kendrick's place on Earth. It was activated when Lynnette Reaya majority relapsed."

Katie shut off the computer. She got up and left the Lab. Regina found Derek told him what had happened and they went after her. However, when they got outside and into the street, Katie was no where to be seen. As they stood there looking around for where Katie could have gone, Brandon fell out of the sky.

Chapter Three

Derek and Regina jumped back away from Brandon. He slowly stood up and brushed himself off. He then looked up at them, smiled, and said, "Hi!"

"I thought you were assimilated!" Derek yelled.

"Oh, no. I totally feigned it. I'm just so knowledgeable. Therefore, I did," Brandon bragged and continued, "I made my way up through the different types of assimilation. I was the first to reach the highest one. Kendrick's got out whole town under that one. The whole world's at least under the first one. But with the highest one you no longer have people walking around, "la, la, laing." They lead normal lives except they lead lives Kendrick's chosen. They basically so his dirty work. He's programmed their every word and move. I helped him in the programming but I got bored. Therefore, I escaped. Word around is that you've got peoples with chips in their brains, and a Kendrick bug in your computers."

"Yeah, I don't know what we'll do. I'll think we'll vacate the joint," Derek said nonchalantly.

"Vacate? How will we do that?" Regina asked, wondering at the same time if Derek really knew what he was doing.

"Patience is a virtue, Regina," Derek said with a little smile spreading across his face.


Regina never got an answer, however. Derek and Brandon walked off talking about a new computer system for the Realm. Regina headed back to the house. Tim would be there recovering. He was really out of it. The brain thing did him in. It was like he was no longer Tim.

"Regina! Hurry! Get out of bed!" Tim yelled, banging on the door.

Regina rolled out of bed. She walked over to her closet and flung it open. No sooner had she done this her door flew open. She turned to see Derek rush in and he grabbed her arm. He proceed to drag her outside. People were running around screaming. The Assimilated were falling out of the sky. Houses were blowing up. Derek was pulling Regina along when the house next door to theirs blew up. The explosion sent them flying thought the air. Derek never let go of Regina. They landed on the ground and a second later the noise stopped. Regina sat up and looked around. She and Derek were floating above the Realm.

"What's going on?" Regina demanded, standing. Well, she tried. It really didn't feel like standing. There was no ground to stand on.

"Kendrick's come back to take all the people with chips in their heads. You, me, Katie, Tim, Lynnette Rivionis, and that Nick Cappers don't have them. Kendrick can't find us without them, I think," Derek explained.

"You think?!"

"Well, I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure."

Regina would have asked for some more detail, except Katie, Tim, Lynnette, and Nick popped up. They just floated there in silence as the Assimilated army destroyed parts of the Realm and sent people up into a transport tube. Regina spotted John, carrying Giselle, get sucked into the tube. As they watched the last Assimilated leave they went back down to pack their bags and leave. For good.

"Where might we be going?" Regina asked.

Derek didn't answer. Nick began to mumble how pointless this all was, and Tim grabbed onto Regina's arm.

"I'm gonna die," he kept muttering, "Don't let me die. I'll be good."

Regina dragged Tim out of the house after she had packed their bags. She walked to the middle of the street and waited for everyone else. When they were all ready, Derek transported them up above the Realm again. He and Katie mumbled some words and the Realm was destroyed. Derek then turned and began walking. The rest of them followed silently. They walked and walked and walked. Regina lagged behind the rest of them because of Tim was still clinging to her arm. He still strongly believed if he let go he would die. Even though Regina complained, Derek kept walking till they came to a door marked 1965. It was a regular door, except for the fact it was floating in space. Regina would have asked "Why?" but she knew Derek would just tell her, "Patience is a virtue." She was in no mood to hear that again.

"Why the hell is that door floating in the air," Nick ordered, and Derek and Katie gave him a cold look that said, "What? Are you stupid?"

"Well, I would like to know, too," Lynnette said timidly.

Katie's face softened. Derek's face got colder.

"You know it's not everyday we see a door floating in mid air. We just want to know why," Regina said, trying to shake Tim off her arm. It didn't work.

Derek's face softened and he said, "This door leads to the year 1965. Sort of like a time continuum. They are scattered all over. This on leads to 1965. Um, Regina, didn't your mom's family move out of the house on, um, on Cherry Street in 1965?"


"Well, my plan is to go there till I figure out what to do."

"GOD! We're gonna be sitting ducks! This is a waste of time!" Nick complained, throwing his arms in the air. Regina saw Katie clench her fists and Derek shake his head. He then turned and opened the door and led them into 1965.

Chapter Four

Derek bought the house over on Cherry Street. It was a small house with three small bedrooms. Nick, Derek, and Tim were to share a room. Yet, Tim still insisted on staying with Regina. He now didn't insist on clinging to her, never less she always had to be in sight. So, unfortunately, Tim slept on the floor of Regina's room, which happened to be the smallest room. Also, unfortunately for Regina, Lynnette fell in love with the toy closet in that room. She made it her own little room, so Katie had a room to herself.

They had only been there a few weeks when Derek announced they were leaving. This was because he had gotten word from Brandon that there was another Realm thingy. When Nick asked how Derek could have contact with Brandon, Derek gave him the answer he answered most of their questions with. Nick almost bit off Derek's head. Never less, they all left. However, once they got there, Katie, Nick, Lynnette, Tim, and Regina didn't want to go down. Regina felt there was something fishy with the new Realm. But, Derek grabbed Regina, so Tim grabbed Regina, so the three of them went down. Regina was sure there was something up when everyone was waiting for them in a circle. They had known they were coming. From the look in their eyes they were part of the Assimilated.

"Derek, I think we should go," Regina whispered.


"I'm leaving. Tim, raise your hand," Regina told him, his hand shot up, and they soon found themselves floating above the new Realm.

"What's going on down there?" Katie asked.

"I think they are all assimilated," Tim said. "And we left my brother down there!"

Tim began to wail, Katie began to yell at Regina for leaving Derek down there, Nick began to laugh at Tim as he floated there crying, and Lynnette did a little dance of joy in honor of Derek being in trouble. They all froze when two bright balls of light flew past them. The balls flew down into the new Realm and came back up. They then turned into John and Giselle.

"Giselle, we talked about this. Let him go," John said.

"No. I don't have to if I don't wanna," Giselle replied, tossing a clear ball in the air and then catching it. At closer inspection, Regina saw that Derek was in the ball.

"Giselle! You HAVE to let him out!" Regina squealed.

"Um, no," Giselle said. "I think I'll keep him right here."

"NO!" Tim wailed, throwing himself at Giselle. However, Giselle jumped and Tim just fell on his face. It didn't hurt because he was floating in space.

Giselle and John continued to ague. The realm' below them slowly began to blow up. At the same time, Giselle held the ball with Derek in it over the exploding realm.' She then had the nerve to threaten to drop it. Tim lost it at this point. His cries turned to screams. Lynnette and Nick chanted, "Drop it! Drop it!" over and over. Katie attempted to talk some sense into Giselle. It didn't work, so John grabbed Regina and all of a sudden she was in a little clear ball. He also held it out over the realm.' Regina could see what was going on but she couldn't hear a thing. After what seemed like forever, Giselle suddenly threw the ball containing Derek at Nick. Nick failed to catch it so it broke. John threw Regina at Lynnette, who also failed to catch it.

Chapter Four

"This is so stupid. Why can't we all just go back and face that Kendrick guy? This is so dumb," Nick complained as they walked back to 1965.

"I'm sick of this!" Katie screamed. She turned around, opened her hand, and mumbled some words. Out of Nick's mouth came a small black box. Nick tried to talk but nothing came out. "I've got your voice box. Na, na, na, na!"

Except for that, they all walked back to 1965 in silence. That was until they reached the door. Derek said since Nick was the tallest, he'd act as the adult when they re-bought the house. To do this Nick would have to talk. Katie had a simple answer to this. She programmed his voice box to say, "Hello, my name is Nick Smith. I'd like to buy this house. Oh, what a lovely home. How much? Only that much? How about a little less? That'll do. This is a very nice house." That's all Nick could say and in that order. So with Nick acting as the adult, they re-bought the house on Cherry Street and got back into small town life.

After six months, Nick enlisted in the army and went off to Vietnam. He was sick of being around them for they laughed at him every time he talked. He still could only say his limited amount of words. This drove Nick nuts and that caused him to be very unpleasant. He figured if he joined the war effort he could get away from all their giggles. They saw it as a way to get ride of Nick. And they all knew he could say a limited amount of words so when Tim told them what happened when Nick enlisted they got a kick out of it. It seems that the guy who took Nick's name thought it was "How Much." This made Nick mad, so he began to yell out the other stuff he could say. This kept them all entertained for days on end.

Regina awoke one morning to the sound of giggling. She crawled to the end of the bed and looked down at the floor. Tim was there fast asleep. He giggled in his sleep. He was quite strange in this way.

"GISELLE! Give me the knife!" John's voice bellowed from downstairs.

Regina slipped out of bed and cracked open the door. She saw Derek run up the stairs, into his room, and slam the door. Giselle came running up after him, with a knife in hand.

"NO! He deserves it this time. I'm gonna get him, and get him good!" Giselle shouted down the stairs.

Regina shut the door and turned to see Tim looking at her sleepily.

"Trying to kill Derek again?" he asked. Regina nodded. "I really wish she'd stop. It was funny the first time but now it's just old."

Giselle tried to take Derek's life at least once a day. She never really liked Derek too much. But, why she wanted to kill him was beyond Regina. She saw no grounds to kill the poor guy. He really didn't do anything to her. She just hated him from the bottom of her heart. She saw this as grounds to hunt him down and kill him.

"I'm gonna get him! Get him good!" Giselle yelled and that started the daily yelling match between her and John. Tim crawled back into his makeshift bed and began to giggle again. Regina picked her way across the room. She opened the window and looked down.

"Derek, maybe you should just zap Giselle or something," Regina called down to him.

"Naw. But, this killing thing is getting a tad old," Derek said. "Come on. Let's get going before Giselle figures out I'm not in my room."

"Okay, okay," Regina said, climbing out the window. "I'm surprised she hasn't figured how you get out and we leave."

"Whatever. Hurry up. We might miss the bus to Belleville. Then we'd never get there and we'd be stuck here all day. You do want to go down to Belleville?"

"Yes," Regina said jumping down. "I'm here now."

Derek smiled and they started to the bus. Whenever Giselle tried to kill Derek, Derek and Regina went to Belleville to do stuff. There wasn't too much to do in O'Fallon, which was where they lived. So they went down to Belleville.

They had been living in the house on Cherry Street for ten years. It was now 1975. None of them had aged and Nick wouldn't come back from the war. Derek decided people must have begun to think they were up to something. So they left, and somehow, Derek and Katie turned back the clock to 1965. This, unfortunately, brought Nick out of the war.

"This is a very nice house!" Nick screamed in a tone that most likely meant, "What the hell am I doing here!"

"New program," Katie said slyly.

Now, Nick could only say, "What a lovely home. I want it. Yes. No. What a lovely room. The kitchen is just so cool. Nick Sirs, the lovely." If Nick was mad before, he was raving mad now.

As soon as they re-bought the house, Nick went back to war, only to return a short time later without an arm. After that he just sat in front of the TV in the living room 24 hours a day.

Chapter Six

Regina stood in the kitchen making breakfast. She could hear the TV and giggling. Those were the only sounds till thuds came down the stairs. Giselle ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. John came running in after her.

"Giselle, put it down," he said slowly.

"He lusted! He lusted! He needs to die! Die! Die!" she yelled in his face.

They then began to scream at each other. Everyday they went though the same thing. Regina had had enough. She walked out of the kitchen door and wondered through town all day. At the end of the day she found herself at the old wooden bridge over the railroad tracks. She sat there staring into to space till Derek popped up. He literally popped up.

"Regina, you need to come home," Derek said sitting down next to her.

"I say we just leave. Leave them all. Why should I go home? Why should you go home? Giselle's just always trying to kill you. I have a feeling one-day you'll end up dead because you wouldn't leave. It may not be Giselle but. That's not the point," Regina said.

"Yes, but we all need to stick together. I got a message from Brandon yesterday," Derek said.

"What? How?"

"Patience is a virtue. Any ways please come home. Tim's crying up a storm. Come home," Derek pleaded.

"I'll come home when I'm ready," Regina mumbled and pulled out some grass.

"Fine, but please make it soon," Derek said and placed his hand on her shoulder. When she looked up he was gone.

Regina finally went home early the next morning. She quietly opened the font door. She gazed in the TV room. Nick was sitting in his chair staring blankly at the TV. Tim was fast asleep on the couch. The house was strangely quiet except for the TV. She walked back to the kitchen. Katie was sitting at the table with a cup of tea. She smiled when Regina walked into the kitchen. Regina returned the smile and went about making herself breakfast. As she did this the house exploded with noise.

Derek came running into the kitchen and out the back door with Giselle close behind. John wasn't too far behind. At the same time the sound of glass breaking came from the TV room.

"WHAT A LOVELY ROOM! THE KITCHEN IS SO COOL!" Nick screamed at the top of his lungs. This sent Katie and Regina into the TV room. Tim was laying on the floor, stunned. However, when he saw Regina he jumped up and hid behind her. Nick went on raving. "What a lovely house!" He pointed at the shattered glass and yelled, "I want it!" He then pointed at Tim.

"All I did was sit up and giggle. Nick scared me and I kicked the TV. All because I was scared," Tim whimpered.

"Tim, go to your room. Nick, come here," Katie said calmly.

Regina led Tim to the stairs and pushed him up. When she came back down Katie had Nick's voice box again.

"I'll make you a deal. I'll give you full control of your voice only, and I stress only, if you limit what you say. Deal?" Katie asked, tossing the box up in the air. Nick's eyes followed it.

"Yes! No! Nick Sirs, the lovely! Yes!" Nick cried.

Katie did something to it and handed it to Nick. She turned on her heals and left the room. Nick took his voice box and jammed it down his throat. As he did this, Derek came falling though the front door, knocking Regina over. He helped her up, then ran through the house, and out the door. No sooner had he left, Giselle came running in and John finally caught up with her. John grabbed her and they both fell to the ground.

"Got it!" John yelled, holding up a knife. He pushed Giselle's face into the floor before he stood up. Giselle picked herself up and stormed up to her room. John trotted off to find Derek.

"Timothy Hallett! Let me out!" Lynnette screamed from upstairs.

"That guy just can't stay out of trouble," Nick mumbled and took his spot in front of the broken TV. Tim came running downstairs and out the door. Regina sighed and headed upstairs to let Lynnette out of her closet. Tim generally locked her in it once a week. For reasons unknown to everyone except Tim.

Chapter Seven

"We're leaving," Derek announced one morning.

"No!" Tim wailed, running up to his room.

"Great, he picks now to have a relapse," Derek mumbled, and started up the stairs after Tim. "I'll fix him."

"Fix him?! What?!" Regina asked, and scampered up the stairs after Derek. Who knew what Derek meant when he said he was going to fix Tim?

"We need to calm him down. That's all," Derek said in a tone that meant he was most likely going to beat the living day lights out of Tim.

"What's a relapse any ways?" Regina asked, jumping in front of the door to Tim's room.

"It's when you have a traumatic experience and then suffer from it and then do insane or irrational things or go through withdrawal. Giselle is still in relapse, you had yours when you left meus, Katie had hers when she took Nick's voice box, Nick is still in it, I had mine in the other Realm, and Lynnette hasn't had hers yet. But, Tim had already had his," Derek said, and tried to push pass Regina. "I need to knock him out."

"NO! You'll not be doing that," Regina said, pushing Derek down. He was so shocked that he just stayed there. Regina opened the door, letting herself into the room. There she was Tim curled up on the floor in a ball rocking back and forth.

"Tim?" Regina asked, sitting down next to him.

He looked at her with a tear-stained face and said, "I tried, I tried hard to be strong. I don't wanna leave again. Who knows where Derek will take us? He doesn't know how to build another Realm. He knows Pastor Kendrick knows we're here. I'd prefer to stay here, be caught be Pastor Kendrick and led a life as part of the Assimilated."

"Tim, you don't mean that," Regina said, putting her arm around him.

"Yeah, you're right. But I'm not relapsing. I just need a hug," Tim sniffed and gave Regina a hug, then fell fast asleep. Regina pried his arms off and left the room. Derek was still on the floor in shock. He stayed there all day.

Regina awoke to the sound of nothing. It was dark and Tim should have been giggling. Regina crawled to the end of the bed. Tim was there and he looked dead.

"Tim?" Regina asked quietly.

Like a robot, Tim began screaming. Regina reeled back in shock. Tim continued to scream, getting louder and louder. He never even took a breath. The door flew open and Derek entered the scene. He took one look at Tim, then Regina, then sat down next to Tim. He placed his hands over Tim's face and Tim was silenced.

"What did you do?" Regina asked, falling off the bed and on to the ground.

"You can only wake him," Derek said gravely.

"You're talking crazy again."

"No, I'm not crazy."

"Well, then, how can I wake him?"

"Patience is a virtue."

"See! You are talking crazy!" Regina cried.

"Look at me. Look me in the eye. Patience is a virtue."

Regina looked him straight in the eyes, and those dark blue eyes told her. He hadn't been telling her patience is a virtue. Patience is a virtue was the magic they all used. It was a form of magic. It all fell into place.

"You have it. We all do. See that ring," Derek said, pointing to the silver ring Regina wore, "it'll help you a bit."

Derek stood up and left the room. Regina sat there staring at Tim. He looked like he was sleeping, except he didn't seem to be breathing and he wasn't moving. He was totally stiff. She sat there wonder what she was going to do. She felt someone breathing down her neck. She didn't turn around to see who it was. She knew who it was.

"If you don't revive him in 24 hours, he'll die," Derek whispered.

Regina turned to look at him, except no one was behind her. She turned back to Tim and looked at him. She tried what Derek had done; it didn't work. She tried every way she could think of. None of them worked. She finally just smacked him out of frustration. He sat up and screamed.

"Took ya long enough," he snapped, and curled up on the floor to sleep. Just looking at him made Regina tired. So she climbed back into bed and fell asleep. When she awoke there was no giggling. She crawled to the end of the bed. Tim was gone. Alarmed, Regina went downstairs. She could hear Nick talking about the Vietnam War. She peeked into the TV room. Tim was sitting on the floor intently listening to Nick. She left them there, and she headed to the kitchen. Derek was sitting at the table with a grave look on his face.

"Kendrick took Katie and Lynnette last night," Derek said, without even looking up at her. "Well, and Giselle and John. But Brandon sent me a message saying only Katie and Lynnette arrived. I'm assuming that John and Giselle escaped. I'll wait for them and then we'll leave."

"And where might we be going?" Regina asked, sitting down next to him.

"I don't know. Honest," Derek replied, and looked up at her. He quickly looked back down at the table. He pulled out a little black box and shoved it over to her. Regina opened it. There was a gold chain necklace in it. On the chain was a purple stone.

"What's this for?" Regina asked.

"The stone will protect you from being totally assimilated. Brandon sent it to me. He only gave me one. Nick wouldn't ware it because it was too girly. And, well." Derek trailed off.

"I get it, I think," Regina said and put the necklace on. It began to glow. "Is it suppose to do that?"

"Yeah. That means it's working," Derek said and walked over to the door, pulled it open, and John and Giselle walked in. John handed Derek a note. Giselle left the room. Derek handed the note to Regina.

Dear Derek, Tim, and Regina,

I'll get you! You'll pay! I'm sorry I couldn't get

all of you all, but I'll get you all. I always get my

way! You'll pay Derek! You will!


"What does this mean?" Regina asked, but didn't get an answer. Derek and John had walked off. The only noise was coming from upstairs form Tim and Giselle. They were trying to see who could scream louder.

Chapter Eight

Everyone was in the car. Derek let Nick drive since he was the only one with a driver's license. They drove and drove. Derek suddenly made them stop in a deserted area in Arizona somewhere. He made them all get out of the car then disappeared. With the car of course.

"This is stupid," Nick said after on hour. "Don't any of you know how to get him?"

"Yeah," Tim said, and vanished.

"I'm really not too pleased with those Hallett boys at the moment," John said an hour after Tim disappeared.

"I'm out," Regina said and transported herself back to the house on Cherry Street. She walked into the house. It looked like someone had ransacked the place. Chairs were over turned, the cabinets had been totally emptied, and the beds were stripped. They had not left the house like this. She slowly made her way through the house. She went up to her room and peeked in Lynnette's closet. There was a note held to the wall with a knife. It read:

I'll get you all! All of you!


Regina tore it off the wall. Kendrick knew they left the house. She took the note and sat on the bed. She must have fallen asleep because the next thing she knew she was being dragged down the stairs by two Assimilated men. She tried to scream but nothing came out. She spotted Derek hiding in a bush. He didn't look too happy. Regina tried to scream again but one of the Assimilated guys hit her over the head.

Regina awoke in a round stone room with skinny windows without any glass or curtains. The only thing in the room was the bed she was on. She assumed she was in a castle of some sort. As she sat on the bed a stone in the wall moved and out popped Brandon.

"Regina!" he cried, crawling out. "You're not part of the Assimilated! A couple of days ago Lynnette and Katie were brought here, but they looked Assimilated."

"I can't be Assimilated," Regina said, holding out the necklace.

"Ah, Derek gave it to you. I figured he would."

"You can tell when people are Assimilated?" Regina asked, trying not to think about Derek. Who knows what was going to happen to him? Well, and Tim.


"Why are you crawling around?"

"I'm looking for a way out. I think Kendrick figured me out again. I'm hiding till I find a way out. I'll show it to you when I find it," Brandon said and crawled back into the hole, and replaced the stone.

Regina sat there awhile till she spotted a little white bird sitting in the window. It was a funny looking bird with spiky white hair. It also had a stupid looking grin on its face. Regina didn't think birds could grin. As she looked at it, it began to giggle. Regina stood up and walked over to it.


"Yep!" the little bird squeaked. "I'm a Giggle Bird. I figured out how to morph."

The little bird took flight and flew around the room in circles. Giggling of course.

"Are you nuts!" Regina yelled. "Kendrick's bound to figure out it's you!"

"No. There's tons of Giggle Birds. They just can't talk. Only giggle. I can handle that," the Giggle Bird giggled. "Oh, and one more thing. I lost Derek."


"Yeah, we showed up at the house, you weren't there, so we came looking for you, and half way here Derek just vanished. He just was gone. So I morphed. Giggle Birds are nice and small. That way I can get around and not be come assimilated. Well, off to find Derek before he gets himself assimilated," Tim the Giggle Bird said, and took flight out the window. Regina lay down on the bed and looked at the ceiling. Soon the bar door flew open and Kendrick came in. He stood there glaring at her.

"Where is Derek?" he ordered.

"Huh? What does that have to do with anything?"

"You need to tell me! If you don't you'll end up with him and you need to end up with him! You can't end up with him because you are my heir. You'll have everything I have; yet you can't end up with him. You need to end up with him. Not him, him," Kendrick said, pacing around the room waving his hands around while he talked.

"I have no clue what you are talking about," Regina said.

"Tell me where that vile Derek Hallett is! That way you'll end up with him and not him!" Kendrick yelled.

"NEVER!" Regina yelled in return.

"AHH! It's already happened! Ahhhhhh!" Kendrick screamed, and left the room.

Tim flew in. He waddled over to the bar door. He started down the hall after Kendrick. Regina watched him in horror for a while then ran up to the bar door.

"Where do you think you are going!" Regina hissed after him. He just giggled.

"Come," Kendrick ordered. He was standing in the doorway. Tim the Giggle bird was perched on his shoulder. When Regina didn't get up Kendrick repeated, "Come."

Regina felt someone or something nudge her. She looked behind her and there was nothing there. She rose and followed Kendrick down a series of corridors till they came to a balcony. There was a mass of Assimilated standing in the plaza out in front of the castle. Kendrick began to speak to them in a manor that reminded Regina of Hitler or a Communist leader would have spoke to a group of people. Kendrick told them that Regina was to be his heir. Regina thought this would be a great time to escape. She could go find Brandon and they could get out and then look for Missing Derek. She slowly began to back away. However, she ran in to someone, except there was no one there. She tried again but something grabbed her and turned her around. It held her in place till Kendrick wanted her to come up and stand next to him. This freaked her out a little bit.

Chapter Nine

Two Assimilated men carried Regina down to a boat. They tossed her in to it. She was sure someone got into the boat after her. However no one was too be see. The boat just rocked a bit. Kendrick must have see this too, because he waved his hand through all the open space in the little boat. He didn't find anything. He told the men to get going, and they jumped into the liquid and began to pull the boat.

"Don't try to swim for it. This river is made of pure liquid nitrogen," Kendrick warned. "The Assimilated can be programmed to resist."

The little boat stopped in a little inlet in the river. On the shore there was a little cottage. The Assimilated men picked her up and dumped her on the shore. They left with the boat. Regina was sure she had lost her mind. She was sure there was someone standing next to her as she watched the little boat leave.

Regina sat one evening watching TV. The TV the Assimilated watched was so corny. It made no sense. Usually it was Pastor Kendrick droning on and on about one thing and another. She glanced around the room. She knew someone was there with her. She could hear it around the house at night. She sat there acting like Nick, till she heard a loud crash in the other room. She jumped up and ran into the other room.

"I knew someone was here!" she yelled into the empty room. She stood there for awhile then she heard it.


Now she had gone mad. She was hearing things. She walked out of the room and sat in front of the TV. She sat there looking at it blankly. Slowly legs began to appear in front of the screen. She looked at the shoes. Those shoes. She knew those shoes. Only one person she knew had those shoes. Derek.

"Derek! You're not lost!" Regina yelled, jumping up. She ran over to him as he jumped off the TV. She threw her arms around him. It had been so long since she had seen a real human. And this was one she knew well.

"Nice to see you too," Derek answered, returning her hug. "I was never lost. I found you before Tim did. By the way were is Tim?"

Regina pulled away and looked him in the eyes. "You don't know where Tim is?"

"Nope. I've been here with you."

"Then how" she stopped and looked at the TV. Kendrick was on it giving another speech to the Assimilated. And wouldn't you know it. Little Giggle Bird Tim sat on his lap.

"Assimilated peoples! I know my enemies Derek and Tim are among me. They threaten my heir and me. We will need to find them. The sooner the better," Kendrick said.

"Is that Tim?" Derek asked, looking down at the TV.


"How stupid can he get?" Derek asked, and vanished.

"Hey! Where are you going? Don't leave me here alone," Regina wined as she sat back down in the chair. She looked back at the TV. Soon the Giggle Bird floated out of Kendrick's lap and out the door.

"What the- Yeah! I don't wanna leave! I was having fun!" The Giggle Bird cried.

"That's" Kendrick gasped, clutching his heart. "That's. Derek."

Kendrick fell out of his chair and on to the floor. Regina sat there.

"Great. Tim made Kendrick have a heart attack."

Within days of Kendrick's heart attack, the Assimilated men came back and took Regina back to the castle. They threw Regina into a room with a bunch of computers, and they locked the door. Soon Derek appeared with the Giggle Bird Tim.

"What are we going to do?" Regina asked, studying Derek's face.

"First, you will take Tim. Here," Derek said, handing the little white bird to her. "Then I'm going to jump out this here window."

Before she could ask him why, he jumped out the window. Regina let Tim the Giggle Bird go. She told him to go find Brandon. Tim was happy to go. He waddled out of the room to find Brandon. Soon Derek returned with Nick. Nick looked a bit bewildered.

"What do we need him for?" Regina questioned. Nick was one of the last people she wanted to see.

"He had a brain. Where's Tim?" Derek asked.

"I sent him out to find our brainchild," Regina replied.

"What? Huh? But" Nick stammered, but there was a knock on the door. They all froze as Regina walked over to the door. There was a sudden giggling noise. Derek stalked over to the door and pulled it open. Regina looked out to see Tim and Brandon.

"Look what I found!" Brandon exclaimed, holding up a book titled Way to Work the Assimilated's Computer System. Derek grabbed it and flipped through it.

"What should we do," Derek mumbled as he looked through the book.

"Turn the Assimilated on Kendrick!" Tim and Regina said together.


"I thought Kendrick was dead?" Nick asked.

"No. He's just incapacitated," Tim said proudly. "I found a place to use that word. Big words make you sound smart."

Regina rolled her eyes. Derek, Nick, and Brandon decided to make everyone stop doing Kendrick's work. Somehow they would make they do their own work. This all confused Regina so she just let them do whatever.

One day, while Nick, Derek, and Brandon were out, Regina was in the computer room spinning around in a chair. Tim was flying around the room giggling like a mad bird. He then would stop and do a little jig. He was doing his jig in the window when the door flew open. It startled Tim so that he fell out. Regina stopped spinning and looked at who had flung the door open. Kendrick stood in the doorway.

"What in God's name are you doing?!" Kendrick bellowed.

Instead of answering, Regina flung the chair around and typed orders for the Assimilated to kill Kendrick in a near by computer. She did this because in his hands Kendrick had a massive thing that looked like a gun of some sort. Regina had a strange feeling he was going to kill Derek or Tim with that thing.

"What did you just do?!" Kendrick bellowed. "Tell me or I'll shot!"

"I'll hinder"

"You just do that. You hinder."

So, Regina hit the button. Kendrick shot his big old gun at the same time. After this happened the whole world stopped and sunk into a dark period.

Chapter Ten

Regina slowly became aware she was lying in a bed. Sun was pouring in the slits in the walls. She could hear what sounded like a war going on outside. As she opened her eyes she saw Derek standing by one of the slits. He looked really depressed. Regina really didn't want to see him this way. She herself hurt all over and seeing him that way just made her feel worse. So she closed her eyes, as Katie happened to run into the room.

"Derek! You can't spend 24/7 here with her. She's nearly dead. She hasn't come to for like forever! We need your brain in the front. Nick's good, but not rational. Brandon's too rational and by the book," Katie complained.

"I promised it to myself."

"Only to yourself. She won't care."

"I promised it to myself."

"Derek! Duck!" Katie screamed.

Regina's eyes flew open to see a black object come in threw on of the slits in the wall. She looked to see Derek wasn't ducking like he had been told. He ran over and pulled Regina out of the bed right before the black object landed there and exploded.

"Look! She's awake!" Derek cried as he pulled himself off of her. He helped her sit up.

Katie rushed over and hugged her. "We thought you'd never wake up."

Regina nodded. Every part of her ached worse than it had before. She was in no mood to be hugged. Derek must have sensed this because he pulled her out of Katie's grasp.

"I'll just stay here," Regina whispered and fell asleep on the floor. That was where she awoke a couple of hours later. Where the bed had been there was a huge hole. On what was left of the bedpost sat three Giggle Birds. Katie was pacing back and forth in front of the slit window. Brandon came in and told Katie something. Brandon was covered from head to toe in dirt. He also had on a World War One type of army uniform. Katie looked out the window with a blank look. She then turned back around.

"I guess I could leave. Derek can't go. He's finally sleeping," Katie said, and Regina picked herself up off the floor. She could see Derek was asleep in a corner of the room.

"Look!" cried a blue Giggle Bird that sounded like Lynnette Rivionis.

"She's up!" cried a purple Giggle Bird that sounded like Danielle Ansesssers.

Katie turned, Brandon jumped up and down, Derek remained asleep, and Tim flew over and plopped down on Regina's shoulder.

"I unassimilated Lynnette and Danielle. Then I showed them how to morph. Do you feel better?" Tim asked.

Regina nodded.

"Great! Then we can send you to get John and Giselle. Our side needs more people for the war effort," Tim said.

"Yes! That's it!" Katie exclaimed and left the room. The Giggle Birds Lynnette and Danielle followed her.

"War effort?" Regina asked.

"After the Assimilated killed Kendrick, the Youth were unassimilated but the adults and children under eleven stayed loyal to Kendrick and made war on the Youth. Political reasons I was told. I just think that the Assimilated like not having to make their own choices. But we Youth like to make our own choices. But this war is really killing us. We're loosing people left and right," Tim explained, waving his wings around.

It was agreed to give Derek some more sleep so Regina would go back to 1965 and retrieve John and Giselle. Brandon gave her directions on how to get back to 1965, but to be on the safe side she took Tim the Giggle Bird with her.

When they arrived they were in shock. There was a small town in the place where before there had been nothing. Tim explained that Derek had given John and Giselle a house but he didn't know where the rest of the stuff had come from. Tim led the way to the house that Derek had supplied. Giselle opened the door. Regina explained why she was there and what she wanted.

"Do you really need John?"


"That means I have to find him," Giselle wined.


"I kicked him out long ago. John was being annoying. Sort of like that giggling bird on your shoulder," Giselle said, eyeing up the bird on Regina's shoulder.

"You kicked him out?!" Regina yelled over the giggles from the bird on her shoulder, which fell off in a giggling fit.

"Yeah. I'll go see if I can find him," Giselle said and shut the door. A minute later she came back. "He'll catch up."

Chapter Eleven

"Derek! Wake up!" John yelled in Derek's face. Derek woke up with a start. "You up? Good. We're going to find a new Realm. Don't speak. Just come with me. This war is totally pointless. Can you stand?"

"Yeah," Derek grumbled. He stood up and followed John out the window.

They were gone ten days in which the Youth lost more ground and people. Nick wouldn't let the army rest. He spent every minute he could spare reading all the war books he could get his hands on. He then would tell everyone about them and try to get them to do the things that were in the books. Everyone was happy when Derek returned and said they had found a new Realm. All the Youth left at once. They didn't care what happened to the Assimilated. There were rumors that Kendrick was still alive. Katie felt the sooner they left the better. So, they left with all the Youth that were still left. Going to the new Realm Lynnette and Danielle made Tim change back into a human. Tim really wanted to stay a Giggle Bird. However, everyone felt it would be better if he was human again.

In the new Realm life got back to normal. Well, except for the life Nick now led. He got kicked out of the Realm. He was obsessed with war. There wasn't any need for that in the Realm. So, one day Nick just made war on the Realm. For no reason other than to have a war. After this happened, Nick was locked up and the Youth felt they needed a ruling body to protect them. Thus the Royals were born. Derek became the king, Tim became the duke, and the rest of them were just parts of the court. Life went on peacefully till Kendrick broke Nick out of the room he was locked in and a major war took place between the Youth and the Assimilated. During this war Kendrick or Nick killed Derek. No one is really sure which one killed him. Tim became king at this point and Regina took over the role of being duke.

As for Giselle, Lynnette, Katie, and John, well, Tim married Lynnette, Giselle and John got married and spend their days yelling at each other, and Katie leads a quiet life with her husband in the mountains. Regina had been married to Derek, but Derek got killed. So as Derek remains dead, Tim and Regina rule over the Realm. As for Nick, after he was officially annexed, he became the head of the war department for Pastor Kendrick and the Assimilated. This would causes more problems later.