"Since you have already trained some before, I expect you to meet all standards here at the training room," L'Belkis said. Zache observed the obstacle in front of him. It was a short block, and a very tall block. On the side was some sort of pole vaulting pole. "The objective of this obstacle is to pole vault over these blocks, and land on your feet on the other side," L'Belkis said. "Well alright, here goes," Zache said. Zache took the pole, and in one jump, flew over both blocks. "Interesting, how unusual," L'Belkis said. L'Belkis walked Zache over to the next obstacle. This obstacle persists of a beam twenty feet long, right over a pit of tacks. "The objective of this obstacle is to run across this beam in two seconds, without falling off," L'Belkis said. Zache took three large steps across the beam- in one second. "Excellent," L'Belkis said. L'Belkis took Zache over to the next obstacle, and the last. This obstacle was not really an obstacle- it was just a bar with two-hundred pounds on. "Lift this up," L'Belkis said, pointing to the weight, "With one hand." Zache ran over, using a special technique of scooping the weight up, right above his head. He held it there for ten seconds. "This will do nicely," L'Belkis said. L'Belkis then took Zache over to a platform. "This is the one on one fighting stage," L'Belkis told Zache. "It's where you train in combat skills," L'Belkis continued. L'Belkis tossed Zache a Laser Sword that was on the rack behind him, although wielding one himself. "Press the button on the side to activate the sword," L'Belkis instructed Zache. The sword got it's name from nowhere; it's really a Laser Staff. Zache activated the sword and got ready to battle, just as a blue field surrounded both of them. "This is the safety, if you fail- which you will- you won't end up all over," L'Belkis said. Zache pulled the staff over his head, faked that he would attack L'Belkis, dove around him, and just as L'Belkis turned around, Zache had already jabbed him. "Quite well done! Bravo! Interesting, yes. . .," L'Belkis said, as the alarm went off. "Quick! Get in this armor!" L'Belkis ordered Zache as a large portion of the roof fell down. By now it was 11:55, almost the next day. Zache quickly strapped on the armor and took a normal iron sword. Almost immediately L'Belkis and Zache were attacked from both sides. It seemed followers of the Dark Council had just landed outside. "Get ready," L'Belkis said. One of the hundred or so followers came in. This one aimed his sword at Zache's heart like a lance. The follower gave a great heaving jump across the room. Zache, with his sword sticking out like an archer's bow at the war cry wiped the follower out- by stabbing him through the stomach and pounding him on the ground. Suddenly, nine more soldiers rushed in. Zache took out the first four by spinning his sword around, up and down while jumping. L'Belkis got the rest by throwing the Laser Sword through a row of soldiers. L'Belkis grabbed the sword and got ready. The of the soldier ran in! L'Belkis set the Laser Sword for maximum length, and plummeted sixty soldiers to their doom. Zache did a splitting kick on four-teen of the soldiers the rest died to his sword. Standing on top of one-hundred corpses, Zache looked around in bewilderment. "That was quick," Zache said. "Don't expect to live next time," L'Belkis said. "Why not?" Zache asked. "Look at your armor," L'Belkis said. Zache looked down at his armor. The breastplate had a large chunk of it dangling by a piece of metal. Zache looked at his gauntlets. They were hanging like grapes from a cluster. "Heh," he said, taking the armor off. "Did that get you ready enough?" L'Belkis asked. "Ready enough for what?" Zache asked. "To battle through all of the Dark Council?" L'Belkis asked. "Who? Me?" Zache asked. "You! Yes!" L'Belkis said. "Infact, I have a mission for you," L'Belkis said. "When?" Zache asked. "Now," L'Belkis said. "Get in new armor and head for the North Heights, for special training. There will be a hut on top of the mountain, go there," L'Belkis said. Zache went over to the armory and got new armor on. Zache left with a map that L'Belkis gave him. He was rather inconspicuous walking through a town like his. The North Heights were out of the North entrance to Tikogen. Everything was far too peaceful in this town at night. Zache simply started climbing the side of the North Heights. Zache remembered his training. He jumped from rock to rock quickly. By the time it was 12:05, he was already at the top. He walked to the mossy stick hut. The hut appeared to be worn down over the years, and it was shaped like a sphere, with no top or bottom. For the roof, there was a cone shaped grass form. Zache wondered what kind of teacher could be living in such a dirty old place. Zache knocked on the door, and it fell down. KAPOW! A blue beam came out of the hut and right into Zache's stomach! "Ugh," Zache said, looking at his armor. His armor had a deep indent that was pushing his stomach back, it was black, and steaming. An old man came out and grumbled at him. "Uhm, I came here to train," Zache said. "Oh fine," the old man said. "How'd you do that blue beam thing?" Zache asked. "It'll take time," the old man said. "Goodnight," the old man said, pushing the door back up.

In the morning, Zache got up and pushed the door open. "Yes?" the old man asked slowly. "Uhm, I came here to train," Zache said. "Fine, this will be fast," the old man said. "Sit in your favorite meditating position, think of all you know, and all you need to know. Then, start chanting Doheesh Mo Li Kama over and over again. Then focus your energy to think about the blue beam. If you ever want to use the blue beam, just think about, then think about executing it," the old man said, closing the door. Zache started remembering the steps. One by one, he did them. He opened the door again. "Ok, I did that," Zache said. "Alright let's see it," the old man said. Zache quickly threw a rock in the air and shot it with the beam called "BluBeame." "Ok good, take this," the old man said, give a red cloak to Zache, and rushing him away. "That is the cloak of speed and power, take it," the old man said, shutting the door. Zache finished buckling the cloak to his neck, and with all his might, dove off the side of the heights with max speed.

Zache landed just outside the HPC building. He handled everything and returned inside. Once again, the workers were standing around Yannin, studying him it in every way they could. Except, this time, he had a brace around him. Standing at the highest part of the semi-structure was L'Belkis. Zache ran up the semi-structure and met L'Belkis. "I see you have trained under the Old Knight's Power," L'Belkis said, looking at the cloak. "Yeah," Zache said, looking at his Time Keeper again. It was IX:V/XII. (9:25) L'Belkis gestured Zache to follow him outside. Zache followed him outside in the second season air. "Let me see this mystical BluBeame," L'Belkis ordered Zache. Zache aimed his hand in the sky and fired the BluBeame. "Quite marvelous, let me see what that cloak has done for you," L'Belkis ordered. Zache jumped as far as he could with it on- thirty feet. "Quite interesting," L'Belkis said. "Your strength is growing rapidly, I must say," L'Belkis said. Zache nodded. "I have a mission for you," L'Belkis told Zache. "You must seek training from the old man's younger brother, the Gallant Knight," L'Belkis said. "He is beyond the heights, with will give you the shield of defense and power preservation," L'Belkis said. "But, you will encounter enemies along the way, so be prepared," L'Belkis added. Zache ran at top speed across the town, and right over the heights. Almost right after, it seemed to him, he passed the old man's house, there was a large amount of Dark Council soldiers. Zache attempted to run them off, but one giant one got in his way. "Must. . . consume," the giant said. The giant started to try and pound Zache, but he was too fast. The giant whipped around and hit Zache right in the front. "Oomph," Zache said. Zache started to get up when the giant picked him up and threw him at the ground. POW! Zache got up, rubbing his head. The giant grabbed him! Luckily he still had his left hand free from rubbing his head. Zache wielded his sword and slashed the giant's wrist. "AHH!" the giant screamed, dropping Zache and clutching his wrist. BluBeame activate! PSSEWWW! The BluBeame scorched the hand holding the giant's wrist! The giant screamed again and kneed in pain. Zache took his sword and stabbed right through the top of the giant's head! The eleven foot tall giant winced in pain for a millisecond then fell down. Zache rubbed his aching face and head. A Dark Council soldier walked behind him and cut a chunk of armor out of Zache's right shoulder. Zache turn around and aimed his hand at the soldier's face. BluBeame activate! PSSEWWW! Zache walked away, headed for the side of the heights. When he reached the side, he prepared himself for a big jump, and dove off the side. Zache uneasily landed at the bottom. He observed the area. The hut was right there in front of him, the grass was a rich green and there was a large field on the other side of the hut. On both sides of him the side of the mountain stretched on for miles. Zache walked to the brick door and knocked. The door slid open and a man about 1 and ½ times as old as Zache opened the door. How could this be? This man is only of twenty eight years, but his brother is in his ninety's! "You wish to receive training from me, don't you?" the Gallant Knight asked. "Yes, sir," Zache acknowledged. "Here, you will learn 'Power'Vance,'" the knight said. "Focus your mind to think that the power that you have is getting stronger, make a fist instead of normal hand, and fire!" the knight said. Zache followed these steps carefully. Power'Vance- BluBeame activate! In this time, everything was lit, and in a green light, the super charged BluBeame was fired! The BluBeame was now a GrienBeame, and the field was now a pile of ashes. "You have excelled, but you are wounded," the knight said. "Use Power'Vance to regenerate," the knight said, giving a shield to Zache. "This is the Shield of Defense and Power Preservation," the knight said. Zache's inventory now contained the following items: Hypo Armor, Sword, Cloak of Speed, and the Shield of Defense and Power Preservation. Zache dove up to the top of the heights, then began his running. Along the way he met five Dark Council soldiers. Aiming at the first one, he thought BluBeame activate. PSSEWWW! The beam caught the soldier in the chest, leaving him sprawled on the ground seven feet away. The second soldier came up behind Zache and almost stabbed him in the shoulder, but Zache flipped back behind the soldier and kneed him in the back of the head. The soldier quickly recovered and stabbed Zache in his thigh. The other soldier came head on and Zache stabbed his sword through the soldier's head. Zache came back to the soldier lying on the ground and smashed his head with the iron shield. The next soldier gave a mighty heave with his sword and thrust it at his head, but luckily, Zache blocked it with his sword. Zache reared on his right leg and gave a powerful kick to the soldier's armor. The soldier grabbed his ribs, noticing them broken, and he fell on the ground. The last soldier ran at Zache, and stabbed him right in the front on his shoulder, then continued by hitting his head with the handle of his sword. Zache thoroughly whacked his sword through the soldier's right arm. The arm fell on the ground. Zache hit the soldier across the face with his shield. He then slashed the soldier across the stomach, and kicked the wound. The soldier was still standing! Zache jabbed his sword through the stomach wound and slashed diagonally right and upwards. The large fraction of soldier that Zache cut off fell to the ground. The soldier picked up the sword that was in his arm and hit Zache across the face with the side. Zache did the only thing he could do. BluBeame activate! The beam seemed to explode the soldier's legs off, and leave lying there, and that's what happened. Zache picked up the soldier's gauntlets, which were labeled "Vitality" and started running again. He had just passed the old man's house when the sun started to go down. Zache quickly climbed down the mountain side and ran back to the HPC building. Zache opened the secret door and sat on the air couch. Power'Vance: Regenerate The regeneration took about ten minutes. Just in time, L'Belkis returned to the room. "Ah! I see you have returned with the shield! And what's this? The Gauntlets of Vitality? That was the very next thing I was going to have you get!" said L'Belkis. "Did you have any trouble along the way?" L'Belkis asked. "I had to fight seven followers of the Dark Council.," said Zache. "They always go for the armor," Zache continued. Zache had regenerated, not his armor. "You are ready for this, so take it," L'Belkis said, handing the Laser Sword to Zache. "There is one last thing you must learn in the training," L'Belkis said. "You must learn strength," L'Belkis said. "You have to use Power'Vance, while using that to raise your strength, think of it as permanent when at max," L'Belkis instructed. And indeed, Zache followed these instructions. What a rush! Zache must have been ten times stronger! He felt like a could lift five tons! "Now juggle these," L'Belkis said, hand Zache two one-ton weights. Zache did this with ease. "And just to think," L'Belkis said, "that you got this strong in one day." Zache agreed and went to his sleeping quarters. His quarters, too, were made of fine blue brick. His bed was green and blue. The three pillows he had were all fluffy and royal looking. But, the soldiers weren't at the heights for nothing. "All soldiers to battle stations!" L'Belkis said over the intercom. Zache quickly ran to the armory and got a new set of armor on. Then, he put his cloak on, wielded his shield, put on his gauntlets of vitality, and readied his iron sword. . .

"The soldiers are breaking in!" Hacon, one of the soldiers said. Indeed, the Dark Council soldiers were breaking in. The HPC soldiers were breaking out. One of the soldiers ran to attack Zache, but Zache had already punched his face in. Another soldier ran behind Zache, but Zache turned around and slashed his torso off. Another giant came by and smashed him what seemed five feet underground. Zache pushed the dirt around him aside, jumped up, and pounded the giant in the stomach. The giant roared! Zache Pulled out his sword and hacked across the giant's chest. Power'Vance: BluBeame activate! Zache had shot right through the giant, but the giant was still slightly intact. The giant lifted Zache up and pounded his head five times. He then through Zache on the ground and stomped him. The giant pounded Zache with his fists, then picked him up again, and clenched his fist around him. Zache had the strength to raise the sword- right through the giant's hand. The giant screamed, grabbing the stump where his hand was. Zache jumped up and belted the giant across the face. The giant grabbed his face. This action led to the giant's chest being exposed. Zache dove as hard as he could right through the giant's chest. The giant sagged to the floor. About ten soldiers gathered around Zache and started hacking away! Chop! Whap! Thunck! POWER'VANCE: BLUBEAME ACTIVATE! KAABOOOOMMM! Each and every soldier around him (not including his) disintegrated. Zache got up and jammed about ten giants into one. But then the big weapon came. The monster was huge; it was snowy white. Giant Claws. Big teeth. But most of all, it wasn't any ordinary giant monster. It was a robot. A robot with laser breath. A robot with super strength. A robot that weighed more than Zache could lift. A robot that was higher than Zache could ever jump.

Up until now Zache had thought the HPC military had been winning. He was absolutely wrong. The tables had turned. The monster approached in his slow Godzilla-like fashion. The monster picked up a handful of HPC soldier and smashed them. Zache put his shield away and started up his Laser Sword. Zache went around all of the Dark Council soldiers and the behind of the monster. He dove and high as he could up the evil monster's back and gave a tremendous slash on the monster's right shoulder. Sparks flew everywhere! The monster turned around and opened his mouth. He was going to shoot Zache! Zache jumped off the monster's shoulder, and while falling down, slashing the monster. The cracks he made were glowing. The right part of the monster's skin started to peel, and it exploded! The monster screeched! Zache landed on the ground, ready to defend himself. The monster simply smacked him out of the way, but Zache made hole in the monster's hand. The monster slashed Zache's armor into pieces! The monster kicked Zache into a HPC tank. Zache jumped back up as the monster was just about to use his laser breath, and chopped it's head off! Zache aimed his hand into where the head was. POWER'VANCE: BLUBEAME ACTIVATE! PSSEWWW! KAPOW! The monster's torso fell slowly to the ground. KABOOM! The robot was still alive! The legs fell over, but they were still kicking around! WHAPP! Zache was hit! He started to feel dizzy. He noticed he was bleeding all over. Everything was becoming black…

Zache woke up in a pile of ruins. Everything was burnt, including him. Zache heard a distant voice coming from somewhere in the wreckage. He got up and dragged himself to where the voice was coming from. Beams and splinters of things were everywhere to be seen. He was in some sort of large crater. He looked down at his Time Keeper. It was flashing II:I/II. (2:30, two hours after he blacked out.) Zache waved a fire away from a rock. And in a heap of metal, there lied L'Belkis, and he was calling something. L'Belkis looked up at Zache then said "Come quickly! He's still alive!" Zache noticed all his weapons were missing, but he still had his strength. An aircraft flew ahead and hovered slowly down to Zache's position. The aircraft started firing rapid laser at Zache! "Yes, that's right! Get him!" L'Belkis said. Zache dove over L'Belkis and they shot him! The aircraft stopped and launched a Watching Cube down to Zache. "Hello Israil," a rock on the screen said. Judging by the size of things around it, it must have been fifty feet tall! "You would make quite an addition to my army of zombies! You always have to consume!" the rock said. "Oh yes, I must introduce myself! How rude I am! My name is Nokarbegyun, and I'll be serving fresh death or zombification today!" Nokarbegyun said, moving his purple fire around. "Yesss!" a voice said behind Zache. "Oh, why it's my ever so loyal servant, Yannin! How are you Yannin? Did you have a good time spying on the funny little Churbaxians? I hope you did!" Nokarbegyun said, as Yannin disappeared. "Prepare to fight, young man!" Nokarbegyun said, disappearing off the screen. Nokarbegyun appeared directly in front of Zache, and on top of L'Belkis. Zache got ready to fight. "Don't make me laugh, young man!" Nokarbegyun said. Zache jump around Nokarbegyun and was about to hit him when a large purple beam shot him! He must have flown seventy feet! He tried to get up, but he couldn't move! Nokarbegyun zapped him again. And again! POWER'VANCE: BLUBEAME ACTIVATE! The beam shot at Nokarbegyun, bounced off and hit Zache another seventy feet! "Hah! Forget it! You're no fun! I'm leaving!" Nokarbegyun said as he left in the aircraft. "Ugh," Zache said as he finally got up. POWER'VANCE: REGENERATE!

Zache found the hard-coated armory and the rest of his weapons, so he was back and running. That aircraft flew North, I might as well go to it.

"Finally!" Zache said triumphantly, as he reached the rim of the crater. Zache recounted his journey, searching as to why L'Belkis was treasonous. Oh no. Zache thought, what could've happened to Ninnay? He checked his Time Keeper. It read III:/V. (3:05.) He looked back upon the crater. Sighing, (or maybe sobbing), he dove back into the crater.

He searched among the wreckage. The only thing he found was the armory he checked out, and yet more beams and stones, etc. "Hey, you!" A feminine voice suddenly shouted out. Zache spun around to face Ninnay, now fully armored. Ninnay yelled at ran toward Zache, showing not what seemed to be happiness. She rose her hand and zapped out with a BluBeame. "What the-?" Zache said, dodging to the side. Ninnay pushed her long bowl cut hair to the side, and charged Zache again. "What are you doing!?" Zache shouted. Ninnay suddenly jumped over a beam and came down with the sword, jabbing at Zache's head. "Yaaaaaaaa!" Ninnay shouted. Zache walked to the side, grabbed the flat of the sword, and chopped (with his hands J) it away from her. He threw the sword, deliberately missing Ninnay's head and hitting the wall behind hear. Ninnay suddenly froze, and got a shocked expression on her face. Then, the most horrifying thing happened. Her crying, plus the echo of the crater equals: "AHHHHHH! STOP IT NOW, NINNAY!" Zache roared, grabbing at his ears. "Boohoo, what came over me," Ninnay pleaded. Zache started cautiously walking over to Ninnay. "You crazy love bird," Ninnay said, taking the sword out of the wall and jabbing it through his stomach, penetrating his armor all the way though. "I. . . urk. . . don't want to fight you, Ninnay!" Zache admitted. "You think so?" Ninnay asked, elbowing Zache in the face. "S-stop it, Ninnay!" Zache ordered. "You are a weakling! Your power would be far greater if you joined the Dark Council," Ninnay mocked. Zache was now bleeding all over the ground. Zache pulled out the sword and bashed Ninnay over the head with the handle. Ninnay jumped up and punched Zache in the chin! Zache was losing mucho blood now. He need some time to do regeneration, but with this, he could barely even get a hit in! Zache had only one choice. He spun the sword around in his hand, grasping the handle. And with a mighty swing of anger, sliced Ninnay horizontally in half!