She was beautiful. She walked slowly as if coming out of a half- remembered dream, her pigtails waving, and a stuffed bear clutched in one hand.

"Wake up," she said softly. This child with her pink tennis shoes, blue jean over-alls, with a pink bunny printed on the front, a white long- sleeve shirt, and those beautiful big blue eyes, was hovering over me as I tried to remember.

She knelt down beside me, placing her small hand on my shoulder, pushing gently. "Its time to get up, we have work to do."

Feeling ebbing back into my limbs, I rolled onto my back as she stood up. I place my hand in hers, as she reached out to help me. I starred at my hand or rather its skeletal remains, the flesh totally absent, leaving only bleach white bone behind. The girl smiled sweetly at my apparent confusion.

"Don't worry about it," she said.

So I didn't. I stood slowly wrapping the black rope around me to cover my lack of a body. The girl's hand was still wrapped around mine as she tugged, pulling me toward the only source of light in this utterly dark place.

"I'm here to help you," she said. The voice of a tiny angel.

I could barely hear, surrounded by deafening silence on all sides, the utter confusion of it all. I felt myself drifting. My grip on the child's hand loosened as I began to fall back into the void.

"Don't let go," the girl said, her voice more distant than it had been, the light dimmer.

She sounded frightened. I focused, tightened my grip on her fragile hand. I sensed for a fleeting moment that the child would be as lost without me as I would be without her. Together we walked toward the light.

The light permeated the pair of us, and I saw for an instant the utter darkness of myself reflected in her eyes.

"Everything's going to be fine," she said as she tightened her grip, "This is only the beginning." Her fingertips turned white as she desperately clutched the exposed bones of my former hand. I place my other hand on her shoulder trying to provide what comfort I could as the brilliant light closed in around us.

The world was reborn.

The girl and I were left standing in a field of wheat on a warm summer day. The wind was blowing gently. She let go of my hand to brush away a few loose strands of hair. The wheat waved to us in the breeze.

"Here, please hold him for a minute." The girl handed me her bear while she fixed her pigtails, tying them back into a pair of pink ribbons. As she finished she took my hand again leading me towards the sunset.

My cloak billowed in the growing wind as my unoccupied hand touched the wheat as we walked by. I felt with strange new sensations the life of this place. I struggled to remember what life felt like. The girl stopped suddenly as if she read my thoughts.

"Don't worry."

I was overcome by the music all around me, the ambience of all of it. "Stop for a minute." I strained to speak, my voice was coarse and gravely.

We sat down together in the field together. The wheat billowed around us like a blanket. Just me the girl and the bear. The sun set as we soaked up the life around us, as I tried to remember.

"Hi, I'm Sally Campbell," the girl said as she extended her hand for me to shake.
For an instant, I saw the gun, the world falling apart, my descent into oblivion. And then there was only the three of us, myself, sally and the bear, sitting in a field of wheat at sunset.

"Come on," she said. "It's time to go."