nothing like a nightmare.

things begin to move. inanimimate objects begin to move before my very eyes. cords unravel and recoil as if preparing to strike. books fall and chairs tip backwards, on their own. coffee pots turn on as i enter the kitchen. lights flicker and stutter at my steps and steady at my still. pictures slowly tilt until they are wildly crooked. and it is all because of you.

it is just that i've stayed up past my sleeping hour. not sleepy. just tired. just tired. just

people beginning to stare. i feel their stares on the back of my head, on the back of my neck, at the side of my face. i feel them staring but i cannot put together why. do they know me, do they recognize me, do they want to recognize me? do they think they have found me? but they are not staring when i turn round to look.

it is not staring, they are not staring. i am just tired, i am just cold and tired. just

beginning to notice that everytime i go into a dark room everytime i shut the door behind me in a dark room when i am alone and i reach for the switch to turn on the lights is that-no it cannot be-it cannot be there, it cannot be there. it cannot be there because i thought i saw

a little girl, a little girl crouching in every corner, with that blonde cornflower hair. staring at me with hurt eyes. but she is gone as soon as she is there. everytime she is gone that fast.

so i begin to leave the lights off. i begin to not care if i stub my toe on the dresser in the dark. i begin to sit in the dark everytime. but is that-

her in the corner in the dark. i begin to see her out of the corner of my eye. she is not gone so quick. in fact she is not gone at all. she waits and waits. she waits for the lights to turn on so she can disappear.

i begin to shut my eyes everytime i turn the lights on, until she is gone. this is to no avail. it is that

now she has been joined by perhaps a brother, a small boy crouching with the same blonde cornflower hair, huddling together, holding each other in utter and total fear. they stay for longer now, and their eyes follow me as i walk.

i now stand in the doorway with my eyes shut tight. i have left but one idea. i switch the knife from my right hand to my left why do i have a knife? and grope for the switch. when my bloodless fingers have located it, i flicker it rapidly. but-

they are standing then they are moving. every time the light flickers they are moving closer. i cannot still my hand as i am in utter shock. as they approach me i do not feel but rather hear the knife fall to the ground with a thud.