A/N: This is a little story about someone who thought they were better than me. Someone with a pathetic life and a lot of time to read all my stories and leave me nasty notes. Someone, who very stupidly, leaves me anonymous reviews by the name of, "damn better than you". I am sick of deleting the reviews, so if you want to see what kind of person this is, just go to all my stories and read the notes from them.

It was a beautiful morning. Idiot Kid woke up. "Hmmm... I wonder what mischief I can cause today!" Idiot Kid thought. "Oh, I know! I can go read some more awesome stories on Fanfic!"

Idiot Kid jumped out of bed and hop skipped to the nearest computer. "Oh look! A new story about Hanson!" Idiot Kid eagerly read the new story. Unfortunately, the author of the story Idiot Kid read was a very clever person. And also unfortunately, Idiot Kid had no sense of humor and didn't understand sarcasm.

Idiot Kid didn't understand a lot of things. Like where babies came from, and why some people were smarter than herself. Idiot Kid became angry with Kid A, the author of this glorious story. Idiot Kid left a mean review. Fortunately, she put in actions, like (rolles eyes) so the author would better understand the hate she felt towards the genius who wrote the story.

Later that day, after Idiot Kid had made herself feel very good by leaving a nasty review for Kid A, she went back to the Fanfic site. "I wonder what she thought of that!" Idiot Kid decided she was very jealous of this marvelous Kid A, and she wanted nothing but the worst for her. So she left reviews on all of Kid A's other stories.

She didn't even take the time to read them. Kid A became angry with this idiot kid and all of the other people who left her mean reviews. So Kid A wrote somewhat of a story about all of this craziness and what she thought of it all. Idiot Kid became very upset because Kid A had mentioned her in this little documentary. Once again she felt the need to strike back.

The weak always do.

She left another mean review on one of Kid A's stories. Kid A did not like this. She deleted the review because it was very misspelled and crude. But Idiot Kid went after it again. She left another review making fun of Kid A for deleting the other one. But in this one, she called Kid A a prostitute and said many horrible things that I won't repeat. Once again, this review was deleted.

Then one day, Kid A got an e-mail saying that her story had been deleted. I guess that's fair because it wasn't really a story. But this is. Idiot Kid is still attacking Kid A, because she feels inferior. She obviously has enough time to keep coming back and reading Kid A's stories.

But the mystery goes unsolved. If she says they're so stupid, why does she keep reading them? The world may never know.

Thank you.