I'm standing on Eggshells

I'm standing on glass

I'm standing on the brittle, cracking bones of Ireland's past

I'm sitting on the saddle

Of a once noble steed

With it's bit cutting through

So that its lips begin to bleed

So what if normal hates me

So what if weird is strange

So what if I find someday I will almost go insane

No matter if I cut my finger

On the glass of Memories

No matter if I see the eyes of truth are always watching me,

Look into the mirror

To find where your soul lies

And when you've finished that

Just look into your eyes

Ever So Lonely

The ocean, land, and air

And always find the comfort

In elementals through your hair,

I'm eggshells on standing,

I'm glass that won't break,

I'll never stop my searching,

Of that don't you mistakeā€¦