A/N:This poem is the world that goes on inside my friend, Josh's head. He's really weird about things like this, and most likely would like this world one minute, and then hate it the next…

A/N:This is the poem of the month, and will be changed/ added on to every month, Thanx!

Josh's Jim-Bob World

In Josh's Jim-Bob World,

There are people all about.

They are very strange-weird people,

Who like to scream and shout.

And in Josh's Jim-Bob World,

People walk and skip and run.

In the lake they like to fly,

And they go swimming in the sun.

And now, in Josh's Jim-Bob World,

Everyone's name is Jim-Bob,

Never Jack or Fred, or Shirely,

But sometimes Billy-Bob.

Oh, In Josh's Jim-Bob World,

There are freaks and Clowns and such;

But if you asked Josh Himself,

He'd say he didn't like it Much…