Do you think that I like the way you treat me?
Do you really think that I wake up everyday awaiting this torture?
Do you think I chose for you to do this to me?
Or do you not think at all?
You do have to realize that life does not revolve around you
As much as you would like it to.
Life is a feisty one, quick to change
Never the same two days in a row.

In every class you have people
Who fit the roles passed down through ages past
Your jocks, cheerleaders
Preps and geeks - band geeks and chorus dorks
And don't forget your science freak1s
There's a techie and a couple heartthrobs
And then there's that one person who doesn't quite fit
Laughed at and teased; the brunt of every joke

Reversing roles would be perfect
Have me treat you the same as you treat me
See how long it would take before you bend
And then see how long it would take before you break
And then, after the roles are taken back
See how long it would take before you realize
How strong I really am, and then
Would I see you laughing at me still?
My odd clothes, my weird hair
Or by now would you have learned
To think and to realize that
My oddness is a defense against you and your kind
My hold to my reality.