Wars of Orna

Chapter 1

The doors to holding block 317 slid open, and a Garagon entered. "The earther prisoner." He said to one of the guards. The guard nodded, and pressed one of the buttons on a control panel. One of the walls liquefied, and an American teenager sat in the room now revealed. "What do you want?" He sneered. "We have confirmed your identity." The Garagon said, pulling a small disk from his armor. He pressed one of the buttons, and then said, as if it were giving him information, "Sitka Malzar, age 15. You were born in…8008? How can this be? In 8323?" The guard paused. "Hibernation." A human said, entering the room.

"So, 15 years old, and the only American left. Sure there are plenty of Japanese, but they overrule the planet now. Very violent place." The human was dressed in a heavy suit of armor, and had a large sharpened blade attacked to his back. "Your parents froze you. There was a message along with the device. An excavation team found you while searching for our lost warriors." Sitka just stared at him. "Oh, sorry. I'm Rams." The human said, sitting down in one of the chairs. "Sitka." The boy mumbled.

"Well, you have no family, friends, and nobody even knew you existed until about 3 days ago." Rams said, over viewing a digital record of his DNA. "No personal records, no DNA records. The earther computers don't know of your existence." Rams finished his report. "Well, I guess I don't exist than." Sitka said sarcastically. The Garagon looked confused, but kept silent, and then Rams spoke to it. "Get the boy some clothing and quarters. I'm going to take him to the library." Rams stood up, and showed Sitka out.

"History?" Rams suggested, pointing to one of the computers in the library. "I don't think I want to know about my…Earth's past." Sitka said, turning away. This kid is cold. Rams thought, turning away from the computers, to Sitka's retreating back. I wonder what would make him happy. Sitka yawned, and slumped onto one of the tables. "I'm hungry." He said dully, slouching into one of the chairs. Suddenly, a loud screeching sound rang through the compound. "Oh no! The crawula!" Rams said, pressing on pulling out his sword and pressing his wrist. A second blade emerged from his wrist, but this one was electric, A blue beam.

"Here." Rams said, handing Sitka a small box with a hole in the front. "Attach it to your arm. Get ready." Sitka attached the box to his arm, and pressed on it. A bright blue beam shot out the front. He swished it around about, and cracked a smile. Before Rams could realize it, however, there was an explosion and the library wall fell away. About 5 very thin upright lizards with spikes all down their back and very wide mouths. They all had very small claws on their hands. Before Sitka knew what was happening, the first one was down. Rams had darted forward, and tackled it with his sword. He slashed another one through the neck, and stabbed one through (what appeared to be) the heart. Sitka glared at the machine on his wrist, and grinned.

The lizard creatures, which Rams had called 'Crawula', were now storming in through the hole in the wall. "How did they bypass security?" Rams yelled as five more entered the room. Sitka was staring at the tool on his hand, and before Rams of anyone else could react, he attacked. He stabbed a crawula through the head, and sliced another's head off. He spun around, and chopped off both arms to another. With a roar from Sitka, the crawula began to pull off, but only a few. More were coming in, and in larger numbers. Sitka stepped back, and looked around. Rams was also fighting with him, but several of the beasts were ganging up on him. "YAAAAHHHH!" Sitka screamed, and ran towards the beasts. He spun in a circle, slicing two in half, and stabbed the last one in the gut, causing it to fall over.

"Sitka, NO!" Rams screamed as Sitka ran out the wall and into a swarm of crawula. He sliced one in half, and stabbed another. He was aiming for another's heart, when he was hit. A Crawula had snuck up behind him and pushed him over. The beast reached down, and grabbed the tool off his wrist. It looked at it for a second, and then plunged it right into Sitka's ribcage. Sitka let out a scream, but nobody heard.

"Retreat!" Sitka heard screams. Far away, they were. Had he cared, he would have liked to help them. He remembered these beasts, however. When he was put into hibernation, the beasts attacked his home world. He watched in horror as they murdered his parents, but he couldn't do anything from inside his glass case as the hibernation fluids filled. He had promised to kill all of the beasts that had done this to him, and he would never rest until he had rid every last one of them.

"Retreat!" The voice called again. He was going to do something. The beasts that murdered his parents were now after the people on this planet. The intense heat of the planet was burning his skin. He opened his eyes, and stood up. It felt as if an explosion had occurred in his ribs. He didn't care. Nothing mattered. He pulled his tool out of his ribs, and put it back on. He walked into the library, and looked around at the ashes. They had totally incinerated the library, most likely using stolen technology. Sitka limped out into the hall, and the battle continued.

"We can't hold them off! There's too many of them!" A voice yelled. About 30 of the lizards were in the hall, blasting there way through. SWISH! The head of a crawula fell to the floor. Sitka grabbed the gun, and began to fire into the hall. Rams limped out of the hall, and fell to the floor, clutching a bloody wound on his chest. Sitka ran up to him. "S-Sitka…your…alive." He gasped, spitting up blood. Sitka grabbed both the tool on his wrist and his sword and said "Relax. I know what I'm doing."

Sitka looked at the sword. It was very old, practically ancient. He didn't waste any more time. He clutched the sword firmly, lifted it above his head, and threw it. The sword hit a crawula in the neck, and it fell over, blood showering the corridor. He attached the tool from Rams to his other wrist, and turned it on. "NOW YOU PAY!" He screamed, and ran forward. He plunged both blades into the first two crawula, and picked up the sword he had thrown. He clutched the sword firmly once more, and spun around. He sliced two of the lizards in half with one blow, and threw the blade through one's head. The corridor was now decorated in crimson red, the smell of carnage ringing in the halls. Sitka grabbed the tool off his right wrist, and through it at the last crawula. He smiled as the crawula hit the ground, and then fainted.

"Quick, go!" A woman said. Sitka, now many months younger, was standing in the ruins of America. "Just go." She said again. "But…but mom! I can't leave you." Sitka said, walking toward her. "I'll kill you if you don't." She said, holding a gun toward him. Slowly, Sitka stepping into the large glass tube, and painfully pressed the start button. The door slid shut, and fluids began to pour into the bottom of the container. As he began to cry, a group of crawula broke into the room. The mother shot at one of them, but it bounced harmlessly off. The crawula slashed at his mother, and she lay on the floor dead. His father now burst into the room, and fired. He didn't last long, though. One slash, and he joined Sitka's mother, dead on the floor. "NOOOOOO!" Sitka screamed as the fluids reached his mouth. The fluids totally enveloped his body, and everything went black.

"Sitka?" A voice asked. Sitka opened his eyes. He was laying in a bed, heavily bandaged, a large gash across his ribs. "Sitka." Rams was standing over his bed. "You took out the crawula. How did you survive?" He asked, running his eyes down the scar across his ribs. "I don't care." Sitka said coldly. "Well, In that case, I'll let you be. I hope you will care enough to not be so reckless in the future. Good day, Sitka." Rams nodded, and left the room. Sitka thought of the day he had seen both his parent murdered, and a tear came to his eye.