The End

The worst part of any

Book, Story, Movie

Is the end

When the characters are

Saying Good-bye

I’ll never see you again

When the old man dies

When the couple gets


After the journey’s done

And the characters

Sit around the fire

Singing songs of victory

Does any story really end?

Because once we know the story

The names of

Characters and places

Then are we part of the story?

Will my story ever be told

So that somebody

Like me

Will wish that it would

Never end?

Will somebody ever remember me

The way I remember

My favorite characters?

Will anything I ever write

Cause people to cry and despair

That there is no sequel?

Why are endings so sad?

We should rejoice

The Enemy is slain

The Princess is rescued

And the Realm is safe again

But why must the journey be over?

Why can’t it just go on


Because the journey

Of a thousand miles that began

With a single step

Has now ended.