On Top of Her Head
By Animorphalite

A/N: I wrote this song when I was in the fourth grade, so if it's really stupid please forgive me. I sung it in a talent show and I should have won! ::glares at Mrs. Taylor:: Anyway, it's sung to the tune of 'On Top of Spaghetti', and
I hope you like it!

On top of her head
All covered in black
On top of her head
She wore a black hat

It fell from her head
Onto her broom
It fell from her broom
Into the gloom

It fell through my window
And into my soup
A handful of worms and
A beetle and goop

And then I stirred it
With a mop
And then I ate it
Every little drop

"Oh, I must see my doctor!"
So I ran all the way there
What was left of my hair

And when I got there
He did what I dread
He picked up his axe and
He chopped off my head

So take warning
And never eat soup
On Halloween night or
You'll turn into a spook

Told 'ya it was stupid. Anyway, please review!