Fear of Dreaming

This fear inside of me prevents me from closing my eyes,
for your roars always jolt me awake.
I can't venture into slumber,
not when you're still conflicted.
Stones may break bones, but
your words break my heart,
and your sacrificial protection has been
corroded one too many times
for us.
The bond, the contract, the agreement
that spawned me
was once full, but is now
empty and void.
And the bed you sleep on,
that you share,
and the sex that you make...
all in vain.

I fear to close my eyes at night,
for your sobs and yells never fail to
jolt me awake.
And when they do,
I feel our electrical current
breaking the circuit.

A/N: Title is shamelessly ripped off from Jim Carroll's collection of poetry of the same name. I don't know what "dissipating" means, so correct me if I'm wrong. Read, review, don't review, whatever, I don't care.