SAID BY A STRANGE FELLOW:Extracted from the found journal of Jack Kien, founded by Joel King, Joel quotes, that he had found them while playing in his attic. He will add some comments of what he has found of the book's condition throughout the days.


Hello Journal, my name is Jack Ray Kien. I was born on April 20, 1989. Today I am twenty-one years old. I am 7'6 and I weigh 185 pounds. I am white, blonde, and blue eyes.

I have gone to Denver West School, getting the highest scores in all my classes, since I was 3, I graduated when I was fifteen, I skipped Kindergarten.

My parents died in a car crash when I was only one; yet I still remember them.

I can read and speak over 50 different languages.

I have gone to Harvord since I got out of school. I graduated yesterday, and I am going into World War Three. I have gone to classes speacialized on warfare, I can manuely disassemble and reassemble a weapon in less then 20 seconds, I can shoot a circle with the diameter of .46 mm with a .45 mm hand gun accuratly 2.1 kilometers away without touching the line of the cirle. I have trained in Judo, and know all the pressure points to kill a man before he touches the ground. I can bench press 2,000 pounds without even trying; I am the ultimate fighting machine.

But they say that the enemy forces have used biological warfare, causing the whole world to have to stay indoors. The disease spreads through the air, causing people to grow lumps of dead skin on every part of their bodies; they only live a month after infestation, so they go around spreading it to everyone they come in air contact with.

Some are immune to it, but some aren't. They will have a med-bus go around in the larger cities checking if some people are immune or aren't. If they are immune they will be taken to a government facility where they will be kept until otherwise informed. If you do have it, you will be taken to the front line of the war, and will die an honorable death.

I am hoping that I am immune to the disease, but I also would like to go to the war.


The med-bus came today, all the men were in nuclear suits, and the took my blood and put it in the analizing computer.

The computer was beeping like crazy.

The five men that came were shocked, and said that all of today and yesterday they had not crossed anyone who was immune to the virus.

They themselves were in the early stages of the lumping of the dead skin.

They put me in the med-bus and took me to the Denver Hospital where they looked at my files. I was put in a room and fed lunch... later supper. I fell asleep that night...

SAID BY RAY:The pages were ripped out here, about twenty pages, I could see the traces of layers of pages.


I have lost thirty pounds, and my activity is concealed in a small room, I have seen noone im my sterile room; they started out feeding me three meals a day, until the doctors got sick, too sick to care; I had been lucky to have forsight to pack some food into a large duffel bag before I left for the hospital.

I have been locked in this stupid room for sixteen days.

Before the doctores stopped talking to me they said that they have not had anymore people who were immune to the virus.

SAID BY RAY:I was surprised to know that there was such a skip in the journal, without any pages missing, he had just not written in his journal for some time.


The doctors have stopped coming since my last entry.

I think I am going to escape.

Again, I was surprised at the next skip, it was probably the most time that he could have spoken his thoughts, keeping his journal empty.


It has been five days since I have broken out of that room, I had to pick up my 250 pound bed, and throw it at the door to break down the door. I found out that all the doctors were really scientists, and they were all dead.

I have been wandering around this acursed city and have not found any survivors.

SAID BY RAY:At this point, there was nothing more, for about fifty pages, he must have thought he would not have used his journal again, so he just stopped, then when he found something good, he probably forgot to go back to the front pages, until it was too late.


I found a survivor, a nineteen year old girl. She was never checked by the med-cab, cause she was driving from Aspen.

Apearently, she was immune to the virus, for she has no betraying lumps.

She was found in a grocery store, she has a long gash across her forehead, she has no idea who she is or what she's doing here every since she got out of the hospital.

So I have named her Anistasia, and told her the story of the lost heir princess.

She is about 6'4, 130 pounds, white, dark brown hair, light blue eyes, and very beautiful.

I keep telling myself that I have not seen a live person, let alone a woman, for over a month.

Anistasia said that while she was being driven to Denver, with someone that claimed they knew her, they had heard on the radio that the Biological Virus had been released into earth's atmosphere. Then the driver suddenly swerved out of the left lane, as a deissel came around the bend, hitting a tree, the driver was flung out of the front window shattering glass onto the seat; but Anistasia was buckled in the back seat, she had no injuries, she was on the outskirts of Denver at this time, so she walked here; and had been living in the store everysince, eating canned foods, and other unspoiled food products.

We discussed this over a late lunch which I ate wolfedly, while she politely continued her small memories.


I woke up in a small manager room, there were two cots, I was on one, the other had been used, but noone was in it, I judged it was about noon.

I pulled the thin blanket from me, and then astonished, I hurriedly put it back on, my clothes were gone.

I got up wrapping the sheet around myself, then walked out of the room, I had to look down all the aisles till I found where Anistasia was. I found her in the food aisles, and asked her what happened to my clothes.

She looked over casually and said, "I burnt them."

I didn't want to get angry, but I did, so I had to hold my breath; I asked her what I was supposed to wear, and she got a suprised look and told me that I was being very, very, very, very, and again, stupid.

I had to leave the aisles, and go to the manager's room to cool down.

She ame back later, with a bag, and told me again, that I was very stupid; then, out of the bag, she pulled out some Levi's jeans, boxers, and a gray t-shirt, some white socks, and some Nikes; then explained that we were in a store, and yet he was complaining about some old holey, raggady clothes.

She bluntly said to put them on.

I grabbed the clothes and then waited for her to leave so I could get dressed, she just stood there. I told her to please leave, but she just turned around muttering about it wasn't like she hadn't seen it all ready.

I slipped the clothes on quickly, then asked what was for lunch.

Anistasia just left.

I was starting to like her.

We had for lunch: peas, scalloped potatoes, red wine, and some ravioli; it wasn't that great, but it was food.

During lunch I told Anistasia that I was going to go to find a vehicle, so I could get out of here; she begged to go with me.

After lunch we packed up some back packs with food and extra clothes, and were off to look.

I found a small car with two thirty gallon gas tanks, and we went to the gas station and got gas.

We drove for only a while, when we found an airport in Colorado Springs. There were some biplanes that could be used, so we got in one and I flew us off, heading for Washington D.C.

No entries were made in the journal, for Jack was the only one that knew how to fly the plane.


Over the flight Anistasia and I started to fall in love. We said that when we got to the Whitehoue, we would get married, but we would not have a real marriage, for we thought that we were the only survivors left.

If we found any survivors, we would either join them, or we would become their enemies.

SAID BY RAY:That was the last entry to the journal, I have no idea how it got into my attic, but I shall use this story in future occasions.

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