I will worship

I have heard all of your sermons

apparently I am against the will of god

but not so obvious as an inverted cross

hung loosely around my neck

not as inherently evil

as a lifestyle that you do not approve of

I am simply simple

and not the way that you propose I should be

I smile too easily

and think very little of what your father

(honored mythology

in purple robes)

thinks of me

I am my own sacrament

my body and my blood will suffice

for anything that I may

happen to need

and you in your holy cannibalism

would be well advised to avoid my temple

because my shrine

my body

has sharp teeth and tongue

and a mind to keep them armed and fresh

because my knees will bow

to whatever

and wherever

and whoever

I tell them to

and if I desire to worship words

then I will build a temple of novels

and poetry

and lyric sheets

and if I desire to worship flesh

then I will stand atop the holy hill and pray

to bodies intertwining

and my final dying breath

will beg their favor