Okay, this isn't based on my life or anything, it just came from my mind. This is dedicated to anybody who ever had to go through this and lived, and to the family members of those that didn't.

My Husband

I see his car go up the drive,
I hear the engine stop.
I see the door swing open,
With him swaying on the spot.

I know right then I need to hide,
Before he catches me.
The front door swings open, It's too late.
I throw myself to the floor, praying he doesn't see me.

A minute goes by, then two, then three.
I breathe a sigh of relif.
I begin to crawl into a corner,
But then I see what I didn't see.

He's standing in the doorway,
Half there, half here.
I know hes spotted me now,
By his cold, hard, stare.

I want to run, but it's too late,
He blocks my only way of escape.
He comes toward me and I hold back a cry,
As his fist connects, with my eye.

All goes dark, I cannot see,
As I feel the knife go inside of me.
My last thought as the world fades away,
Is "Now no one will make him pay".


-Trinity Faith