so this is the day that i will not forget
it has ruined the feel of yesterday
with it's impending pride and joy
can nothing compare to this freshness?
can no one tear down this wall?
i cannot unbrick the gate and come in
your glory is ficticious and mine is spent
you are a ghost to me from now on
and your skin does not register to me
or to my searching fingertips' senses
this self-destruction is all i have left
this day was so proud when it began
so glad to be born in fire flame and fury
something i cannot tell anyone but me
this door has closed and locked
but the window is open yet, open still
i look down and the air beckons
the ground seems so hungry today
i don't figure on coming back
so here is my last will and request
please tell today that i have gone
please tell tomorrow that i give up
so this is the day that i will not forget
my glory is down and my hope dethroned
and i have let you go.

a/n: this is a song i wrote at starbucks the other night (well the lyrics). i had a bjork song on my mind (hyperballad, you should all worship it) and i stole from my other poem, out in august (which is also uploaded here). i kind of have music to it. i write indie music, kind of halfway emo but not really, know what i mean? just me singing and soft accoustic guitar, basic open chords. like fiona apple meets phoebe snow. (if only you knew who she was. she is such a bad ass.) please review and give any advice. thanks.