A/N: A story about angels, and the nature and origins of evil. I’d probably better point out that I’m not a Satanist or a devil worshiper, the story is *fiction*. The views expressed are the views of the characters, not necessarily my own. So unless you have some actual criticism, don’t bother flaming.

*This* means emphasis. _This_ means thoughts.


I did not follow Lucifer because I thought he was right. I followed him because I knew that he would win. I followed him because the defeat of the Creator and the destruction of heaven seemed inevitable, and one more angel dying with the hosts of the Lord could make no difference. I followed him, because once he ruled supreme, I knew that he would show no mercy to those who had fought against him. I followed him because I *did not want to die*. And that might make me a coward, but surely it does not mean that I am evil?

He seemed undefeatable. It was the combination of his conviction and his arrogance which made him seem so strong. Although we called our Lord ‘omnipotent’ and ‘the Almighty’, many of us had little faith in his strength, as His power and might had never truly been proven. He had never been challenged before. It is easy to be all-powerful when you are unopposed, but the very fact that He had allowed Lucifer to become powerful enough to challenge Him seemed to show weakness, and so the host began to abandon Him, to turn to Lucifer, and so His strength grew less... Although my heart ached to admit it, I believed that he could not win.

It was not an easy decision to make, to follow Lucifer. I loved my Lord, and I did not want to abandon Him in His hour of need. In the end it was the plight of my brothers that drove me to the conclusion that I must ignore my conscience and pledge my allegiance to Lucifer. The Archangels- Gabriel the Herald, Raphael the Healer, Remiel the Messenger and Michael the Warrior, as well as Lucifer himself - had been my companions since the dawn of time. Together, we had created heavenly music, lifting our voices in praise of the Lord our God. We had pondered together over the meaning of our existence, and then later over the problems that could be caused by the creation of a material world and beings of flesh. The idea of the creation of sin, of evil, of an opposite to the glorious virtue that surrounded was an interesting philosophical concept which we liked to debate. But I believe that only Lucifer had truly grasped the idea of evil.

“There is no ‘light’ without ‘darkness,’ no ‘tomorrow’ without ‘yesterday,’â€