Fly By Night

Blood of thirst, fly by night
My leg is sore, announcing my plight
Arnie Grape's my lover, Gilbert my pride
I don't wanna be Leonardo's bride.

My eyes are red, I can't stop sneezing
When Joaquin appears, I can't stop dreaming
Whether it's a handshake or a smothering kiss,
They all send me straight to bliss.

I smile like a fool and make people laugh
They saw my mistake and called my bluff.
I don't want to write another nonsensical rhyme;
But I'm doing it right now, so make Joaquin mine!

A/N: Arnie and Gilbert Grape are characters from "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?", played by Leonardo DiCaprio (he was so brilliant in it) and Johnny Depp respectively. Joaquin as in Phoenix, as in Commodus in Gladiator. Yep. I'm in love with him. :)