I'm trapped between the worlds,
Don't know where to go.
I'm somewhat a prep,
But I have a gothic soul.

I'm not accepted by either word
I'm just looked down upon as an outcast
They think I'm just a "Poser-girl"
That they can laugh at.

I can't help who I am
It's me and only me.
Don't hate or criticize
Me for what I believe.

You know nothing of me,
Nothing at all
You didn't care of feel
"I hope you die," you said, " Ha Ha."

I'm trapped between the worlds
An awful place to be
No accepts you as you
Or Me as Me.

I can't break free
No matter how hard I try,
I fucking hate it,
I see blood when I cry.

My scars show my pain
Of being trapped here
Never put yourself here
Or you'll see blood with your tears

I'm trapped between where I'm not accepted
A world no one should see.
I'm just trapped in a world
Between the Preps and the Freaks.