konichewa, minna-san! i updated this lil poem with the second line, cuz ppl told me dat it wuz suposed 2 b or is it. well, i hope u like it anyways! i dun care about copyrights that much, cuz this isn't. howver, b cautious to not copy my work, even though i wrote it quickly, i still like it! anywayz, ja ne, minna-san and i hope u liked dis one!

Philosophy of the Senses

What is a life existing in denial of the senses?
Is it something to savour?
A curse plagued on us?
Or is it now an oblivion to us?

Gazing upon a sunset can lure one out of the deepest of burdens
To feel is a foundation in creating one of the greatest works of literature
Hearing opens profound worlds and traits to us
Even taste can distinguish any divine flavour
And olfaction can lift up any soul with one fragrance

So what is a life existing in denial of the senses?
One that is not aware of their values
They have been bestowed upon us, we should value them
And in everything the source of life can be found

by: shiro*tenshi