Part Two in the ongoing saga of my classroom. I'd love to say this is the last one, but I know there will be more to come. Unfortunately. Also I think all this stuff happened on different days, but I put it all together. Mimi, I don't know how to spell the noises you make so I guessed.

Last time I told the story of how I defeated Mimi. This didn't discourage her; instead she continued to harass me. One day she came into my room and proceeded to make random noises. She sounded like a Muppet.

"Mimi, be quiet."

"MMEEEEP!" Mimi suddenly produced a plastic Happy Meal toy with Wolverine in it. "Vrroooom!" She made it fly around then put it on my desk.

"Why is this here?" I eyed the plane like it would explode or something.

"Wolverine sucks and I don't want it anymore. MMMEEEEP!" She started playing with this cube I have on my desk. It says various insults. She kept setting it off.

"Mimi, stop." Yeah, like that would work. Finally it got so annoying that I had had it. Visions of Cathy's story where I yell at Mimi and she goes insane and possesses Candi started to fill my head. But wait! I had coupons from Christmas and if I gave one to Mimi she'd have to leave! I started to look for them. But I couldn't find them, dammit! Mimi watched me. She knew exactly what I was doing and she was pleased when I didn't find them. But I guess she was bored with my cube.

"Aow!" She sat down and actually got out homework! Wow! But my excitement was short-lived because she continued to make noises.

I tried to insult her. "Mimi, you sound like you have Tourette's." Didn't work. I saw that she was working on accounting. "Hey I should go find Mr. Winklemann and tell him you need help with your accounting homework." Maybe that would shut her up.

"Go right ahead, he's in the cafeteria." Damn, she called my bluff. I had no intention of seeking out Mr. Winklemann to talk to him. I would rather have Mimi in my classroom. "You know what he would say?" Mimi lowered her voice. " 'Hey, what are you doing Friday night?'"

"Oh, ick!" That was nasty.

" 'We could go to the College of Pharmacy.'" Mimi was still going. " 'Prescribe some lovin'!'"

"EEwwww ewww eewwwww!" Yuck. She was creeping me out. Luckily she stopped and I left the room to go do something else. When I got back she was writing things on the board. Ms. Lester likes Wolverine. Well I guess that's harmless enough. Cathy came up to the board and wrote Beast is better.

Mimi didn't agree. "No, Nightcrawler!" Then she wrote Uh-huh, Nightcrawler. Cathy retaliated Yuh-huh, Beast. Then they proceeded to have a shouting match.





I was about to pipe up that Gambit could kick both their butts any day, but they stopped by themselves and went off to the back of the room to the computers. Thank God. But my thankfulness was short-lived because Jenna, Beth, and Sarah came in. "Hi Miss Lester!" Sarah said. Sarah was usually hyper and peppy. I started to talk to Sarah about something while Beth came over and picked up a bottle of glue. She walked off playing with it.

Suddenly I was distracted. Beth and Jenna were fighting over the glue. "Hey! What are you doing?!" Jenna came over to my desk and picked up a glue stick. Then she tried to attack Beth. Somehow Jenna ended up with glue on her arm. "Ow!" She had tried to take the glue off and she'd removed some hair. Sarah got involved in the fight.

I sighed and put my hand to my forehead. "Alright! Stop right now and give me the glue. How old are you?"

Beth held up three fingers. "I'm four!" Jenna held up four. "I'm three!"

"I chose to teach high school for a reason, you know. If I wanted to teach children I would be in an elementary school. No you can't have any glue!" Jenna had tried to be sneaky and steal a glue stick.

"Miss Lester, you know you love us." That was Beth's answer to most things. And Sarah's too.

I'm not sure how much longer this would have gone on but it was time for class to start. "Mimi! You have to leave I have class." Before she left Mimi came over and gave me a hug. I tried not to flinch but seriously! I was relieved when she left.

Until next time...