I sit in the darkness humming to the sound of my music.
I rock back and forth, silently plotting their deaths.
Why can't they let me be?
Am I really that important for them to torment me?

They cause me pain.
They must not know the hours of pain I go through because of them.
I had over 30 cuts on my wrist at one point.
The scars are still there. All because of them.

It's not because of him,
It's not because of the her.
It's the whole god damn fucking world.
They're all against me.

I've lost all self confidence
I think I'm better off dead.
I feel so alone.
My knife is getting duller, so it hurts more and more.

Have they ever been through it?
Some, maybe, most never.
They can't even compare.
Their lives are perfect and I'm the quiet little girl they torment.

Can I just go mad and shoot them all at school?
No, i'd get life, or death. I don't want that.
The depressions getting deeper. The knife is in my hand.
I can feel the blood trickling, Do they know my pain?

Do they even care.
They never will.

I'm too scared to kill myself.
Not because of the Pain,
But because of the very few people I love.
I don't want them to suffer.

My friends are even derserting me now.
Soon I'll be all alone.
Maybe, if I lose the ones I love,
I'll put the gun in my own hand, and shoot.

They just don't care.
They must hate me terribly.
They ignore me and glare

I hope if you read this you are deeply touched.
Know my pain. Know how I feel
If you are one I know, be glad..
You might be the one or two people keeping me from dying.

I can't say I thank you.
I can't say I hate you for doing it.
I don't know what to say..
You're keeping me from doing the one thing I really want.

I want to die
And pass into the spiritual realm, where there is no pain.
Kill me now please,
Anyway you see fit.

Take me out of my misery.
Take away this pain of being alone.
Some one kill me now.
Even if I hurt the ones I love.

They're probably better off without me.
I'm too damn depressed.
Life sucks,
Why is the world against me?

I want my blood to drip.
Should I slit my wrist?
Or hang myself?
Or use a gun?
Or what? Ideas? please?

I want to die.
Most of you don't understand.
I hate life, and people.
They hate me back.

What's the big deal?
So they're all happy
But I was made to be miserable?
Stupid people and their torment...