Hyperspace. The layer beneath real space that allows for interstellar travel for a myriad of races, including the human race. Permitting the journey of light years in only a fraction of the time, has given human the ability to colonize the stars, but that does not come with its complications. There are those humans and non-humans that believe Earthlings or Terrans should never have left their solar system. Some aliens consider Terrans unworthy of the gift of interstellar travel and mean to defy them at every turn.

"This is just freaking great. Dumped in the Outer Lanes of h-space," screamed Xion Marco at the distancing cargo ship that was once his. He watched the Mercury class cargo ship out the front view port of the escape pod until it disappeared into the bluish-white confines of h-space. Somehow, there had been a stowaway aboard his vessel. She had been stashed away in one of the Galaxy Union's crates that he picked up at the last star port. She was beautiful and athletically built with long green hair, a common trait of growing up on the planet Antarra V. Xion figured if she could not steal a ship by force, she could probably seduce the owner out of his craft with ease. He vowed to himself that he would somehow track this vixen down and get out of her what she owed him. The payment for this run would have been enough to finish buying out his contract with Dynasty Shipping leaving him the chance to freelance which was where the real money was.

Born on a small mining planet, on the outskirts of the Solaris system, the only means to get off that boring world was to contract yourself out to some type of company that dealt off-world.

When Dynasty Shipping offered him a seven year contract to be a cargo runner, he jumped at the chance to leave MC309. His parents and his sister did not want him to leave, but supported him anyway. He was already twenty-three and figured, if he did not leave now, he probably never would. After five years of working like a dog, he had accumulated enough money to buy out his contract and put a down payment on a small cargo vessel. Now, he may not live long enough to do either.

Damn the Union and their Non-Disclosure Clause, he thought as he did an inventory check on the pod's supplies. How in the galaxy did she get past the preload bioscan. It was supposed to take care of this kind of thing.

The escape pod was a small ship, but was able to hold four passengers with rations for one week. By his calculations, he could last a whole month, but it would be meaningless if he could not get himself out of h-space. The C-class Wasp escape pod was not equipped with a hyperdrive system and without one, the ship could not pierce the barrier between h-space and real space.

"This will be a fun trip," mumbled to himself as he initiated the auto-distress signal and plopped down into the pilot seat. If this had happened in real space, he would not be worried, but Xion was making an out of the way delivery and ships rarely traveled the route he had taken. He was in deep and he knew it.