Time travellers

Jenna swept her long blonde hair over her shoulder and rested her head on her hand. School was so boring. History, who cares about it? It's History isn't it, that's the point! She felt a sharp prick in her neck to find she had been the target for the elastic band flicked by her best friend Sam. His spiky hair stayed gelled up perfectly and he laughed a bit too loudly. "Samuel. Jennifer. If you find my lesson so amusing maybe you should have a go at teaching it." Said .

"No thanks, sir!" said Sam.

"Sorry Sir." Said Jenna.

He held out the chalk, "I mean it, come up here and teach for the last 10 minutes of the day, I've been wanting a rest." That was the thing about , he always made you do things like that, weird punishments, he had never once handed out a detenion. Jenna threw an unimpressed look at Sam as she stood up. Sam stuffed his supply of elastic bands in his bag quickly and stood up.

"Samuel, we are as you know studying the different times and history of time travel, a most complex subject. Perhaps you and here can do a better job than me." He didn't raise his voice at all and sat down calmly where Sam had been, Sam stood there chalk in hand with a blank expression on his face. Jenna swept her hair over her other shoulder and stood there arms crossed impatiently. A smile crept across Sam's face. I'll tell you a little about Sam first, there was no denying he and Jenna were both smart but he was a clown and that was the whole point, he was the rest of the class's life supply. Jenna, as his best friend was just as popular as he and could always rely on him to pop a joke when she was caught talking. "Good afternoon class, I am your supply teacher, and this is my lovely assistant . I'm afraid your normal teacher is a bit, er, coo-coo!" Jenna and Sam went around with two other kids. Miss. Emily Reson and Loona (othersie known as Louis the Loon) "Now, let's get rid of this junk ." he said looking at Jenna. With great relish on her face she rubbed off the tables and graphs had spent the best part of an hour drawing on the board. 's head dropped to the desk. " , I ask you kindly leave sleeping to your house." Said Sam waving the chalk at him. He drew what looked like a paper aeroplane on the board and seized a piece of paper, Jenna and Emily both put their hand over their heads they knew what was coming. "A time travel machine relies on super out of the dimension speed so if you would all follow my direction…" 30 odd paper aeroplanes went whizzing around the class and what they weren't planning on happened. SMASH! The china elephant on 's desk crashed to the floor and shattered into hundreds of pieces. "Whoops!" said Sam pausing, arm outstretched, ready to throw another aeroplane. "NELLIE!" cried hurling himself on to the floor and grabbed the shards of china. He then remembered he was surrounded by about 32 pupils and regained himself, but turned horrible. By this time Emily and Louis had joined Jenna and Sam at the front. "SAMUEL, JENNIFER, EMILY, LOUIS!" he bellowed, "You will research a project with every possible source of knowledge and ounce of fact about the victorian times, it will have to last at least half an hour, by next Monday! CLASS DISMISSED."

"Sam!" yelled Jenna, Emily and Louis together.

"Alright, ok, don't worry, I'll think of something."