They all landed on the floor in the kitchen where the phone was. They cried of happiness and hugged eachother. It was 11:45pm on Sunday. Still in their old fashioned clothes Molly had given them they ran different directions to their homes.

At Sam's.

"MUM!" he yelled.

"Sam, oh Sam. Where were you? Oh Sam I love you!" she hugged him and kissed him in floods of tears.

"Love you too mum." He said quietly.

At Jenna's.

"Mum, Dad! Kim, Toby!" she called. Her big sister Kim (Kimberely) ran down the stairs in her nightdress and enroped Jenna into a hug. "Jenna. I hate you, why did you have to do that!" she screeched through tears. Her two year old brother ran down the stairs and Jenna scooped him up and ruffled his tousled blonde hair. She kissed him all over his face. Her parents, pulled her and her brother and sister into a huge hug and they all cried. Jenna got loose and ran straight oustide to the hutch as she grabbed her Rabbit, Nibbles she just kept crying.

At Emily's.

"Emily Reson?" asked a police officer, to her mum.

"That's it my Emily." She cried.

"EMILY!" yelled her little sister Clarissa.

"Clari,Mum!" she yelled, that was her family.

At Louis's.

"Dad? Manny?" he called. His big brother dropped his drink as he saw Louis and lifted him onto his shoulder. "Mate where've ya been?" he asked.

"Long story." He said. His dad grasped him into his arms, he was a workaholic, Louis never saw him.

"Oh dad." Is all he managed.

Our Charecters needed to find out what happened to the Smith's. They got a book they had never seen before, 'The London Loot' in it:


Rupert and Molly Smith survived the London Loot along with their pets and daughter. A lasting injury meant Molly was never able to have children again. As far as she was concerned she had 5 children. She claimed the 4 children (Samuel, Jennifer, Emily and Lionel) they had taken in from Whitecred Orphanage in Plymouth mysteriously disappeared. At the age of 85 Rupert presumably lost his mind and was only able to say: "Good ol'kids." Rebecca grew and married Priest Agoe's son Vincent. They had 4 children, after Samuel, Jennifer, Emily and Lionel. The older siblings she never knew. The remaining pets, Muppet (cat) Chester (dog) and Coal (horse) lived full lives.

Emily was able to see the late birth of Emeralds kittens and assisted her mother. The 8 kittens she named:

Rebecca (girl)

Molly (girl)






Vinnie (boy) (after Vincent, she never knew)

Sam used the time machine in a strange way. He wrote a letter to the Smith's:

Dear Rupert and Molly:

Thankyou so much for your kindess over the two days we were with you. You became a real part of us and we miss you, we hope you are okay. We miss Rebecca too and wish her the best for her life. Along with Muppet, Chester and Coal.

We love you.

Samuel, Jennifer, Emily and Lionel.

He stuck it in with the clothes Molly gave him and sent it back, he hoped it would work.

They also made a notebook:


Sam, the dude.

Jenna White.



Read the first page.

On Monday morning on their way to school Jenna said, "Sam, one problem."


"We've got no project!"

"Oh yeah!" he said.

"OH SAM!" they groaned.

Author's note:

That's my first story and I hope you liked it. I think the last chapter sums up what you need to know about how the charecters ended up. I am planning another in the time travelling series but not for a while yet, I plan to write 3 other stories first. My next one will be continuous throughout the writing of the other two and the the next one of these for now. That's the end from the Time Travellers now, I hope you enjoyed their adventures!