I sit here teary eyed and broken
I took all for granted until those implausible words were spoken
I think back to when we met
We weren't friends, no, not yet
Seclusion forced us together
And now we'll always have each other
I thought that you would be with me always
Now I find your leaving in three days
I remember how we fought
And how we made up as best friends ought
I miss you already and you're still only five miles away
Once you're gone I hope you will be okay
I love you and our friendship will never fade
When you're down and out think back to the memories we've made
I know that you can't stay
Still I pray that you may
I remember the boa you got me and the butterfly balloon
Its hard to believe your leaving soon
The end is approaching; it's closer than I think
While you drive away I'll smile and wink
Because in my heart is where you'll be
In the depths of my soul for all eternity
Do you remember seeing Cast Away?
It was just us that day
Or what about DQ
The chocolate bananas we bought from you?
I don't want to deal with pain any more
Your forcing me to dig for the strength I never had before
Remember our late night taping party in phase three?
That's one memory that will always stay with me
I'll send you a letter next time I buy a stamp
And while I write to you I'll listen to John Mellancamp
Whenever you feel up to talk about defect Barbie,
Ready to listen and share stories of EB I'll always be
Ken is going to miss you too
Deep down inside we both know he loves you
Your birthday party was tons of fun
Even though we had to buy toilet paper in the morning around one
This isn't a time to say a final goodbye
Now is your chance to fly
You'll make new friends and keep the old
Are you really going to miss guard in the blistering cold?
If I could I'd keep you by my side with my superhuman strength
But don't fret fainthearted, our love will always be like kryptenitte.
The CD you gave me I will treasure forever and ever
When I think of you I won't cry, no not never
Do you want to know why?
You're the best friend I ever had
I was lucky to know you for that I'll always be glad
So, Emmy, I'll talk to you later
The time between conversations will just be greater
Goodnight, sleep tight
Don't let the bedbugs bite.
Remember that for you my heart is always burning bright and nobody can ever put out this light.