Absolute Sapphire

**Note: this is an ORIGINAL short story created by nausicaa and is part of delphina productions 2000. DO NOT copy any of it without my permission first. I can be reached at ceres for any questions. I would also like to thank the greatest graphic novel illustrator and author ever (well in my opinion he is), hayao myazaki. The graphic novel Nausicaa has inspired this work**

The year is uncertain, but it is in the not so distant future. The world is suffering from ecological disasters, and humanity is on the brink of extinction. The ancient scriptures tell of the absolute sapphire that will guide us towards the light and a new beginning for all...

Part One: Athena's Childhood

A small girl looked towards the heavens. They were dark as usual, and a light acid rain was falling onto the streets below. The child then saw something in the sky flicker. No, wait, not flicker, change.

'The sky has shifted,' she thought.

After blinking twice, the girl searched the sky again for that same discrepancy. It came again, but in a different place this time. Then it happened again, and again, and again. Suddenly the whole sky seemed to be ripped open. A wave of ripples fluttered across the heavens, and an enormous ear piercing sound shrilled across the city.

People that had before been inside were now rushing out doors. A great wave of panic began as more and more people came to look at the spectacle.

Suddenly everything went silent. Everyone stood still and watched as a massive ray of light came shooting down from the sky onto the centre of the city.

'Live...'the girl whispered.