Written January 15th, 2002

*Copyrighted Dee Hastings 2002*

They told me to write about what I know
But I know too much for my age
Teenagers are so underestimated
Every day we turn the page
in the soap opera of our lives

Some consider life as hell
other may never want to die
Someday,someone will ring the bell
and we'll have to tell our friends

Maybe if life wasnt so difficult
teens would be more trusted
Everyone thinks we'll cause a tumult
and for every crime,we get busted.

Welcome to paradise-
welcome to a teens world
our life is so full of confusion
to me its so disillusioned
Emotions are hormones running high
but as time passes
by and by
we begin to realize...
Welcome to Paradise.

(I'm in a band and we're gonna use this so its mine all mine! Email me if
you would like to use something else of mine,though. I have lots of romance
songs that I'm not posting,and some other stuff too.)