This short poem is for you, Reiko. I don't know if you will ever have the time to read it(maybe I send it to you), but I posted it.
I hope you like it. It was written in school.

Your friend Kaeera

For you, my friend

Dedicated to Reiko
by Kaeera

I only want you to know

That I'm there for you

You can tell me everything

You can tell me your sorrow

I will listen.

And I will do my best to help you

Because I'm your friend

Friends help each other

Friends share happiness

And Friends share pain

We are friends

So I'll be there for you.

Maybe I won't be able to help you much

Maybe your pain is too big that words can help you

But I'm sure that the knowlegde

That you can rely on me


Will make it a little bit easier for you

So, I am there for you.

Because I am your friend.


Short...very short, The shortest story/poem I've ever written. Hope you like it! I wrote this only for you! You and me, we know the reason why I write this right now, don't we? Maybe it helps you, maybe you think it's rubbish(hope not!). I just had to write my thoughts somewhere. My friend said that she liked this, so I decided to post it.