Dragon Tamers and The Quest for the Crystal Shards
By: Aubrey Anne Pedersen

The legend of the Gauntlet of Power

It's hard to tell where fact and myth blend together to make a legend. Even harder to tell if there is any fact to it at all. A legend has been told so many times that those who know the truth are no longer around to tell it. The legend I'm a bout to tell you has existed from the beginning of time, and will exist until after the end of it. It is the legend of the Gauntlet of Power.

It is said that in the beginning there were four deities, named Ororo, Chantica, Arytana, and Gaia. Ororo is the goddess of air and wisdom. Chantica was the goddess of water and records. Arytana is the goddess of fire and magic. Finally Gaia is the goddess of earth and myth. Together they created all things that are, were, and yet to be. But this was not without opposition. There was the dark lord Shingami. He wanted to use the power of the goddesses to rule their created world, and all the universes and galaxies around. He was the evilest, vilest creature on the planet, nay in the whole wide scheme of things. He hatched an evil plan to kidnap the goddesses and use them. But the goddesses were stronger, and fought him off. In the end the dark lord was dead, and all four goddesses were dieing. To preserve their powers to keep all they had created running, they placed them in a gauntlet of pure silver just before they died. It became the gauntlet of power, a nonliving object with supreme power. If it fell into the wrong hands, it could be deadly. The servants of the goddesses locked it away in a different dimension, in the chest of two keys. As the name implies, it could only be opened with two keys to insure that not just one person could get the gauntlet. They placed these keys at distant ends of a small galaxy, our galaxy. This was to insure that the chest was never opened. But they didn't take into account human greed. If someone did happen to come across one of the keys, and knew what it could do, they would stop at nothing to get it.

That is where our story begins. It is the tale of hero's and heroines that have unique powers, and a destiny that is helped along the way. My name is Merlin. You might know me as the wizard of King Arthur and his time. But when the kingdom and the legends faded, I did not. I remain, forever wandering and hoping to find those who have great destinies they cannot peruse without help. And you'd be surprised how often you can find them if you really look. Now join me on this tale of a fifteen-year-old boy and his startling adventure…