Inside The Church
A Creative Piece Of Writing With a Gothic Theme

As I apporched the buliding, I noticed the sculptures of men and women were starring onto me. The whole thing reminded me of Notre Dame. This was an old church ,for sure. Then, why had it suddenly been abandonded? That was what I wanted to go and find out.
I pushed open the heavy wooden door. The old church looked like it had been left alone for years, not just the last three weeks.
The church was very dark, despite the many large windows. It was very hard to see where I was going. I felt along the wall for something to keep my balance with. Every now and again I found a column which, at least I think, had miiture sculptures of vines on.
I decided to go through a large door towards the end of the room. This door was also made of wood and also had cravings of vines on it.
The room I had now entered was, for some unknown reason, a lot lighter that the other room which I had just left. It had what seemed to be coffins just lying about the room. It looked rather creppy and it sent a cold chill down my spine. There were also a couple of bottles to the left hand side of the room. I decided to experiment.
There was a pinkish liquid in one of the bottles. I was just picking it up when, it fell! It fell right into one of the coffins!
At first I thought it was nothing, but then I heard that sound. That sound was like nothing I had heard before. It was like a whail but it was not the whail of any animal or human as far as I was aware of. That's when I saw it.
There was a hand coming out of one of the coffins. If I was a brave person I would have stayed, but I was not up heroics that day. Instead, I turned and ran.
In ran throguh the hall which I had just left moments before. It was there I had to stop. The wooden door was in front of me and it was shut fast. I tried to push it open but it was just to heavy for me.
I could see the thing heading towards me now. There were more creatures behind it. They all looked the same. It was as if they had been cloned. Perhaps they were human clones, but I had more important things to worry about then.
They were coming towards me. Was this the end?
Fortunatly, on my behalf, a cat jumped in through a small window. The creatures instead turned on it and devoured it whole. Poor thing!
I dodged the out of the creatures' way and ran back into what seemed to be the laboratory. I slammed the door behind me and locked it. I took a couple of seconds to catch my breath before looking around the room more.
In the corner of this room, there were a few things I hadn't noticed before. There were two books and a staff. The staff had a serpant craved onto it. I don't really understand why. I picked up on of the books. There was lot of dust on it and it looked very old. When I had got all the dust off of it, I read the title. It read "How To Clone Humans". So, these creatures were clones. I opened up the book and began to read it. The proceedure look very similar to that for cloning mice or sheep.
It was then I heard the most awful noise. The "clones" had worked out how to unlock the dook from the outside.
I looked around for an escape. There was a window just below one of the coffins and it was open.. That window was my only hope.I quickly made a dash for it but something tripped me up. It was the other book! I grabbed it and climbed out the window.
I ran all the way to the next telephone box. I grabbed the phone off the hook and went to dial 999 but I stopped myself. How could I tell them what had really happened? They'd think I was crzy. Instead, I decided to read the book I had picked up. Perhaps it had a piece of information that could help me.
I flicked through the yellowing pages. I found out that these thing were not just clones but zombie clones. As I read on I found out something very interresting. If a zombie is to return to it's grave, first it must taste salt. It was then I had a plan.
I waited for the zombies to appear from around the corner. Then, when they had spotted me, I took the chance to speak to them.
"Listen up," I said, hoping they could understand. "Before you guys eat me, or do whatever, how about I take you guys out for a nice meal?" They just looked at me. It was very clear they hadn't understood. There was no way I was going to trick them into eating salt. Unless, of course…..
I worked my way away from the zombies and made a dash for my house. It was a very long way and very tiring, but I didn't one stop. There was no time for that.
As I reached the front door, I fumbled with my keys and hoped the zombies were not too near-by. I still needed a little bit more time. I ran into my kitchen and franticaly searched the cupboard. At last, I found the salt container. I quickly poured the salt over myself. It was eiter me or everybody else.
All of a sudden, I heard a thundering crash from the front of the house. The zombies had arrived! I gulpped as I stepped through the kitchen door. I could now see then but they couldn't see me. I called to them, "Oh zombies, I'm over here!". They turned to look at me…