By: americananime

Notes: I wrote this about a week after 9/11, which was about the time that I got out of shock enough to write a tribute. I'm not all that good at poetry, but this is a favorite piece of mine. If you hate the US government, the way Bush is handling things, et, turn back now. I don't want rude reviews about "I hate America and they need to get over it," because that is disrespectful to Americans, especially families of the victims. No offence ment toward Muslim-Americans or Afganastans that are not involved and/or are against the Taliban.

Once again, I've made the author's note longer than the piece... ^.^;;;

Swiftly like a winter breeze
a touch of shock in all the leaves.
Greetings from Afghanistan,
Wake up, US, 'cuz we're bombing your land.

But Bush stands firm.
When will ya'll learn?
You'll never crack the melting pot.
Because the foundations of America will never rot.

Faces of Patriots are strong and bold,
because we know our fate God still holds.