Elizabeth was sick of the house five minutes after being there. She was sick of moving boxes, sick of the baby crying, and sick of listening to her mother sing and her father whistle. Most of all she was sick of Davis California her new home. She needed to get out of there so she searched the boxes found her blades and CD player and yelled to her mother, "Mom I'm going to explore. I'll be back by dinner."

She was out of the house before her mother could answer. She put on her earphones smiling as her favorite band Kittie played in her ears. She put on her blades and decided to explore this new town that she was to call home. Her parents had decided that they were "sick of city life" and had to "stretch their legs" in a small town where they would have room to live. Which to Elizabeth was all bullshit. This is the kind of town where everyone knows each other and has grown up together. Hell, there are only a hundred juniors like me. I'm going to be invading on their little hick town life.

She already was planning on how she could escape. She realized she had gone out of her Neighborhood and was heading towards Main Street. What a joke! "Main Street" is big enough for one mom and pop store, a pizza place, one gas station, and a club? I didn't know there were any clubs here. Maybe there is hope for this town. The clubs name was Dark Dreams. There was no bumper and the doors were wide open with music blaring out of there. Elizabeth could see lights flashing inside. She decided she'd have to check it out later. She kept going and decided to visit her school and see what it looked like.

Up until today she had never even seen this place and neither had her parents. The day after they had got the idea to move they found out that some great aunt of her mother had left them a small country house when she had died earlier that year but no one had found out that she had left it to them until then. Actually, no one had even known she had a house out in sunny California. Elizabeth missed New York and wanted to go back. She turned off her CD player and took off her headphones as she arrived at the school. It was a red brick building that looked welcoming and friendly it was smaller than her other school. It's like ten times smaller then my other school. As she was going around the back of the school she heard a weird noise and she turned startled behind her was the ocean. Damn it's beautiful. At least they have an ocean. She made a mental note to buy a new bathing suit the next time they go into a big city for shopping.

Elizabeth just stared at the ocean and started to skate towards it. She found a big rock just before the pavement ended and she took off her skates and rolled up her pants. She never wore shorts but she might have to because of how hot it was getting. She left her skates, CD player and socks and she walked onto the beach sinking her feet into the white sand. This is a lot different then the beaches back home. Not better but different. She smiled she had always loved the ocean and visited it all the time. Elizabeth walked up to the waves and felt the waves caress her feet as they crashed on the beach. The waves are so warm here. She smiled and laughed this may just be fun. She kicked at the water and started walking down the beach. She finally just sat in the sand watching the waves.

"Beautiful isn't it?"

Elizabeth jumped and suppressed a scream she turned towards where the voice had come from as a wet nose pushed it's self in her face and she laughed as the dog licked her face.

"He's name is Zeus after the Greek god."

"He seems to like me."

"That makes two of us. I'm Kevin. What's your name?" He held out his hand to help her up.

"My name is Elizabeth. Thanks." She brushed sand off the back of her pants and stared at Kevin's handsome face. He had the all American surfer look blond hair, blue eyes, dimples and a great body. She felt like she could drown in his eyes.

"Your names Lizard? Hey lizard." He teased.

"Very funny." She laughed and they started walking down the beach. I can't believe my luck a cute guy coming up and talking to me a couple of hours after I've moved her it's perfect just like in the movies.

"Did you just move her?"

"Yea I'm from New York and my parents were tired of the city life so they decided to move here."

"I'd be happy to show you around our humble little ol' town."

"I'd love that." She smiled they walked towards where she had left her blades.

"How old are you?"

"I'm sweet sixteen."

"So that makes you a junior like me. Great we need more cute girls in our school." They continued to talk introducing themselves telling about their likes and dislikes. Zeus walked next to them every once in awhile disappearing for a few seconds then running back.

Kevin looked at her in dismay, "how can you hate marshmallows and cake?"

''I 'dun no I just always have."

"Well it just makes you cuter. Do you have a boyfriend back home?"

She turned red how can she tell him that she had never been popular enough to have boyfriends, "Um, nope. I broke up with my last one before coming here." She would just tell a little white lie.

"Well that works for me. Just be careful when the rest of the guys see there is a new girl in town they'll flip. Actually let's just introduce you to them. Everyone is in Dark Dreams. It's a club here."

"I know I saw it while I was going to the beach." A look of surprise crossed his face but he pushed it away.

"Well then let's go."

They walked to the club Kevin kept teasing her and they came to the doors of the club. Zeus lay down outside. "As far warning this club is a little different than any other club you'll ever visit. Just accept what you see and don't ask questions."

A shiver ran up her spine as she nodded quickly. How creepy is that? I wonder what he means. They walked in the club there were candles lit all around the club and that seemed to be the only place light was emanating from but some how there was enough light. There was a dance floor in the middle with some people dancing to trance music on it. There was a bar with black stools in front of it. Teenagers were either there or sitting at the tables. There was a couple making out in the corner she could only see their pale skin because of their black clothes that blended in with the background. Kevin led Elizabeth to a big table full of guys and girls.

"Hey everyone. This is Lizard she just moved in to our wonderful town."

Elizabeth punched him embarrassed that he called her Lizard. The guys and girls looked at her checking her out she seemed to pass inspection because everyone started introducing themselves. I'll have to learn names later there are to many people to remember. The only name she did catch was this guy Tyler who was very handsome but seemed very kept to himself but looked like he was very nice. There was only one person who didn't say anything, she was unearthly beautiful and you could tell she knew it. She looked at Elizabeth and coldly said, "What kind of name is Lizard?"

Elizabeth grew redder, "My name is actually Elizabeth but Kevin won't stop calling me Lizard."

"Yeah Steph. She's cool I checked. She saw the club before I brought her here you know what that means."

Elizabeth looked confused. Steph as Kevin called her gave him a mean look, "I know I'm just as strong as you I could tell as she walked in, but that doesn't mean she gets to come in here. You should have had everyone check her first."


Who does he think he his bringing a stranger in to our club. She's not going to be able to ever come back if I have anything to do with it. She doesn't realize it but life in Davis will be a living hell for her for however long she stays.


Elizabeth hated people not liking her before they knew her. She felt like she was going to cry, "If you want me to I can go right now. I don't want to make any trouble." She turned around to leave and felt a hand rest on her shoulder.

"Don't worry about her she'll cool off someday."

"I hope so but I have to go home I promised my parents I'd be back for dinner."

"I walk you home then."


They walked back in silence when they reached her front porch Kevin turned to her, "Don't worry about Steph she's just uneasy with new people. She'll warm up to you. See you at school Lizard."

She stuck her tongue out at him then smiled, "Thanks."

He gave her a quick hug and walked off into the evening. Elizabeth sighed and leaned against the door. He's so cute and everyone seemed so nice. I can't wait until tomorrow. She opened the door and walked in. She threw her blades by the door. Her mom asked her where she but she didn't really notice she walked to her room in a daze and laid on the bed listening to her music. She thought about Kevin. She finally fell asleep.


Music was blaring from the radio as Elizabeth hit it trying to get it to stop. Yesterday in the morning she had been able to find one good radio station. She was about to turn over and go back to sleep when she realized that it was the first day of school. She looked over to the clock it said 6:04. Good I have two hours to get ready and go to school. She got up and took a hot shower and when she finished blow-drying her long brown hair she went down stairs. She heard her little brother start crying as she was pouring her self some cereal. Poor Travis he gets to spend his whole life living in this town. At least I'll be out of here in two years. When she was back in her room she tried to figure out what to wear. She needed something sexy but not sluttish. She finally chose a cheetah top that fit closely and showed off her small stomach and made her bust look bigger. Then she found some of her raver pants and her old worn blue sneakers. She sat in front of the mirror and brushed her long brown hair until it shined. She decided to just leave it down but she put a hair band on her wrist just in case. She brushed on some mascara and decided to skip the rest of the makeup. As she passed her bed she saw the clock 7:38. Shit! I need to go to pick up my schedule. She decided to walk or actually jog to school.


"Hey sweets! Thanks for picking me up. Did you hear there's a new girl in town? Well, she wants to be in the group. Kevin brought her into the club last night. I need you to become her friend and keep an eye on her. Make sure they don't get to close and that she doesn't get too powerful. No one will think anything of you keeping an eye on her. Just don't be seen talking to me about her."

"Okay Steph I'll watch her. Just show me who she is and fill me in."


"Hey Lizard need a ride?"

Elizabeth jumped and then laughed it was Kevin, "Sure." She got in and closed the door. They drove to school listening to music in silence. They got to school and he showed her were the office was. As they were walking from the office with her new schedule she noticed that everyone was saying "hi" or waving at Kevin.

"You sure seem loved." She remarked

"Yeah, well everyone loves me." He smiled so she would know he was kidding.

"No I think that they all just feel sorry for you." She teased.

"You've known me what all of one day and already your putting me down?" She blushed in embarrassment. "I like that in a girl. Let me see your schedule."

He looked it over and smiled as he scanned her classes, "I have second, sixth and seventh with you. "

"That 's cool so I'll at least know someone even if the person is as evil as you are."

Kevin gave her a "who? Me?" look, "Shit," he mumbled, "Seventh will be interesting. Steph and Cathy are in that class, but at least Jenny, Kelly, Cammy, and Tyler will be in there as well as me. Oh Carry is in our class she's not one of us but she's cool. She's also in your sixth."

She wondered what he meant. The bell rang so he walked in her first period with her. He looked in the class and then smiled and pushed her over to a group of people.

"Everyone this is Lizard. She just moved in. I want you to treat her like one of us because she is or will be soon."

One of them? I wonder what that means. What are they? She smiled at them and shyly said, "Hi."

"Lizard this is Kelly, Cammy, David, and John." They smiled at her and started asking her questions about herself. Kevin gave her a hug and waved good-bye to everyone.

The bell rang and everyone started shuffling to sit down. Elizabeth didn't know what to do she felt embarrassed should she sit with them. Kelly tapped her on the shoulder, "Would you like to sit by me?"

Elizabeth smiled gratefully, "Thanks."

"I'm Kelly. So, how do you like it here so far?"

"It seems OK I still miss my friends," Kelly nodded sympathetically, "But Kevin is being really nice."

"Yeah, he's a sweetheart, especially to girls. Is your name really Lizard?"

Elizabeth laughed and explained. She somehow knew that they were going to be good friends. Pretty soon the other girl Cammy was talking to them. She was very bubbly and energetic but very funny. They compared schedules Cammy and Kelly had third and Seventh with Elizabeth and Kelly had sixth with her. By the time the bell had rung, Elizabeth felt like she had known these girls for years. They told her where here second period, History, was and they walked off yelling at a group of people. Elizabeth walked in her class smiling. History was her favorite subject and she had already made some new friends. This was going better than she had originally thought.


Elizabeth walked in the cafeteria looking for her new friends. She never ate lunch so she didn't have to worry about that but she didn't want to look like a loser sitting by herself.

"Hey Lizard. Looking for Kev?" She nodded. "Well he's outside with the whole group. He sent me to find you. Come on."

The boy, who she found out later was named Cole took her by the wrist and pulled her out a back door. There was a group of about 11 people sitting on the grass outside including Steph, Kevin, Kelly, Cammy and Tyler the guy from the club. Kevin called out to her and she smiled and went to sit on the grass with him. Steph and a girl who was whispering with her gave Elizabeth a mean look. Kevin gave her a big hug and swung her around.

"Stop it Kevin," Elizabeth was embarrassed. Kevin smiled at her.

"Lizard I think you met everyone at the club yesterday. I'm glad you came to eat lunch with us." The last part Kevin whispered so only Elizabeth heard. She was getting used to being called Lizard since everyone called her that now. Everyone in the group was beautiful and in some way different then all the rest but they also seemed connected in a way Elizabeth could not describe. She knew that they were the group that everyone wanted to hang out with. She felt lucky but confused that they wanted her to be with them. She wasn't the stereotypical popular girl. She didn't wear clothes that were "in style" she wasn't beautiful (or so she thought) and she had nothing to offer to their group. Elizabeth looked up from the spot on the grass she had been staring at and realized that someone was talking. It was the boy from the club named Tyler.

"...Problem. Should I just keep talking like before or do we need to change the subject?"

Kevin spoke up, "Keep talking she'll learn anyways so why does it matter where she learns it from?"

I wonder who they are talking about. What does Tyler mean should he change the subject? Who'll find out what? Well, I'm completely and totally confused.

Tyler cleared his throat and continued talking while every once in awhile throwing nervous glances at Steph, "Okay as I was saying before Carry is getting a little to nosy. She's been spotted watching the club. We all know she can't see it but she knows something's there and that people disappear. We need to figure out what to do about her."

The girl, who was whispering with Steph looked up, smiled and said cruelly, "We could always just make her disappear."

"Cathy," Kevin rolled his eyes, "You know we don't do that."

"No you have it wrong Kevy dear. You don't do that."

"Cathy," Kevin warned, "Don't push my buttons."

"But it's so fun Kevy."

"Tyler finish talking."

Tyler smiled and Elizabeth realized that he was even handsomer then Kevin when he smiled, "We can figure out what to do tonight at Steph's house. Also we need to figure out what we are doing for the full moon on Saturday. If anyone needs any specific, um," he looked nervously towards Elizabeth, "if anyone needs anything specific done write it out and give it to me or Kelly and we'll see if we can fit it in and make sure that it fits the Reed. We also need to figure out if we are having an initiation or not on the day of the full moon. We vote tomorrow night. Remember majority wins unless there is just cause. That's all for today."

Some people left at this point. Steph and Cathy got up and moved under a tree a few feet away. She stayed by Kevin. Cammy, Kelly and Tyler sat with them, but Tyler was silent all he did was steal glances at Elizabeth every once in a while but she never noticed. Elizabeth couldn't speak for a few minutes but then found her voice.

"What does all this mean? What's going on?"


Steph glanced at the group. Kev is getting way to close to this girl who has no right in being in our group. She's not one of us.

She turned to Cathy, "We need to do what ever we can to make sure she doesn't become part of our group. Look how she's getting all lovey dovey with Kev it's sick."

"Who is she anyway," asked Cathy, "She looks like to much of a goody to be on our side. How does Kevy know if she's on of us or not?"

"He can sense as well as I but I don't want her part of us. She'll just be in the way."

"I know what you mean. Not to try to change the subject or anything but what spells are you going to do at the ritual tonight?"


"What do you mean magic? Magic isn't real it's tricks magician's do to steal peoples money."

Kevin slowly shook his head and sighed, "Magic is real just wait until the full moon and I'll prove it to you."

"So are you supposedly a magician or a warlock or something?"

Kevin smiled, "No my dear Lizard. You, everyone in the group, and I are all witches?"

Elizabeth looked at him astounded. I always knew there was something different about me. Something that no one else had. She should have said that out loud but instead she said, "Yeah right."


"Kev I'm to much to handle. You haven't seen my wild side yet." Elizabeth was lying on her bed she had just finished unpacking her stuff in her room.

Kevin laughed, "Well little Lizard I think you'll just have to wait and see because no girl is to much for me."

"Just wait and see." Just wait and see Kev. He would figure out soon enough.

"So what are you like when you're being wild and crazy."

"Well," Elizabeth sighed trying to find the right words, "I like to get attention and I'll do anything for attention even if it means standing on a table and screaming. I'm the opposite of me at school. But you won't see the wild and crazy Elizabeth until I'm a little more comfortable with all the people at school."

"If I take you to the club this weekend do you think you could give me a taste of what the wild and crazy Lizard is like?"

"Sure why not?"

"Is everyone at school being nice to you? Yeah I made friends with a bunch of girls in my fifth and sixth. Steph and Cathy are still against me and I don't know why."

The kept talking for a while the whole time Elizabeth avoided the subject of magic, spells, and witches. She didn't want to get in to it again it was too much to handle right now.


Steph looked up sharply, "Oh you startled me. Did you start to make friends with her."

"Yes," the girl nodded, "She isn't very close to me yet but she will be soon."

"Good we need to start ruining her life as soon as possible. Get her to trust you and tell you about herself."

"I will and what do I get for doing this."

Steph laughed, "when this is all done you will get anything you want including a high place in the coven when I take over."


"Shit I've got to go Lizard. It's almost seven and I have to be somewhere in a half hour. I'll pick you up tomorrow for school."

"Bye Kev. Thanks for giving me a ride today and being so nice to me."

"No problem that's what I do."

They hung up. Elizabeth sighed, he's so cute and so nice. He's helped whenever he could. I should get with him. It'd be fun but I want to make sure I learn more about the witch thing. I wonder why they think I'm a witch. He said at lunch that it was hereditary. My parents would have told me if they were witches. They also would have told me if I was different then everyone else. Wouldn't they?


Elizabeth had barely finished breakfast when the doorbell rang. It was Kevin. "Hey cutie need a ride?"

"Sure, Thanks Kev."

They walked over to his mustang convertible. She stopped as she saw Tyler sitting in the front seat.

"I hope you don't mind I picked up Tyler he had no ride today."

"Nope, it's no problem. Hey Tyler what's up?"

He waved slightly and took a puff from his cigarette all the time watching her. He was tall over six feet with brown spiky hair and brown eyes. He had a sweet smile but looked dark at the same time. As they drove to school he kept quiet and didn't talk. When they got to school a girl ran up to Kevin and started talking to him hurriedly. Elizabeth recognized her she was part of the group. Her name was Jenny she was also in Elizabeth's sixth period.

Kevin turned to Elizabeth, "Lizard I've got to go I'll see you later."

He gave her a hug and rushed off with Jenny.


Now is my chance. I may never get another one. But what do I do? What will she think? She's so beautiful and sweet. I don't think she realizes how beautiful she is. Her lips are so soft and so inviting I just want to grab her and kiss her right now but I can't I have to wait so I don't scare her away.


There she is by Kevin's car. Good he's leaving with that ditz Jenny now only if Tyler would leave I could talk to her. No I can't let anyone realize that I'm trying to get close to her. I just wait until class and lunch. I won't be suspected there. I hope Steph doesn't mind if this takes awhile. I can't just get her trust in a few minutes.


"Hey Tyler will you walk with me to class?" Elizabeth asked. She hoped that he would she didn't want to walk to class alone.

"Sure," Tyler smiled, "Let's go."

They started walking and as they talked Elizabeth realized what a nice guy Tyler was. He likes a lot of the same things that she did and she realized she was starting to like him. Is it possible to like two guys this much at the same time? I wonder what I should do.

"Thanks for walking me Tyler." Elizabeth smiled and gave him a hug.

"No problem. Liz anytime by the way I should warn you try to get on everyone's good side today." He smiled shyly and left. After a few steps he looked back but she was gone.


"I can't believe it," grumbled Cammy, "That jerk gave us three chapters to read plus an essay just because we didn't do any work when the sub was there."

Elizabeth laughed, "You complain way to much Cammy."

"Yeah, Cammy's never happy unless she's complaining. That's all she does complain."

"That's not true Kelly."

"Right, You talk to much to."

Elizabeth and Kelly kept teasing Cammy. She finally gave up on defending herself and decided to give them the latest gossip.

"You'll never believe it. I heard from Jenny that Steph has something really horrible planned for the full moon ritual. She's going to..."

Steph walked by so they all became silent and rushed off. Elizabeth had to leave for class before she got to hear what Cammy said.

Elizabeth sat in her seat just as the bell rang. Kevin had saved her a seat. They were watching a movie on some war so the started talking.

"Lizard, the vote is tonight."

"What vote?"

"You know the vote I'm talking about on whether you can join the coven or not."

"I'm still confused explain it again."

Kevin sighed, "Okay well in the days when human's lived in caves millions and millions of years ago."

Elizabeth started laughing, "Humans haven't been around for 'millions and millions of years." Humans have only been around for a couple hundred thousand years dim wit."

Kevin scowled at he jokingly, "That's besides the point. When human's lived in caves they were much more attune to nature and to the gods. The human's lived in tribes together. When they worshipped the god's they would use Herb's' and different devices they found in nature to call the god's or pray to them. Two tribes in particular, who were sister tribes, were very attentive to the god's. They prayed everyday and included the god's in every part of their lives. They listened to nature and it spoke back to them. Finally the Lord and Lady."

"Who are they?"

"They are the God and Goddess they are called many different names and given many different personalities but they are the creators of our being and they protect us. As I was saying the Lord and Lady finally noticed how good the two tribes were and how they always treasured the Lord and Lady above all else while the other tribes where lacking in devotion. They brought the two tribes together and came to them. They told the tribes that in reward for their obedience and ever lasting devotion and love for them that they would be granted a piece of the god's. Then Lord and Lady then slashed at their own wrists and poured their blood into a chalice and passed it around to all the members of the tribes. Each tribe member took a small sip from the glass as to not be too greedy once they had taken the sip they changed. Each person became more beautiful and they felt full of power and knowledge. The beauty was because since they had drunk the blood of the god's they became god like themselves. The power they received was called magic. The gained the knowledge of how to use their magic for good. As a consequence of drinking the blood they became part immortal. They would never suffer from sickness or old age. The only way for them to die would be to be stabbed through the heart or crushed. The last two tribe members to drink out of the cup were two of the greediest people in the tribe the boy was named Thanin and the girl was named Sharina. They both took deep gulps out of the cup they finished off the immortal elixir in the cup. These two did not become what their friends and family had become they became something else, something dark and evil. Since they had drunk so much of the blood they had began to crave it and need it for life. Their hearts were dark and knew only evil. The lord and lady realized their mistake of letting these two drinks of the cup so they did the only thing they could think of they banished Thanin and Sharina from the light. The only time they could come out was during the darkness. They became the hunters of the night better known as vampires. They had little magic, because it needed the daylight and the goodness of a person's heart to work so they hid weakly in the deepest parts of the caves away from their old friends. They fed on small animals and whatever mistakenly crawled into the cave. Gradually they grew stronger and as the darkness took over they learned the magic of the dark. They found out their strengths and weaknesses. They were stronger then any human being, they were fast and quiet, made for hunting. They could hit a person's mind with their power to stun them and drink their blood. The only weakness they had was from wood. Especially oak wood would wound them and kill them if driven through their hearts. They also figured out how to change people to make them one of their kind. Thanin and Sharina still live even now. It would take great power to kill them but their servants are the ones we protect humans from. We, the witches, are the decedents
of the two tribes who were blessed by the god's. There are many people who have a touch of magic in them but some have it very strongly we in the group are the only ones who we know of who have this strong of magic. Everyone's parent's moved to this spot right before we were born. No one else with these type's of powers has moved here until you."

Elizabeth shook her head, "Why do you think I have powers?"

"Once a person learns how to use their powers they can sense others with magic. We know that there are places with other decedents that have very strong powers too but we haven't found them. There was only one person here, before us, that had magic she was oldest lady in this town. She found each of us when we had just turned 13 and explained everything I just explained to you."

"Okay let me get this straight. I'm a decedent of this tribe of people who were given magical powers by the god's. So I can do magic, I'm pretty because of that and I'm immortal?"

"No only the first witches have immortality."

"Okay so there are a bunch of thousands of year old people running around the world?"

"Some have been killed off by the vampires but others still live and slay vampires. Just like we do."

"Okay now I get it. We're a combination of Buffy and Willow."

"Yeah pretty much I guess that works." Kevin smiled.

"And there are Vampires hanging around that are next to impossible to kill but we have to save the poor human's who don't realize any of this from the Vampires?"

"Yeah," Kevin nodded his head enthusiastically, "You got it."

The bell rang and people started filing out of the room. Elizabeth shook her head, "And you want me to believe that? Yeah right."

Elizabeth stormed out of the room without looking back. That can't be true. None of that can be true. It's to impossible and improbable to have happened. It's some sort of trick, you know, play mind games with the new girl. Make her fall in love with the cute guy and think she's got a lot of friends. Before she knew it Elizabeth was in tears she ran out of the school and down towards the beach.


Kevin put his head in his hands and sighed. I should have waited for her to figure it out herself. What have I done? I hope I didn't ruin everything totally. We still may have a chance maybe she will believe after awhile. We vote tonight though. If only she wasn't so beautiful and so innocent I would have never felt the need to explain everything to her. Steph is right I'm getting to attached. What have I done?


The waves lapped against her feet she had discarded her sandals and her tears mixed with the salt of the ocean. What has come over me? Why am I crying? What if it isn't a joke? I don't know what to do.

"Do you mind if I sit here?"

Elizabeth looked up startled. Tyler sat down next to her, "Liz, What's wrong?"

"I can't believe it. How can this all be true? I don't have magic there's no such things as witches and vampires."

"So Kevin told you? You know it's true Liz. Look inside your heart is telling you it's true. If your anything like I was you always knew you were different. That's why people were never close to you. That's why a lot of guys liked you but would never ask you out. I remember all that. Did Kev tell you that I, too, moved here later. I moved here when I was fifteen I never grew up with everyone. You know everything is true don't deny it."

I think he's right. I do know it's true I just can't believe it. Why me of all the people in the world? "I know it's true," Elizabeth finally whispered.

Tyler put his arm around her and she rested her head on his shoulder. As she put her head on his shoulder's she felt a pull like she was falling. She didn't know but Tyler was feeling the same way. She looked up at Tyler his eye's were wide and a little bit frightened but as he stared at her they dimmed and he smiled she noticed the dimple on his right cheek just as he bent down to kiss her.


"Well," Steph demanded, "Where is she? What's happening?"

"I don't know. She just disappeared after second. Kevin is looking really upset and Tyler is gone too."

"Tyler hasn't been interested in a single girl at our school since Katrina and that was years ago. So something else must be happening."

"I'll keep an eye out. I'll talk to her during class or lunch or something."

"Good you don't want to disappoint me. You never want to be on my bad side. Your not in our group yet and you never will be if it is left up to Kevin. SO don't fail me."

"Of course not Steph. You know me I never fail."


At lunch everyone sat down for the meeting. Kelly stood up to talk, "Okay we're going to start even though two of the members are not here."

"Actually," Steph put in, "Only one member is not here."

"Sorry," Kelly said sarcastically sweet, "One member and one candidate for membership are missing. Anyways, Anna is still bothering us. Yesterday I caught her following me around. We need to do something about her. Also, we vote tonight on whether Lizard gets to join our coven. We all know we need all the powerful witches we can get especially with the..."

Steph interrupted, "Oh look here coming the missing people now. I wonder where they were?"

Tyler and Elizabeth came walking towards them both were a little flushed but smiling. "Sorry we're late. I just learned everything and Tyler was helping me see that it's all true." Elizabeth apologized to everyone.

"Have we started the meeting already?"

"Yeah sorry Tyler we waited but since you weren't here I took over your spot."

"No problem. So where were you?"

"I was talking about the vote tonight and the reason's why." Kelly smiled and moved over so Tyler could sit down. Kevin smiled towards and was surprised when Elizabeth blushed she moved towards Kevin to sit down. Tyler gave her a look and her eyes told him, "I'll explain later." So he sat and started to explain the vote.

"Okay we vote tonight on whether Liz will join us or not. I explained to her about the vote today. You all know the reason for the vote. It is essential that she joins she is powerful as all of you have sensed but since the battle is coming nearer..."

"What battle?" Elizabeth asked.

Tyler looked at her surprised, "No one told you about the battle coming up I was sure that Kevin had told you."

Elizabeth blushed but before she could answer Kevin spoke up, "Uh, the teacher interrupted us before I could finish so I never got to that part."

Why didn't he tell anyone that I ran out of the room because I didn't believe him? The teacher didn't care that we were taking. I'm glad he didn't tell everyone though. I'm so embarrassed.

"Okay," started Tyler, "We have been sensing the vampires coming closer. They have realized that power has been growing her. For awhile we thought they just sensed our power but then we realized the reason we were all attracted to this spot is because there is a hidden power hidden underneath the town. We have found out there are a series of caves hidden under the town because we are so close to the beach the bottom of the caves are full of water but some of the entrances are located in the hills by our town. We have only found one entrance to the caves but it was a dead-end. We can sense that what we are looking for is near the center of town but we can't figure out a way to reach there. That's where you come in. You would make us a full coven so our powers will be strengthened with you joining us. The only reason we need to vote is because if you're not excepted by most of the coven then the powers will never work right."

"Okay that works what do you need me to do tonight."

"Nothing you'll be informed when the vote is completed. All you need is a goodnight sleep."


"We don't have much time so what progress have you made?"

"Lizard was talking to me all of sixth period. Kevin was there, trying to get her attention but she was paying hardly any attention to him."

Steph looked surprised, "So she has given up on Kev? Or does she just not like him anymore?"

"Well she told me that she would explain it tonight when I call her."

"So you are becoming better friends with her that's great. What else did you talk about?"

"Well we talked a little about the vote tonight and we discussed what we could do with our powers. She wants to know all the different kind of spells we can do."

"Did she want to know about a certain kind of spell?"

"Yes she wanted to know about love and protection spells."

"Very good. Thanks a lot."


"Why didn't you sit by me at lunch or during seventh," Tyler demanded.

Elizabeth sighed and switched the phone to her other ear, "I don't know I just had this weird feeling like I shouldn't let anyone know about us."

"What kind of feeling?"

"Well, it was kinda, um, this may sound weird but it was like a little voice telling me not to let it known."

Tyler was surprised, "Then it's a good thing that we have kept this secret for awhile."

"You don't think I'm weird?"

"No it's your magic that was talking to you and telling you that no one is supposed to know yet."

"I wonder what that means? Why shouldn't anyone know?"


Kevin stood up everyone was sitting in a circle in his living room, "So it's final no one can change their vote after this point. Raise your hands if you think we should not let Elizabeth Katherine Sarosa join the coven."

All the hands in the room go up including Kevin's. Steph stood up, smiled and started laughing cruelly, "Why would we want that bitch in our club?"

Elizabeth sat up sweating. Oh it's just a dream. I hope I get in. I don't want to be left out. Steph could actually ruin it all for me.


Kevin didn't pick Elizabeth up so she was almost late for school. She ran in the school just as the bell rang. No one from the group were in her first period. Elizabeth went through the rest of her classes the only person who she was able to talk to was Carry, Anna, and Matt. They were her only other friends who were not in the club. At lunch she went out to the usual spot everyone was there. They weren't talking and only Kevin had his backpack with him. They turned as she came up. Tyler took her by one arm Elizabeth felt like she was falling again and Tyler pulled his arm away then he put his hand on her sleeve and Kelly took the arm and they led her away motioning to her to not talk. They walked out the front of the school with the rest of the group following.


Where could they all be going? I've always known there is something suspicious about them. Everyone else seems to ignore it. They laugh at me when I accuse them. Now if I really saw something then they couldn't do anything about it. I'll follow them.


They headed out to the beach. They continued walking past the spot where Kevin had first said "Hi" to her and they walked by the spot that she and Tyler had been kissing. She noticed him falter at that spot but then he tightened his grip on her arm and they never stopped. Finally they climbed over some rocks. No one had said a thing they were all being silent. They reached the top of the pile of rocks and Elizabeth gazed down. There was a small area of sand at the bottom of rocks before they made another hill. It was an area large enough that everyone could sit around they circle knees touching. The area of sand was perfectly symmetrical. Elizabeth shuddered as she looked at it. She could feel the power there. They all sat on the edge of the circle just inside the ring of rocks except for Elizabeth and Tyler he kept holding her by the arm. Cole stepped in the middle of the circle and took off his backpack and brought out a white candle, a box of matches, a stick of incense, two bowls, and a strange knife. Tyler left Elizabeth she didn't know what to do so she just stood there wondering what was happening. Tyler took a decorated knife from Cole and stepped towards Elizabeth. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Kevin going to a break in the rocks with the bowl. Tyler stood directly in front of Elizabeth, he held the knife at her throat and spoke for the first time that day. For once his voice wasn't shy and quiet but powerful and loud.

"You are about to be accepted into our circle. If fear lay in thy heart it would be better to thrust thyself upon this knife then enter our circle. If no fear lay in thy heart enter now."

Elizabeth didn't know what to do if she moved the knife would kill her. So she took a deep breath stared into Tyler's eyes and walked forward. The knife fell away as she stepped forward. Tyler passed the knife to the girl on his right and she repeated the saying and then passed the knife down the line of people. The last person that Elizabeth had to face was Steph. Elizabeth knew that Steph hated her for some unknown reason and may actually kill her if she had the chance. She also knew she couldn't back down and this was her final test.

"If fear lay in thy heart it would be better to thrust thyself upon this knife then enter our circle. If no fear lay in thy heart enter now," Steph smiled cruelly at Elizabeth. Her eye's dared Elizabeth to run as well as dared her to go forward. Fear rose up into Elizabeth's throat she knew something bad would happen if she was afraid as she stepped forward so she thought of everything that she treasured she finally smiled calmly and unafraid at Steph and walked forward. The knife left a slight cut on Elizabeth's skin but Elizabeth had survived. She turned towards Tyler.

"Now you must swear to be loyal and loving to each of your fellow coven members. You must help us protect the humans from the vampires and you must swear to always keep to the light."

Elizabeth smiled, "I swear to be loyal and loving to each of the coven members and to protect human's from vampires. I also swear that I would rather die then turn to the dark. I will do everything in my power to stop the vampires."

Tyler smiled and then hugged her. One by one every person in the coven gave her a hug some of the girl's kissed her on the cheek. Finally everyone sat in the circle. Elizabeth had ended up between Tyler and Kevin.

Tyler took the matches and lit the candle; with the candle he lit the incense. One of the bowls was now filled with water thanks to Cole and the other Tyler filled with earth. He stood up first with the bowl of earth and faced north, where he had been sitting and said, "Hail Spirits of the North, Powers of Earth. Be with us here tonight. Bring us your strength, prosperity, and stability into our circle. Please protect us from harm and guard us tonight. So mote it be. " Everyone echoed, "So mote it be!" He walked around the circle three times while saying that sprinkling dirt behind the circle that they made. The ground felt alive while he was doing this. Once he got to north again he put down the bowl and Kelly stood up she took the stick of incense and held it out to the east, "Hail Spirits of the East, Powers of Air. Be with us here tonight. Bring us your, and into our circle. Please protect us from harm and guard us tonight. So mote it be. " Everyone echoed, "So mote it be!" She walked around the circle three times holding the incense to the outside of the circle. A breeze picked up and picked up Elizabeth's hair. Once Kelly sat down Tyler stood up and took the candle and repeated the ceremony. The final person was Steph. As mean as she was to people she was one of the strongest of the coven. When she finished Tyler and Kelly stood up facing north. They called out together, "Lord and Lady we ask you to accept this girl as one of your daughters and as a new member of our coven," Tyler pulled Elizabeth up so she was standing between him and Kelly, "We have voted and she has gone through the ceremony. If you accept her give her the traditional dream. Thanks you Lord and Lady."

Everyone clapped and they put away the tools. People kept coming up to Elizabeth and congratulating her. She just stood there in shock. Finally she found her voice, "Am I part of the coven?"

Kevin smiled, "You'll find out tonight."

"So what do we do know?" As she said this a bunch of people were grabbing bags of food from behind the rocks.

"Now," Kevin hugged her, "We celebrate."


Carry couldn't move she was to astonished. What just happened? What are they? I knew the whole group of people was weird but their witches? They worship the devil. I have to tell everyone and warn everyone of what they are doing. Oh my god. Carry started to get up to run to the village.

"Tsk! Tsk! Spying on people Carry? I thought that was beneath you." Cathy smiled cruelly.


Tyler and Elizabeth sat down and grabbed some food. "What happened in the vote last night?" Elizabeth inquired.

"Only two people voted against you, and I'll give you three guesses on who they were but we needed a unanimous vote so we changed their minds."

"How did you do that?"

"Well, the one thing on Steph and Cathy's mind is power and in order to get true power we need a full coven and you help us be a full coven."

Elizabeth was puzzled but decided to think about it later. She was about to ask Tyler another question when Steph started to talk.

"Everyone," Steph yelled and everyone shut up, "I have a little surprise for you." She looked around making sure everyone was paying attention.

"We have a little spy," She reached behind the rock where she was standing and pulled out a girl Elizabeth recognized from school, "Say hello to the people Carry."

Everyone just stared they couldn't believe their eyes. "What's she doing here?" shouted someone, Elizabeth couldn't tell who.

"I don't know," Steph grabbed Carry's arm, "Why are you here?"

Carry sniffed and was shaking she was close to tears, "I always knew you guys were weird but I didn't know you guys were really witches. All of you are crazy. Let me go! Don't hurt me!" Carry was starting to get hysterical.

Steph pushed her into the circle of rocks, "I have a proposition to make. I think that we should perform our first spell for tonight and kill the spy."

Carry gasped and fainted. Kevin glared at her angrily, "You know we don't kill people our harm others that's what the vampires do. We are supposed to protect the human's Steph."

Steph glared back, "So what do you say we do?"

This time Elizabeth spoke up, "Can't we just find away to erase her memory or something like that?"

"Good idea," Kevin smiled, "Tyler get our Book Of Shadows and see if there's a spell like that in there."

Steph glared at Elizabeth and then changed it to a smile. Elizabeth shivered when she looked at Steph and the evil smile on her face.


Carry woke up an hour later on the beach. Where am I? She looked around puzzled and then her memory rushed back to her. Oh yeah I took a walk to find, um, something I don't remember what though. She scratched her head she could remember leaving the school and then walking down the beach but nothing else. Oh well I was just probably daydreaming. I'd better go home. Carry got up and brushed the sand off her clothes and started to walk home. She looked at her watch it was about 3:30 PM.


The group had made it just in time for their seventh period. They all sat down in their seats half the group had English with Elizabeth. She sat down with the group. She started talking with Ana a girl she had made friends with who was in a few of her classes.


The evil felt their presence and beckoned them. It new that they would soon have a battle and it knew that it would have to win. Evil always won it's battles because good never stayed long in the hearts of children. They always wanted more and evil provided more to them.

It laughed as it waited for the children. It hadn't had any company for a thousand years and it was becoming lonely. Evil waited in it's hiding spot and sent it's servants out to beckon the children.


"No! No!" moaned Elizabeth. She sat in up in her bed covered in sweat and breathing hard. She looked over at her clock it was exactly midnight. She couldn't remember what she had been dreaming about all she knew is that it was bad and something was going to happen and soon. She shivered her room was cold compared to the heat of her dream. She lay back down and stared at her ceiling. Little did she know that everyone in the coven had been having the same nightmare. Once Elizabeth fell asleep again she found herself on an island. The island was one of those beautiful tropical kinds you always saw in those brochures to exotic places. She could feel the wind blowing against her neck and smell the tangy scent of the ocean drifting on the breeze. She knew that this place was her home. Elizabeth realized that it couldn't be true because her home was in California but this island beckoned her and in the breeze she felt welcoming. Someday she knew she would find this island and only then would she be truly at home.


"Lizard! Lizard, " Tyler excitedly yelled, "Well did you dream last night? What did you dream about?"

Elizabeth woke up from her daydream and blinked and Tyler for a moment before she realized what he had said.

"Oh well I had two dreams last night. It was really weird," she started to tell him.

"Hold on tell me when everyone gets here so that we can see if you were accepted or not."

Elizabeth yawned and nodded she was tired and didn't want to talk just yet if she didn't have to. She had fallen asleep in her last class because after the one dream about the island she woke up and could not fall back asleep. She yawned again as everyone trickled to the group and slowly sat down. Finally everyone was there and Tyler stood up, "Hello everyone. Okay first order of business today is for Lizard to tell us of her dreams last night so we can see if she was excepted or not by the Lord and Lady."

Everyone looked towards Elizabeth she covered a yawn and realized she was supposed to speak. She didn't know whether she was supposed to stand up or not so she didn't she was to tired anyway. She told them first about how she woke up at midnight last night very afraid and the fact that she didn't remember what had happened. Everyone was silent when she finished each was thinking of the dream that they had last night that was exactly like hers.

"So was that the dream? I had another one after that though." Elizabeth realized everyone was silent she was puzzled but didn't say anything.

Tyler spoke up and broke the silence, "Did anyone have a similar dream to Lizard's because I did. I dreamt about something evil and I thought it was just a regular nightmare but if everyone had this dream that means that it was an omen sent to us. We are going to face something truly dark and evil soon if this was a real omen."

"I had that dream too."

"So did I."

"It was so creepy. I couldn't fall asleep again for awhile."

"What does it mean?"

Everyone was speaking at once, after awhile the realized that every single person in the coven had that dream. They completely forgot about Elizabeth's other dream and just assumed that she was in. For the rest of lunch they decided what they should do about the dream and what it meant. Everyone remembered different parts of it so they slowly patched it all together. When the bell rang they made plan's for everyone to meet at the circle as soon as possible after school. Tyler had been taking notes on the dream and he put it in the groups Book of Shadows.


The dream/omen

The whole group had a dream and we figure it to mean that evil is coming and the vampires are closing in on our town. The dream, pieced together from everyone's memories, is as follows:

The coven is in the circle doing a spell it is dark on the full moon and everyone is in the traditional robes and we are calling on the elements for protection. Suddenly as we call on fire everything goes dark, the wind picks up, and it starts to rain. As the ground starts to shake we realize that all the elements are being affected. Suddenly the fire starts again and everything is silent. Everyone is huddled together on the side of the circle and the fire turns purple. We see a face in the fire and it grins evily as it laughs at us. The face mocks us and tries to make us fight back. Everyone is too scared to do anything. Finally one of the girl's (no one can tell who) yell's "No! No!" and run's towards the fire and is sucked into the flames. The flames grow bigger and taller and change colors rapidly in away that would have been beautiful if the face wasn't there. We see another face take the place of the evil one. It is the girl who ran into the fire. She scream's in pain and her face is twisted in fear. She screams one last time before the flames shrink and finally disappear. We count the group and realize that one of us is gone and that without our complete coven we can not fight off the coming vampires.


Every night that week the coven has that dream no one can figure out who is swallowed into the fire or why. Even Steph has been to worried to do anything mean to Elizabeth. The whole coven worked together to try and figure out who the girl is so they can protect her. The only thing they could figure out was that the girl had long dark hair so that ruled out Jenny and Cammy only. All the other girl's had long brown or black hair. Everyone in the ceremony was wearing traditional robes which touch the ground and go to the end of their wrists so they could not tell body type or anything else and the face in the fire was so twisted with fear and pain that they couldn't tell who it was. The coven kept talking about it, the next full moon was in a couple weeks and they didn't know if it was next month's full moon or some other one that the dream took place under. They didn't know that this dream was just the begining. The next night is when they found the first victim.


Elizabeth finish tying her boot and went in the bathroom to run a brush through her hair quickly before she left. Kevin was waiting down stairs and she didn't want to be late. They were going to the club. Kevin had finally explained about the club the day before. It was a building that was made of magic. It had several entrances all over the world that was why there were so many witches there when Elizabeth first visited it. They trick was that there was only one exit and it took the witches to the place where they had entered the building. The club was visited by the occasional shape-shifter, werewolf, or good vampire. Good vampires rarely exist and they are still treated horribly even though they are on the witches side. The good vampires don't kill when they drink blood and they never fight the witches. Elizabeth was about to go down stairs when she felt a rush of pain to her neck. She grabbed her neck as she fell towards the ground. Finally the pain stopped and she got up but she still felt dizzy. She went down the stairs slowly. Kevin came to her his eyes were filled with fear.

"Did you feel that?" Elizabeth nodded, "I wonder what happened. If that's what it feels like to be bitten I hope I'm never in the clutches of a vampire."

Elizabeth agreed and then she yelled at her mom, "Bye Mom!" She gave her little brother, who was in his play pen, a kiss on the forehead and she grabbed her purse and left.

"What could have happened?"

Kevin shrugged, "I don't know we have to ask the other's they'll all be at the club. Here you go."

He opened the car door for her. They drove off both deep in thought. When they arrived they parked behind the club so that the people passing by wouldn't wonder why there was a car parked by the abandoned building, which is what the club looked like for outsiders.

They walked inside the place was packed with beautiful people. Most of them were teenagers or people in their twenties. The floor was covered in a mist and a unearthly song was playing. They saw the group and sat down with them. Kevin left and returned with a pitcher of some sort of liquid that Elizabeth couldn't identify. When she asked Kevin just shrugged and told her it didn't really have a name it was a sort of "witches brew". Whatever this is it's very yummy. I feel weird though. Elizabeth felt more energetic and powerful. Kevin and Elizabeth quickly told everyone what they had felt and sure enough everyone had felt it too. They wondered what it was. Everyone was talking and Mike and Jenny got up and started dancing. Kelly told Elizabeth that there were clubs like this one all over the world and every coven had access to an entrance. It was away to meet different witches and get help from them. The pitcher was empty so Elizabeth went to the bar to get a new pitcher of the mysterious liquid. On her way walking over there a tall blond guy came up to her. He looked like he was about 18 or 19.

"Hello I'm Corrin." He said with a cute accent.

Elizabeth smiled at him, "I'm Elizabeth. Where are you from?"

"England. Would you like to dance?"

She didn't know if she should leave the group but he was so cute and she couldn't dance with Tyler because they weren't supposed to like each other so she agreed.


Shannon chanced a glance behind her. She saw him closing up on her. His mouth was smeared with blood and his canine teeth were overlapping his lips. He smiled at her as he caught up with her and grabbed her by he hair. She screamed again. She couldn't believe that a few minutes ago she had been kissing this guy. He sank his teeth once more into her neck and she stopped screaming and fell into a black abyss.


Elizabeth found out that Corrin was 18 and his whole family was full of witches. He was best with telling the future using tarot cards. He said later he would giver her a reading if she wanted. She agreed she was interested in finding out about her future. When they stopped dancing they went over to a table and he took a pack of tarot cards out of his pocket.

"I never leave home without them. Okay I need you to shuffle them a few times, "He handed them to her and she shuffled them, "Now cut the deck in half and put the cards on the five points of a star." He drew a star with his finger and it appeared on the table in gold. She put them on the points face down. He had her turn them over one at a time. He studied them for a second and a surprised look came over his face. He looked her in the eyes.

"This is weird. Your cards show that you will face death soon and that you will win. Even though you win there is nothing after the battle. The cards usually speak to me when they are laid out but all the tell me is that you have a battle and you will win. The other three cards don't say anything to me so that means they were just picked to fill space. Hold on," he studied the cards for a second as if listening to them," they say you are in love and that this will be your undoing if the wrong person finds out." Corrin's face went blank for a second and then he started talking again with a women's voice, "Elizabeth, you must listen I don't have long. You must not tell anyone about Tyler. He will hurt you if you let this show. Love is hard and maybe afterwards you'll be happy. Few actually find their soulmates. There is only one way to fight the creature and you must find out from the girl called Elasien. She will be able to help you."

"Who are you?"

"I am the Goddess and you are my daughter. Whether you know it or not you are the most powerful witch to have walked this earth in the last couple thousand years. You have my blood directly in you and once you learn to use your power you will rule all the witches. One thing you have to remember is that you have to help those who want to be helped and give mercy to those who ask for it. Merry part my daughter."

Corrin blinked and then shook his head, "Sorry I got distracted. Where are you going?"

Elizabeth had got up and was walking towards Tyler. She whispered to him, "Find me tomorrow we have to talk in private." She found Kevin and told him that she was tired. He smiled at her and they said goodbye to everyone and left.

They walked outside and they headed towards the car when they heard a moan coming from behind some bushes. They ran over there and looked behind the bushes. Elizabeth backed up in horror she felt like she was going to throw up. Behind the bush was a blond girl covered in blood. Her neck was torn open and blood was splattered all over the bushes and yet she was still alive and moaning. Kevin picked her up and took her into the light. Elizabeth ran into the club. She ran to the group, "A girl was attacked by a vampire she's bleeding but she's still alive she's outside." Everyone got up and ran outside. They reached the girl just as she took her last breath. Everyone stood in a silent circle around her. Elizabeth felt tears running down her face. Tyler put his arm around her and she cried silently on his shoulder.

"Oh goddess! It's Shannon I have her in my second period." Elizabeth didn't know who had said that she didn't care the name Shannon kept repeating in her mind. She was just a normal girl and hadn't done anything and yet she was killed. Mike went over to the bushes where she had been found.

"Everyone," he called, "You should look at this."

They walked over to the bushes blood was in a puddle there. There were streaks of blood scratched in the dirt finally Elizabeth realized that they were letters. She fainted when she saw what was written.

"The Lady's daughter is next. Watch out little lizard"


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