Author's Note: This is a collection of individual poems from one of my stories. They are all mine. Hehehe. So I don't need a disclaimer at all, no precious!


When the wind is shrieking cold,
And rest has fled as light grows old,
Come and sit thyself by me,
And peace I'll give, if peace there be.

When thou tread by light of star,
Remember in thy wand'rings far
That as dawn breaks in sky above,
I'll ever stay thee with my love.

When thou reach thy journey's end,
Thou shalt always have a friend
Waiting here with open heart
To love thee ere again we part.

Legolas' Song

Of lover fair, what need have I?
Behold Dawn's light transform the sky!
And yet the longing in my heart
Of Valinor for to depart...
Beneath these threes shall my heart roam,
Until it rests in Elven-home.

Sunrise in Mordor

Oh gently lay your head upon my breast,
And I will comfort you like a mother while you rest;
The world can change so fast, but I will stay;
All your sorrows, all your troubles I'll allay...

Do not worry
I am here
And my peace will shatter all your secret fears
Hold me tightly
While dark lies
It shall pass, and then the Sun will rise... the Sun will rise...

Oh weary tired and worn; let out your sighs,
And leave behind you heavy darkness; hope's in sight!
I know what you've gone through, so do not fret;
I'll stay beside you past forever, and we'll live yet...

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