A strange and slightly confusing collection of Haikus… Don't be critical please!

1st chap. Is about animals, the next will be the five elements, then the four seasons…any comments on what I should do after that is welcome!

I am a Clam

Clam the Man I Am,

Humans think my Meat tastes Sweet,

But I really Don't…


Giving milk all day,

But baby cows don't drink it,

Why do we drink yours?


Silver Stallion,

Alicorn shines bright at night,

Golden hooves, silent…


Pearly wings flutter,

And fly into the Starlight,

Above Endless Night…


Leathery wings glide,

To their prey, Silently as

An Owl. The Bat flies.


Vicious striped creature,

Ripping, Gashing claws that sting,

And a primal mind…


My life is so short,

A metamorphosis 'till

That kid rips off 'wings…


Buzz around all day,

Make honey from spit-pollen,

And watch queen lay eggs…

Crazy Life

What a crazy life—

It is to be a tree sloth!

Slowing down all day!

A/N: I know these are getting pretty stupid… Only a bit more to go! You're almost there!



Irridescent Wings like to

Buzz around all day…


What a splendid scene

To see A Dragon in Flight!

8-(….Fire scorches me!

A/N:Sorry I had to put you through that! But I doo hope you enjoyed some of them! LOVE and PEACE! ~LORNYL