If only you knew how much you mean to me,

Then maybe you would understand why things will never change,

I will just be tormented with the memories and your face,

It's to real to be completely insincere,

I can't help but feeling like if only I'd never met you,

But if you think about it I'd be worse off,

Well maybe not but still I'll try to believe that just for a moment I don't need you,

I don't need the ideals that you spoke of a world ago,

Now I just seem to realize what I have to do to allow myself to let go,

I have to understand that you as so many others,

Lied and tried to hide how you truly didn't feel,

For it's a life story of finding all the wrong ones,

Not that you care but I'm still holding on,

I still have the same feelings I always have,

Towards the life you said I'd have with you,

Now its plain to see that you aren't for me,

No matter how much I wish someone as wonderful as you could be mine,

I should just stop kidding myself,

Its not like I ever thought I could,

But you said that you cared and you fell,

Leaving a rope that pulled me into it as well,

But now you've been over it for a long time,

And I'm still holding on trying to figure out how to climb out of this,

Out of the pain that it brings,

Knowing you could sit and say you loved me,

Yet mean something completely different in the end,

Life goes on and I'm sure even if I don't forget you,

I will learn to live with your memory peacefully,

Until maybe the day I say "I do",

Don't feel bad it's not your fault,

You could never do anything wrong,

Maybe that's just another flaw underneath the layers of me,

I'll be just fine I always am,

Just remember that no matter how far apart we grow,

I will never forget you,

And even though I've tried I don't think I will ever stop loving you,

~The person I wrote this too will never read this but I just needed to say it, maybe symbolically to help me get out of this bad mood