As I sit here and write my final farewell to you,

A letter filled with unspoken words and uncertainties,

I know you will not look back,

For there is no reason to,

Go ahead,

Conquer dreams and attain new heights,

Its better off this way,

You are someone who should be in Gods hands,

Not trying to lower yourself to humanity,

Potential is your guide,

Talent makes you grow through the difficulties,

Don't remember the bittersweet memories,

Or the people you are leaving,

You'll never know if its worth it until you try

Have faith and put one foot in front of the other,

Don't cry because we all share the same feelings inside,

Dry your eyes and proceed,

To the future and the never knowing,

You can't let anyone or anything stand in your way,

Good luck,

Far thy well,

You'll do fine I always knew you had it in you,

Travel safely my dear friend,