Chapter One

Jenny wasn't exactly ecstatic with her friends for deciding to spontaneously burst into her room when they hadn't been by for days, which was unusual, really,
as they were hardly separated normally. And now, when they finally did, she was on the verge of finishing her book, filled with the light of inspiration. Now
didn't that just figure.

They must not know how hard it is to write. You had to write when your muse was speaking to you, and you could visit with your friends when you had a writer's
block. It made perfect sense to her- writer's logic, she figured.

The Twins had thrown open her door with a yell and pounced- one on her bed, one on her. Their friends called them The Twins because they both had the name
Drew. One was Drew Katalina Smith and the other Andrew Wolfgang Kraft. Boy and girl, you see. They grew up together inseparable, and haven't changed
one bit.

"So what's shakin' Muffin?" Andrew, the one that tackled her, gave her a hung, and looked at the papers in front of Jenny that were filled with the scribble of her
handwriting in double-time. "Haven't seen you around the last few days. Get walloped with that moose or whatever it was, again?"

"Yeah, did your music ring a bell in your head or what?" Drew chimed in from the bed while digging through a messy bedside table for the remote control to her
friend's stereo.

"Yes, my muse has finally made an appearance, and I was in the middle of writing one of the last paragraphs when you all barged in."

"Awwwww, come on, Muffin. Come see a movie wit us, pweeeeeze?" Leave it to Andrew to do the begging. The Twins always either wanted to go see a movie
or hang at the mall or something, and Andrew had the puppy face for the pleading that really got to Jenny. They figured that since she was writing, she wouldn't come
without a bit of persuasion.

"Don't call me Muffin!" Jenny said, mock stern.

"Why not Muffincake?" Drew bounded over and slung an arm around her shoulder, and the other around Andrew, standing between them, stereo given up on.

"One, you never call me that, two, where did cake come from, and three, why do you want me to come so bad?"

"Well, you see, it's really like this. My evil twin brother hereā€¦" Drew was cut off by a discreet elbow in the side from the boy standing next to her, and he hastily
finished her sentence for her. "Really thinks that you should spend less time cooped up in your room, and more time out places with your best friends."

"Sure, that's what I was about to say, really." Quipped Drew when Andrew glared at her.

"Never mind, I'll go if I can take my notepad, and if Drew leaves while I change."

The Twins looked at Jenny in her pajamas decorated with the design of milk, toast, eggs and bacon, then at each other.

"You heard the lady, Kata, out!" Andrew ushered his friend, affectionately known as Kata, out the door, shutting it behind her. Jenny just blinked at him.
"Okay, fine, it was just a joke! Jeez!"

Kata and Andrew switched sides of the door, and Kata locked it just to be sure. Opening her messenger bag, she pulled out a neatly folded piece of fabric and
it to her best friend. "Here, wear this. I have a feeling that someone'll just love it."

"This is nothing but a scrap of fabric! I'm not wearing something like that! There's nothing there!" Jenny had unfolded the top and held it up to her front.
"And not
to mention I'll be cold! The movie theater is always freezing!"

"If you're worried how it'll look, just remember that the movie theater is also dark, and no one'll see. And, somehow as to the latter, I don't think you'll be cold."

"So why do I have to wear it if it'll be dark and no one'll see?"

"Oh they'll see alright, the one who should anyway, we're walking."

"But it's half a mile!" Jenny protested, picking up a pair of high-heeled shoes.

"So don't wear spike heels, it's that simple, now put it on!"

Wide-eyed in mock terror, Jenny switched tops into the short, sheer spaghetti-strapped thing that was a pitiful excuse for a shirt and slipped into her connected
to see how it looked in her old-fashioned full-length mirror that she kept in there.

"I like what I see, but not on my little sister." Jenny's real twin brother, whom she shared the bathroom with (his room was connected on the other side), walked
into the bathroom as well, stretching languidly. It was eleven in the morning -she'd been up before eight- and he'd just drug himself out of bed. Jenny frowned,
but not at her reflection, which really wasn't all that terrible after all. He was pulling that legendary protective-big-brother-of-'innocent'-little-sister crap. He was
five whole minutes older, big whoop.

"I like what I see too." Kata had followed Jenny and was looking at Josh's well-defined six-pack that his shirtless body was not hiding. His jeans were belted
with the black leather belt that his sister had given him a few months prior to keep his pants on. It had been annoying how often they 'just slipped a couple of
inches, I lost some weight' around certain girls.

"Okay, girls out of the bathroom, it's mine too, I don't want an audience while I shave."

Jenny obligingly left the room to Josh, and dragged her friend out behind her. Shaking her head, undoubtedly to empty it of thoughts of Josh and his body, Kata
scrutinized Jenny's bright red shirt before digging a black mini-skirt out of her bag and snatched a pair of combat boots off the messy floor.

While her friend pulled on socks and bound her boots tightly to her, Drew brushed her hair and set a black baret on top in at artistic slant, and pulled a silver belt
of linked circled out of her bag.

Glancing up, Jenny looked at the sky-blue messenger bag, running some fingers through the now-soft ends of her long auburn hair. "What else have you got in
that thing? Have you planned my wardrobe for the rest of my life as well?"

"I'm so glad you're grateful." Kata wrinkled her nose at her friend and called in the direction of the bathroom, "Hey Josh, you done yet? Your sister has urgent
need for a mirror."

"Sure, whatever, but make it quick, and I've got the car today, Jenn." The two girls walked into the bathroom quietly. "What are you wearing?! You're not going
out in that! It's one thing for other girls to wear that, but not my little sister!"

With a squeak of surprise at her reflection, Jenny ran back into her room and hid in her closet.

"Thanks a lot Josh!" she heard Drew saying, then heard a few footsteps silenced by the carpeting of her room, and a door opening. "Hey Drew." Kata said, "I
need your help prying our dear writer from her closet."

Jenny heard Andrew bound into the room with a laugh. Just as she turned to try and hide behind her clothes in the small enclosure, the door opened and her waist
was encircled from behind. She squeaked as Andrew yanked her from the closet and pulled her down with him onto the daybed.

"Hello there, what have we got here?" Andrew pulled her a bit closer, this time in disbelief. "That outfit's a bit showy don't ya think? Oh, I get it. The argument
I heard, it was about this, wasn't it? Kata, did you dress her up?" He asked, not taking his eyes off Jenny.

"No." Came the innocent, drawled answer.

Andrew's eyes glinted conspiratorially and he put one sun-tanned arm around Jenny's shoulders, pulling her ear closer to his mouth. His lips brushed her ear lightly
as he breathed, "How about we get her back? I've got a great idea."

A small tremor raced through Jenny's body and she bolted from the bed, across her room, through the bathroom, to Josh's room. Opening his closet, she pulled out
a long white trench coat. Slipping it on, she noticed happily that it covered the revealing outfit in its entirety. Now the problem was just walking to the theater
without getting suspicious looks from people who suspected her of being disturbed or terrorist material because of the coat -the unofficial symbol of the Trench Coat
Moffia of the school shooting a few years past. Shrugging the mental burden off, Jenny waltzed happily back to her friends. "Okay, we can go now."

It took one good look and a few swift motions for Kata to deprive her friend of the coat. "Seriously, Jenny, it doesn't look that bad. Get over it, you look great."

"Yeah, Muffin, let's just go, okay, we'll be late for the movie. It starts in half an hour, we're walking, and it's best to be early." Andrew put in, looking only at Jenny's
face with visible control.

"Fine, I'll go the way I am, if for nothing but time's sake." Jenny slammed the front door behind them.